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    Bizarre Foods

    Does any one have a list of places he and/or AB when to in NY during the two shows. I was trying to take notes but I did not get all the names. I especially want to figure out where (and how good) the sushi place at AZ went to, the place tony went to eat Yakitory and yellowtail collar. Soup
  2. I really enjoye AB show. The soup dumplings had me drooling on the remote. The food he ate sitting at his guide's home looked amazing!!!
  3. Soup

    Bizarre Foods

    I've done a full 180 on this show. I have to admit before the host annoyed me and thought they could do a better job. However, the past few episode that I've seen, I've really like the show. AZ has really grown on me. I really like the Tiawan show as did the alaska show. I would and have recommended the show. Keep up the good work AZ. Hyuk
  4. I was at a korean resturant couple of weeks back and order Gamja Tang. The words translate into potato soup. However, the main item is the dinosour sized neck and spine pieces of the pig. As I started to eat, I wonder, should I worry about eating spinal cord of the pig like I would with a cow? Are there mad cow equivalent issues? Soup PS I ended up not eating the "meat" (I was chicken) but the soup was amazing.
  5. We are looking for a new table. However, we are having a difficult time choosing size, shape or manufacture (I actually don't care all that much who made it but my wife would like a very nice looking table and a buffet that matches). Our current situation: 99% of the family meals are in the kitchen eat-in area where we have a table just right for the family. However, for when we have company (2 or more people), we have to move to he dining room as the kitchen table does not accomodate. In the dining room, we have a table that we've bought about 15 years ago (and about 5 move ago). It is a nice table (and chairs) made by lane but it has a number of scars from some very happy meals and some very hard moves. With all it leaves in, the table is abour 8 ft long and 3.5 foot wide and accomodate 8 to 10 people very comfortably. However, with the long shape, I have a problem that if you are sitting in one end of the table you are pretty much precluded from the conversation at the other end. So at dinners you have these different pockets of conversation. So, I've been thinking about a round table (I also like the thought of a lazy susan since all meals are served family style). Wife likes the long table because she thinks we'll have the same issue with the round table and you can sit more people at a long table. Our requirements are pretty simple. We have a 13 by 13 dining room. We'd like to sit comfortably 10 people but would like option for 12. However, we usually have total number of 8 for dinner (about 70% = 8 people, 20 % = 10 people, 10% is >= 12). Would you do a long table or a round table? What size and characteristics would you look for? Any specific recommendations? Any insights would be appreciated. Soup
  6. Soup


    I keep a few different kinds of rice around. If stranded on a desert island...it would have to be kokuho rice. But also buy Nashiki and I really cannot tell the difference. I also been wanting to try the heirloom variety from kokuho. Other rice I have in my pantry are (in order of quantity): Basmati Jasmine Brown (korean hwen mee variety) Wild rice korean purple (I don't know the name but my parent gave me a sack of it). Goya spanish rice (I actually don't like it, been using the korean instead) Does barley count? I sometime make barley instead of rice or mix it in with rice.
  7. Soup

    green plums

    I have a large quatity of pretty good size green (unripe) plums. I think the pickling suggestion is pretty good. How do I pickle plums? If anyone knows of a website, it would be hugely appreciated. Soup
  8. I cook it very differently but will try out the stove top method. for each egg, i add table spoon of water. (doesn't need to be exact). I then some times add stuff to this. What ever I have on hand. My favorite additions are pickled brined shrimp, chopped scallions, blk pepper, bits of ground pork, and/or sardines. I then steam them on the stove. while steaming I stir it two or 3 times to distribute ingredients evenly. It also makes the cooking go faster. My kids love this stuff. Soup
  9. Soup

    Fish Skins

    I love skin, especially on certain type of fish. My favorite currently mackeral that has been salted and grilled over goals. The skin becomes really crispy. Not exactly like potato chips but pretty darn good. Oh yeah, the rest of the fish is good too.
  10. Soup

    green plums

    I have a plumb tree. A wind storm passed through today and the kids picked a lot of green plumbs off the ground. They are not all that big, about the size of a large cherry. We have a bucket full of them. Is there anything I can do with them? It seems such a shame to throw them out? Soup
  11. Bayou Fete IV was yesterday in Fort Hunt park, va. This is the alumni event for LA schools. 10,000lbs of crawfish. Also had potato, corn on the cob, great andoullie sausage, jambalaya, and beer. AYCE and drink. A great event, very relaxed and family friendly. Will be going back next year. What a great event!!! BTW, who ever was in charge did a great job making doing the boil and making jambalaya.
  12. Excellent post. Loved the photos. Am a fan of celadon but I wish I had picked up more functional peices last time (e.g., stone and clay pots). I love the clay pots for stews, braise and soups. And there are these granite bowls that make great rice with NooRungee (the crusty rice that sticks to the bottom). They were just too heavy to bring back.
  13. I just bought a nice size bag of sweet potato stems from the local korean market. The problem is I never prepared sweet potato stems before. I would appreciate any insights into preping the veggie and preparing them (asian recipes are preferred) but I'll take any advice. Thanks in advance. Soup
  14. I know this isn't what you are probably looking for but this is how I make pho at home and it is as good as my favorite pho place. When I go out for pho I always ask for a few containers of soup (just the soup) to go. Yes, i know about cooking it yourself but I can honestly say that I will never get the soup as clear and flavorful as my favorite pho place. I get a few large containers of soup for $3 a pop and I bring it home stick it in the freezer. I get fresh pho noodles and all the fixens at the local asian mega mart and I can have pho anytime at home that is every bit as good as the pho in my favorite place in about 15 minutes.
  15. Soup

    Savory Oatmeal

    I love oats, especially steel cut. However, I have a problem. My oat are too slimy and it has begun to bother me. The method I use to cook is 1 part oats to 4 parts water and finished with a bit of milk. I use a slow cooker for about 3 hours. Is there a cooking method that minimizes the slime that comes with cooking steel cut oatmeal? Soup
  16. Color me ignorant but if one is a lowly Maryland Terrapin, can they still purchase tickets? They ask for Louisianna school affiliation on the order form but it doesn't seem they would check.Thank you, Kevin ← I'm not an alum and I just bought tickets. BTW, my kids and the wife will not eat this stuff and certianly don't drink the beer. they do allow you to bring in outside food. Thank goodness because I would have had to go stag. Soup
  17. I am so going to this event. Thank you for the heads up. Soup
  18. I didn't think about it but you are probably correct. I was just watch the DVD extra to Eat Drink Man Woman. Ang Lee gives an interview where he talk about having 6 general chefs who were stand-ins for the food prep shot. There are a lot of them in this movie.
  19. I love this movie (although not my fav food related movie, it is up there) I've been watching bits of it on youtube. I had forgot the scene where the hobo makes the omellet rice. I really like the scene. The way he handles the rice and then making the omellet, it done with such skill, it is very compelling to me. The person making it clearly has been around a kitchen stove and not just some actor/extra.
  20. Soup

    Roasting a Chicken

    I want to a roast chicken. My kids love the skin espcially if the skin is very crisp (they are huge fried chicken fan). What roasting method will yield the most crisp skin? Any hints will be appreciated. Soup I've heard that steaming it for a bit then hanging it to dry before roasting might work? I'v done this when frying the bird but not roasting.
  21. Soup

    Bizarre Foods

    I like the premise of the show. I think the show could be so much more if they got a better producer and frankly I don't think the host is all that engaging. He just seems like an average Joe. I did really like the clip of him eating the rancid meat and then slapping his head in anguish. It is also interesting that travel channel seems to have more engaging food related shows than the food network but that is a tread already covered. Soup
  22. Nope but have spent a lot of time in NO and other parts of the state. I'm actually thinking about crashing the loyola alumni event where they do a boil.
  23. In northern VA, a "KFC" opened up about a year ago. you can get a whole chicken for about $11 (give or take, its been a while since I went). The interesting thing for me is that they don't fry until you order. So it is not like KFC or Popeye's where you have chicken sitting under a heat lamp. You have to wait a few minutes but its worth it. Now is it better than popeyes or really good wings? There all pretty good but I do love that spicy sweet sauce they put on it.
  24. I was just reminded that crawfish season is starting very soon and I have a serious craving for them. I'd appreciate any insights into either a resturant that has crawfish boil type of a dish or a place around the Balt. DC area that will sell me some crawfish (I'd prefer live but will consider already boiled and frozen) at a reasonable price and I can do my own boil.
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