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  1. has anyone tried the korean pickled garlic. They are really good, sweet and tangy. Soup
  2. Thank you. I have a recipe that is very close to this and have made it. But to be honest, the major difference is the length of fermentation. I've kept my in the basement for 7 days (the longest) before going in the fridge. It was good but didn't have the taste/feel I was looking for. Perhaps it did not ferment. Basement gets no light and is at a constant 66 to 64 degress year round. Melonpan described it perfect. I looking for that "seltzer" feel and I'm assuming that the fermentation is what provides it? Soup
  3. I love the korean version, Yukhwe (sp?). Slices over very thin raw beef. The best example (around washington DC that I've found) of it is at Woo Lee Oak. Really good. I wish I could make it at home but like Sashimi I'm too chicken about getting the right ingrediant and preparing correctly so I won't end up sick. Soup
  4. CTZN Cane, let say you and I differ and feel free to be "suspecious" about my numerous experices at his restaurants. I prefer to judge on food/services/cost vs. the stardom of the restaurant's name sake. Let me also say that I stand by my feelings that Julia occupies a different place in american food culture than Emril does. It is hard to judge what he will do in the future but if he continues in his current trajectory, I can't really foresee that he will be but a shadow of what Julia is/was. Soup
  5. Go to Hanarem, Super H or Grandmart. They always seem to have them. They are awesome with bit of salt and pepper. YUM.
  6. We've had a string of warm weather days and my thoughts turn to Nangmein and Mul Kimchi or TongChimi (your basic water kimchi). I've been actually trying to recreate a Mul Kimchi recipe for 3 years and have been unsuccessful. The Mul Kimchi I remember was very tasty and it had this "tang" you could actually feel. It must be the fermenting process. It was something akin to taking a nine volt battery and putting it on your tongue (although, not as strong). I have many many versions of the recipes and they all produce really good mul kimchi. But I have never gotten that "tang". I think I'm screwing up in the process and not the ingrediants. Any help?
  7. Some people use it for the table setting for "dor", the first Bday of a child. Just order these things today for next saturday. For me they look better than they taste. I love korean and most asian foods but when it comes to dessert, you cannot beat the west. I think its the butter. So we will also have a huge cake.
  8. Bulgogi and rice almost as good as bacon and rice. I use a marinade recipe very similar to the one posted and its very good. I fact I made it tonight for the Karbi dinner my son has been requesting all week. The grill is out of storage and we are going to the first test drive tomorrow. As I was making the marinade, I thought about my favor karbi which is at Woo Lea Oak (a chain). Their ribs taste different both in the cut and in the marinade. Anyone have their recipe? Soup
  9. There seems to be 3 dishes people refer to... GaeJang - pickled raw crab in soy sauce GaeMuChim - picled raw crab in a hot pepper paste Small whole crabs - no idea what its called. I love them all. GaeJang around Washington DC is made with Blue crabs from the local waters, I guess that is fresh water. They are really good (roe is the best) but I do worry about getting sick. The small whole crabs are sweet hot and crunch. Really good. Just bought some at the local korean store. Soup
  10. I had hand made Chajangmein today. I wish I knew how to make those hand pulled noodles (any help would be appreciated). The Chajagmein was delicious. However as the weather begins to warm my thoughts turned to the most perfect noodle dish of all time, MulNangMein. The chewy elastic noodles swimming in ice cold beef broth, topped with egg, beef and asian pear. YUM!!! My parents, me and my kids love Nangmein. However, for my wife it provokes the drive heaves if the noodles even touch her mouth. She says she cannot stand the texture. My father is such a fanatic, he kicks off each summer with a bowl of Nangmein (w/ Sari, aka extra noodles) every year. My parents immagrated to the US in the 70s. I remember that for his last dinner, he wanted to go to his favorite Nangmein restuarant. When we got there, there was a line of people waiting and we were told that we could not be seated. Then my mom asked if one person could be seated. They agreed and my mom told my dad to have his Nangmein. My brother and I with my mom ate at a non-descript resturant around the corner. I wish I could remember the name of the Nangmein resturant. Nangmein, I'm convince cannot be made at home. On a separate topic, has anyone had SooJaeBee? Had it last time I was in Seoul, it was great!!
  11. CTZNCane, A bit taken aback by your enthusiasm for Emeril but hey your opinion is valid as mine. I will disagree that Emril will have the same influence as Julia. As I've said, I don't think he show imparts much knowledge or is very entertaining but it must be to someone. It continues to hold primetime. I can speak to a number of dining experiences at Emerils establishments in New Orleans and Vagas. Lets just say I won't be a repeat customer even on another persons dime. BTW, HTBW has a new blond. On the most recent episode she doesn't seem to even cook anymore? What happened to the first origional duals? Best cooking show ever for entertainment value has got to be Jacque and Julia. Best moment in cooking is a tie: chopping dual between Jacque and Martin Yan or Jacque deboning a chicken in about 2 minutes in his first solo PBS series.
  12. I'm not a big fan on presentation (I preferr that taste and smell as the real test) but I must say the the picture looks AWESOME. A better looking Beebimbap I've not seen at any restuarant. Do you deliver? Soup
  13. Hwe or Shashimi, Its all pretty darn good. I love the stuff when I can see a part of the animal moving. In korea you can get small octopus still wiggling as you chew. Yum. Main difference i've notice is the dip. Koreans use a Pepper based dip (KoChuJang based sauce) and Japanese use the standards wasabi. I'm more partial to the korean version. BTW, I've hear that it was really the koreans that thougth the japanese the art of eating raw seafood and meat but I think this is just part of the on going feud. Any one know how Hwe or Shashimi/sushi really came about (based in fact, please). Soup
  14. Welcome to egullet Soup! I wonder if you have any Korean restaurants in your area that specialize in bibimbap, especially jeon-ju or dolsot bibimbap. Even when I'm in Korea I only order it places that specialize in the dish. At a 'general' Korean restaurant it's bound to be dissappointing. ← Actually, I live in Annandale VA. There is a vibrant korean community with restaurants that specialize in all kinds of dishes. However, its missing a beebimbap house. It also doesn't have a place serving SooJaeBee. Unless I've missed it. Let me know if you know of either.
  15. So the question for me is if I'm looking to go on a cruise and food for us is the #1 priority and places to see and do #2 which cruise is best? My family is vary partial to seafood and asian food (korean, chinese, janpanese, viet, etc). Soup
  16. Toliver, Thanks for the heads up. I bought couple of the professional II series 10 inch omellet pan and a simply calphalon 6 piece bakeset. All for less the $60. The price was definitely right. I hope the pans and the bakeset is as good. Soup
  17. I've been watching food TV for a while and as you probably know chefs have come and gone on that network. I love to hear who you believe is the best and the worst and who you like and least like on that network. For me the person I've like the most is Bourdain. However, I believe the best chef is morimoto. I like bourdain because he tells it like it is. Yes he can be mellow dramatic on the show. Morimoto for me is self explainatory if you watch the iron chef or eat at his restaurant. As for the least liked, I wish they would take Emeril off the the prime time spot. Never had a decent meal at any of his restaurants (for the price paid that is) and haven't learned much of substance or got entertained on his show. I actually liked his early 30 minute shows better. But the person I think may be the worst chef is Bobby F.
  18. If you want great BBQ in DC go to National airport and take a flight to austin, KC memphis or other places. DC does not have what I would consider to be great BBQ. However, I think Red Hot and Blue is good for what it is, a chain witha high school kid watching the smoker. Rockland's is very inconsistant. It you hit it on a good day, it can be good. The best BBQ was near manassas called Ben's Whole hog (NC style) but it change hands a year or so bad. Its good but I would no longer make the 50 mile trek. I've heard great things about the Mighty Midget near Leesburg but have not made my way over to try it. Washington is still lacking in this area. Soup
  19. Pickles Pickles Pickles... What's not to like?!? Its cruchy fresh taste. The tang you get from vinegar. Slight hints of garlic, pepper corn, I love pickles. It could be because I come from a culture of picklers...Koreans pickle everything and in various method. Vlasic and Mount Olive are the ones I get in the stores. I love making a couple of hot dogs and to accompany them a large pickle and a glass of pickle juice. Yum. Soup
  20. I live around DC and actually you don't have a lot of food trucks in the City. There is one cart of note. On the corner of 7th and I st, nw a woman sells the best half smokes in town. Other than that most carts and trucks are pretty standard. I realized just how much we were lacking because of a recent visit to Drexel U. in Phili. On one street near 31st and market, there were 7 food trucks. Really reasonable prices. But the best one was actually across from the train station on Market St (about 2 blocks from drexel). A truck devoted to Carribean food. Really good Jerk Chicken and great bean and rice.
  21. Hello, My very first post. I love korean food!!! My favorite rice dish is a really good hwedupbap at most restuarants in the US. It used to be BeeBimBap. On a trip to Sorak Mountains we stopped at a shack of a restaurant. We had BeeBimBap and frankly ruined all others BeeBimBap for me (for what ever reason the food always seem to taste better in the country of origion). I've search for the same taste but they nothings come close. So now I have given up on BeeBimBap and go straight for the Hwedupbab. Soup
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