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  1. In northern VA, a "KFC" opened up about a year ago. you can get a whole chicken for about $11 (give or take, its been a while since I went). The interesting thing for me is that they don't fry until you order. So it is not like KFC or Popeye's where you have chicken sitting under a heat lamp. You have to wait a few minutes but its worth it. Now is it better than popeyes or really good wings? There all pretty good but I do love that spicy sweet sauce they put on it.
  2. I was just reminded that crawfish season is starting very soon and I have a serious craving for them. I'd appreciate any insights into either a resturant that has crawfish boil type of a dish or a place around the Balt. DC area that will sell me some crawfish (I'd prefer live but will consider already boiled and frozen) at a reasonable price and I can do my own boil.
  3. JaJang Myeon look awesome. I love really fat juicy sweet onions with a bit of vinegar with the jajang myeon. Yum.
  4. Soup

    Au Gratin Challenged

    mine comes out watery everytime. I guess I'm using too much creme. Does anyone have a fool proof recipe that uses chedder?
  5. Soup


    I'm making a big batch of beef stock as I write. I've read in a couple of places (focus on korean cooking) that the bones can be used again to make additional batches of stock. Is this true? Do any of have experience in reusing beef bones to make addtional stock. I can't imagine that the bones would have anything to give after 10 hours in that pot? Soup
  6. Rice cakes can be reconstituted from the freezer in 30 minutes in cold water. I do rince it a few times. I've left it in water as long as 12 hours and the result is the same. Shorter than 30 minutes if coming from the refridgerator. As for the silky thick texture of the jigae, 3 things seem to work for me. Fry the base in a lot of oil (base meaning like the kimchi and dwenjang). Use the right kind of dwenjang. I don't use the refined japanese stuff for most jigae. I go for the korean dwenjang with big pieces of soybeans in it. Then a soft silky tofu seems to add to thicken as peices break up and "melt" into jigae. I do not a lot of stock/water and keep tasting to make sure that it is not to strong or weak.
  7. Soup

    mustard dry vs. wet

    Thanks for the info. I ended up using the gray poupon but I added a bit more than what the recipe called for. The baked beans turned out great. My first time doing baked beans and they are really good. I'm still a big fan of bush's baked beans but I think I will be making these a lot (I can control salt content that way).
  8. The dish looks good. I noticed a change from your pan to a wok. Did you find a satisfactory burner? I was very interested in your wok and burner project since I also have the problem of not powerful enough Gas stove. Soup
  9. Is there a difference between dry vs wet mustard other than one is wet the other dry? I'm making a pot of bake beans in the slow cooker overnight. I want to do an irish breakfast for Xmas breakfast. My recipe calls for dry mustard and I'm out. All I have is grey poupon. I'm trying to figure out if it is going to be a huge diffence. Soup
  10. I don't know if you got a answer to this but here is what I know. If the meat is meat is yet uncooked, it freezes well. I do this with karbi and bulgogi all the time. Make a batch and freeze in serving portion. Both pork and beef work well. As for already cook meat, its fine but not great as it tends to be a bit drive and tough by the time I reheat/cook it a second time. I don't do this anymore. I do store it in the refridgerator and it usually gets eaten within a few days. I never freeze cooked rice. It never has the right texture. I do keep cooked rice in the refridgerator and reheating it in a microwave brings it back pretty well. Also great to add in soups and left over rice is great for bokum bap (aka fried rice).
  11. Soup

    Best Ham

    Thinking about doing a ham for xmas. I'm not doing dry cured. I'd like to do the spiral slice city ham. Of the widely available brands which would you recommend. Soup
  12. Boston is a horrible area for anything korean. I miss living in Maryland. ← There are couple of korean resturants and a korean grocery store in somerville, ma. It is near union sq. on somerville ave. Not a huge place but it will have what you are looking for. Saewoo Jut (picked brine shrimp) and other items essential for making many of the korean dishes. Good luck. Soup BTW, the place is not a big as the lotte or other places you are probably use to in MD.
  13. I love dumplings and as the weather gets colder I've been thinking of making a few. We made korean mandoo over thanksgiving. We boiled some into soups and other pan fried. I'm now thinkng of doing chinese pot stickers. I'd love to hear about a good pot sticker recipe for both the filling and for the skin. I'd also like to hear which is your favorite dumpling and would appreciate a recipe if you have it. Soup
  14. Such a great and simple recipe. Will try sometime this week. I LOVE EGGS (I'd eat it one everyday if I didn't think it would kill me) and this recipe seems like great refridgerator magnet (I have a lot of leftovers this week). I Thanks. Soup
  15. I tried a ramen called Squid Ramen (ojinhau Jampong) from Nong Shim. I only tried it once but it was great. I'm definitely trying it again. If its as good as it was today, I may have a new favorite. Soup
  16. many folks seem to preferr shin. I had it today for lunch and it was too spicy for me. I had Jin ramen this weekend and that was good. I got a few (e.g., octopus Jampong ramen) that I've not yet tried. will report back. Soup
  17. I found Youtube and did a search on ramen. I didn't realize how many people eat those prepackage ramen's (e.g., Nissan, Top ramen). What is your Favorite package ramen? What do you add to it? I am a fan of two. Top Ramen (shrimp flavor) and Jin Ramen (very spicey). I cook it following instructions but many times add scallions and an egg.
  18. I'm not sure what you're disagreeing with. Looking up the thread, I see no praise of the dim sum at Mark's Duck House. ← Perhaps you should read the very first post which indicates "It was ALMOST up to NY standards in our slightly humble opinion!". As for the noodle soup both egg noodle and rice noodle versions are good do to a better than average broth. But again, this issue is the less then acceptable cleanliness. Have been to lucky three 4 times now but I don't think I will go back. For me it is again the quantity vs. quality issue. Search continues...
  19. Unfortunately, I cannot agree. MDH used to be my favorite chinese place around about 5 or 6 years ago. I last went there about 6 months ago and pledged never to go back. I don't find the food as consistant. The resturant is too dirty even for me. When a roach walk across your table as your eating, they probably have a bug problem. I still am searching for a good dimsum place. Soup
  20. Soup

    Dulce de Leche

    So, Can will not explode? Great. Lets say I make a bunch ahead of time. I am then assuming the contents are shelf stable and I can put it back in the pantry for a few months? I'm surprised that the manufactures don't sell the stuff already made. I can't wait to give it a try.
  21. Soup

    Dulce de Leche

    Saw this on "ham on the street" where you make dulche de leche from a can of sweeten condense milk by simmering the can in water for 3 hours. I did a search on the web and different recipe provide conflicting info. First on the can, should it be covered in water? Does the can get a hole at the top to let the pressure out (yes to this make the previous question moot, I know)? Does it really have to go for 3 hours (one recipe called for 6 hours)? Any way to shorten the time? That is a long time for my family to wait for a dessert? Recipe and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Soup
  22. Thank you for the offer. I really appreciate it but you don't need to. My goal is to find it somewhere in the states. I've looked in NY with no success and where I live in VA but last time I was in LA, I forgot to look. Next time.
  23. My son (2 years old) has been put on a strick salt restrictions. No more than 1000mg per day. I would appreciate any ideas on adding flavor without adding salt for a 2 year old palet. Fortunately he like fruit and milk. Ideas on bread, meats (he loved suasage of all types and that is out and he was crying about not being able to eat ham today) would be greatly appreciated.
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