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  1. Scott,Frank,Irwin, Yes i too have been in search of the elusive char siu,i also tried the one that frank linked to,and i find it maddening that i cant nail this down,I do beleive that the dark soy will work better in the end product--How long do you marinate?.Ialways do low and slow ,then blast for the finish--One more quesion that REALLY bugs me.Why is it so damn hard to duplicate Chinese? Thanks for posting this Scott123 Dave s
  2. tommorows memory,s......start with today dave s
  3. Very clever Dave,im wondering what those boundaries are for gravy to muffin density,flowing gravy coming out after cutting would be real cool At any rate,nice job!!! Dave s
  4. phifly04

    Preserving Summer

    Better late then never Stocking Up-isbn-0-671-69395-6 pbk.-Very good "Starter" book Dave s
  5. Too funny! I was just about to post that this is definitely a girly girl, ladies only thread but had suspected their were a few men out there that had sureptitiously raided the leftover tea sandwiches in their youth and pined for the experience again! What I want to know is whether there are any men out there that have actually made tea sandwiches? ← No. No man has ever made one. ← How bout them Bears!!!lmao Dave s
  6. Could it have been Country Scrapple: An American Tradition -- by William Woys Weaver? It's the classic text. ← Bingo!!!!! i,ll pick it up next time and make something and maybe chronicle it here Dave s
  7. Sounds damn good ,i would definately order this,my one and only pet peeve with Scrapple is that it must and i mean must be crispy Dave s
  8. I kid you not ,i was shopping at the outlets in lowerslowerdelaware(my new home) at one of the discount bookstores and i came across a Scrapple cookbook from some guy outta Rosemont,Damn i shoulda bought it,it was only like 6 bucks or something Dave s
  9. How about your kitchen??-------Sorry just being a wise ass Dave s
  10. Thick Porterhouse (med. rare),frites,chunky applesauce and sauteed crimini shrooms and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich Dave s
  11. Very nice pic Esperanza and thanks Ludja and Holly for helping me keep my sanity dave s
  12. How about some: Pork fat RULES! Are yah with me? It's not rocket science! Oh yeah baby! (I see that was mentioned already..and it get my vote as well) Lets add some GARLIC...(has to emphasise that word, no matter what, so the audience can have their applause-fest...) And any of his wink-wink-nudge-nudge POOR sexual inuendos as he thinks they relate to his sausages, sauces, etc. He probably has dozens of others but I stopped watching him years ago basically because of the above. --- Wolfgang Puck: "Ummmm" or "Yummm" after every addition of ingredient Ina Garten: The constant grunting of "Uh!! UH!!" "UH! This is going to be SOOO good...UH!!" after eveything blessed thing she does. Let's add her bleating, staccato laugh in there too. "EHH EHHH EHHH EHHH EHHH EHHH." ← Emeril-Now i dont know where you get your water but............ Dave s
  13. I Do Cakes---does the winner get a free cake??? dave s
  14. I still love and crave Cap.n Crunch with Crunchberries,i also eat frosted mini wheats and Cheerios and occasionally some quaker oats instant,It,s just such a convenience food to me Dave s
  15. My 1997 Cook's Illustrated May/June says that you can use 3 1/2 sheets gelatin to one package powdered geletin (volume = 1 tbsp of powdered) ← Hey Lil Miss Foodie - A sheet of gelatine weighs about 7 grams, it's roughly the equivalent of a packet of knox.
  16. Having lived the majority of my life in the Burbs of Philadelphia i find our Relish tray eerily resembling Celery stuffed with cream cheese(dusted with paprika,come to think of it hell all potato,macaroni,cole slaw was also ) green olives with pimiento black olives(pitted) Baby Gherkins bread and butter pickles Deviled Eggs(again with the damn paprika) Pickled eggs(left whole in vinegar,sliced onions,bbeet juice,very purple!) Cleaned Radish The Mixed Nut Bowl/Walnut had it,s own bowl with the crackers and picks) Beer and whiskey for the men Punch of some sort for the women Soda for the kids always had tomato juice too Dave s
  17. phifly04

    Homemade Sausage

    Do they have a website??TIA Dave s
  18. You better show some rough neighborhoods and nasty food or Seattle is going to get a sharp population spike lol, Seriously Great week,thank you for sharing with us all:) Dave s
  19. i dont think it can be done for the simple reason that the home chef is just not privy to the quality ingredients needed that a restaurant chef is to accomplish this. IMO Dave s
  20. Only a couple months ago had a waiter who was double dipping on credit card tips by duping two sets of receipts,one for the customer and one to hand in to the manager with his own "figures"-did he really think people dont check there statements??,at anyrate The restaurant suffered immense embarrassment and the owner took care of it as quickly and quietly as possible,and did,nt press charges either!!dont know what if any long term ramifications are yet,we,ll see Dave s
  21. I can assure you this is a national crisis not a regional one,i think very few people have the time or inclination or even talent for that matter to prepare a meal from scratch,Demographics have changed, roles have reversed,the whole world is going freaking mad,Stop the planet i want to get off!!!!! Dave s
  22. call me old fashioned my friends but i do love my turkey on Thanksgiving and it is and i suspect will always be made with all the traditional sides i.e. dressing,cranberry sauce,creamed onions,fresh asparagus,deviled eggs,pickled eggs,stuffed celery, and good pan gravy Dave s
  23. I like many things on my Freedom Fries (lol) cheese,gravy,chili,malt depends on whats happening and who im with Dave s
  24. It,s the only website i know where i,ll click on a thread on Larb,and then follow this crazy path of sub-threads where 20 minutes later im freaking buying bonzai trees from some guy in Iowa,who knew a guy.....crazy.It,s also a very valuable and informative haven to learn all about the stuff i THOUGHT i already knew all about....Love it!!!! Dave s
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