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    Hungover Prime Rib

    i.ll make a small batch of stock with the bones,a nice black and blue sandwich on a good crusty hoagie roll.Pan sear the rib and add blue cheese with some lettuce.It,s like hugging mommy Dave s
  2. Welcome to Egullet Scott!why not just go this route? http://www.ritasice.com/ this will explain Tony Dave s
  3. i made a paste of minced garlic,rosemary and evoo to rub on my Prime rib,seared and sloooow roasted to perfection,like butter.Had an end piece for breakfast with all the crispy browned bits Dave s
  4. phifly04

    Making Tamales

    Very nice,my god they look good lovebenton Dave s
  5. Well Chris ,we all like the idea and since it is your very excellent idea why dont you set up the date and the parameters,lets find out who wants to play and what recipe or book they will be making there dish from and lets do this thing Looking forward to it Dave s
  6. Grind them to powder and use them as you would flour for coating say scallops,chicken,steak and so on ...........
  7. Very boing and mostly traditional 1.Chocolate Chip 2.Peanut Butter 3.Thumbprint-strawberry,grape,peach 4.Pineapple upsidedown Cake Dave s
  8. Marlene,Your tonkatsu and what do you call them things?veggies?looked great enjoying you blog very much,thanks for letting us in and Merry Christmas to you and you family Dave s
  9. phifly04

    Confit Duck

    After Graduation from Culinay School,we received a week long tour of France and one of the stops was to a farm of a Mr.Pascal Lapree in a small village outside of Dijon,Mr. Lapree raised ducks for Foie Gras,Magret,Rillettes and of course Confit.It was a very educational and enlightening day,i can still remember how great his confit was on just toasted baguettes,So im glad you have taken this project on Cb-Pictures really do the undertaking justice--thanks Dave s
  10. phifly04

    Confit Duck

    Yes by all means take the project to the finish.Quick couple questions for ya.... Where/How did you obtain the goose fat? What do you plan to do with the confit? thanks, Dave s
  11. Rocco Jack Daniels the $52,000 truffle fiasco Not enough "memorable" Dining experiences Dave s
  12. I can see a real market for this for say truckers,salesman,generally just people on the road . As long as the taste is decent and truth be told hell manys the morning when i,ve woke up with a hangover and would,nt mind having a can of this around,I can honestly say i think this will take -off,time will tell Dave s
  13. Well i feel bad ,these biscuits come out great for me,it was either overworked or the baking powder was to old to sufficiently rise the biscuits,Im from Philly but the biscuit recipe is from a lady in La. Dave s
  14. Gotta have some biscuits to go with Southern Fried Chicken ,i found these to be light and delicious 2 cups AP Flour 1tsp. sugar 2 tsp.baking powder 1/2 tsp. baking soda 1/2 tsp.salt 1/3 cup Crisco 1 cup buttermilk method:::::::::::::::: preheat the oven to 425F 1.sift the flour,salt,sugar and baking powder and soda together-sift 3 times 2.combine crisco into flour mixture till the mixture is about pea size 3.add buttermilk and combine lightly till dough forms a sticky ball 4.generously flour your work surface and transfer ball,knead it front to back about 9 times 5.pat it out to 1/2 inch thickness and cut out your biscuits with a 2 inch biscuit cutter 6.gather up scrap dough and keep cutting out biscuits 7.bake for 11 minutes and serve with your wonderful chicken!!! Dave s
  15. phifly04

    Crab Cakes

    i like mayo,Colemans dry mustard,old bay,worcestershire,lemon juice,minced onion and minced bell pepper 1 egg yolk and maybe like 5 crushed Ritz cackers **Helpful hint--Spread crabmeat on half sheet pan and bake for 45 seconds in a 350F oven Any shell or cartlidge will become very white for e-z picking Dave s
  16. Chef,Thank you so very much for taking time out of your very busy schedule to answer our questions,Your a fascinating chef and a gracious man.I would personally like to thank all the eGullet personnel who made this a reality,your efforts are appreciated(you all just made the Christmas card list!!) Gracias!! Dave s
  17. phifly04

    Making Tamales

    Abra, Thank you for sharing your process with us,it looks extremely delicious,Any chance you could put this in recipe form?I would love to try a mole,perhaps after the holidays?looking forward to the rest of your tamalada Dave s
  18. phifly04

    RE: Fudge

    Thanks Everyone, The fudge came out fantastic,i used Sarashrugs fannie farmer version and am very pleased,thanks again, Dave s
  19. How is Pace One in Thornbury (Delco)I know it used to have a very nice reputation-any one been?Details please Dave s
  20. The humble spud-The single most useful and neutral starchy side (or main)known to man--combinations are as limitless as your imagination as it can take on any style of cuisine,my personal favorite is soy and toasted sesame Dave s
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