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  1. Coast Day is pretty cool,and very educational as well http://www.ocean.udel.edu/coastday/
  2. phifly04

    burger buns

    There is an excellent recipe for sesame burger buns on p.171 of the bread bible by beth hensperger
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    Oyster stew with some good hard tack crackers-very simple flavors,but very,very good
  4. phifly04

    Superbowl Food

    Yankee pot roast would work well for the New England crowd
  5. phifly04


    i am not a fan of turmeric it has a very "metallic" taste that i find nasty. Especially when it is the main ingredient in pre-mixed curry powders,it really must be doctored up-I use sweet corn to off-set the metallic taste
  6. http://www.rum.cz/galery/nam/us/mccormick/-i cannot tell a lie i googled
  7. I must admit that when the owner and his exec cant agree on what it is they want to represent to the public=problems,I know first hand Mark is commited to his craft and passionate about food and how it,s perceived.You dont become Chef de cuisine at an establishment like Pasion without these traits,im wondering what lie,s beneath?
  8. Ouch!!im still a beleiver though,Maybe just needs to tone it down somewhat?
  9. I got this recipe from a childhood friend who,s mother was from the village of Nuit,s St. George and was a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra Boeuf Bouguigonne 4 oz. slab bacon 2 1/2 lb. beef chuck,cut into 2 inch cubes flour clarified butter 2 cup,s mirepoix,large dice 2 tsp. minced garlic 3 tbl. brandy 2 cups red burgundy wine 4 cups beef stock small bouquet garni 8 lg. button mushrooms 8 boiling onions,peeled and Xed 12 tourneed carrots(approximate in size to other veggies) Method------------------------------------------------------------ 1. remove rind from bacon and cut into lardons(1/2X1/2 X1)Saute bacon until crisp and fat is rendered,reserve lardons,strain fat through cheese cloth 2.Add bacon fat to a soup pot and Dredge meat in flour,brown well,remove meat 3.add mirepoix to fat,saute till lightly browned add garlic and 5 tbl. flour,saute to make a blond roux 4.re-add meat,flambe brandy and add to meat 5.add wine ,stock and bouquet,simmer for approx. 1 hour 6.saute quartered mushroom in clarified butter till golden,reserve 7. remove bouquet,strain sauce,adjust thickness and season with salt and black pepper 8.return meat and carrots and onions,simmer 15 minutes,add mushrooms and lardons,simmer 5 minutes and serve note*i serve mine over buttered egg noodles and finish with parsley Dave s
  10. I cant wait to see the finished dish together,Very inspiring that you are keeping it as true to the region it,s from,Dat,s a lot of work!!Im sure the end product will reward you though,Nice job so far.Looking forward to the rest of the pic,s Dave s
  11. Are the results in?I have a tremendous amount of respect for any who would enter or participate in something this grand,with all eyes watching not to mention the hopes of a whole nation on you.thanks for posting the fantastic pics bleudauvergne Dave s
  12. Well i had the bao with some reserved pork that i used to make pork fried rice.These wee sooo good,my recipe called for 2 lbs to make 16.did anyone else use the marinade as a sauce??
  13. Fantastic!!!the dough(in above thread) came out beautifully and i made a reduction sauce out of the char siu marinade to drizzle over the bao.i steamed them for 10 minutes.i,ll tell you this is my first experience with char siu bao and i am very pleased with the effort.Im gonna take my camera film to get developed and hopefully post some pics by wednesday.I also saved some cubed pork to make fried rice for dinner.A great experience for sure,thanks to all who posted and particapated-looking forward to the next challenge Dave s
  14. I am going to start roasting the pork,This is where i am going to break with tradition and roast my pork using the low and slow method.250f for 4 hours,then blasted at 500f the final 15 minutes,my dough ecipe is from the Philadelphia Inquirer 1 1/2 tsp. dry yeast 2 tbl. sugar 1 1/2 cups warm water(110F) 2 1/2 cups a.p flour 1 1/2 cups cake flou 1 tsp. salt happy pics to follow
  15. Excellent job LMF,they look mighty,mighty good!!!
  16. Lebanon Bologna and american cheese on a kaiser with a Dr. Pepper.but im making potato salad and hot roast beef with provolone and horseradish with homemade gravy and chocolate chip cookies(which im Positive will be my best bite of the day)for the Iggles game
  17. OK,just returned from the store with ingredients for Char siui,ll be making mine from a recipe off the net.The following ingredients will be in my marinade(very limited choices out here in bumfuck) 5 tbl light soy sauce 3tbl. dark soy sauce 5tbl. honey(in lieu of maltose) 4 tbl.table sugar 4 tbl.rice wine vinegar 4 tbl. hoisin sauce 4 cloves garlic red food color in a sauce pan cook all ingredients(minus red food color) for just 2 minutes,let cool i chose a rib end boneless loin(nicely fatted)which i will cut into strips and marinade for 24 hours. i purchased a disposable camera to take some pics,im guessing i can get these processed into a cd for downloading??someone pm me To the kitchen!!!!! edited to add a knuckle of ginger and 4 green onions also
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    http://paridss.usask.ca/specialcrop/commod.../tour/sage.html the most famous uses i think are as stated-poultry stuffing,sausage making and pasta
  19. Try pounding the breasts out to a uniform size before marinating which will allow greater penetration,also ty introducing a acid such as lemon,lime,wine-good luck
  20. Amazing stuff there schneich,Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us all.im blown away with the potential of this Dave s
  21. Although not my initial source of information,this will substantiate my claim that carnaroli is the preferred rice for risotto http://www.jamesbeard.org/events/words/carnaroli_rice.shtml
  22. http://www.gayot.com/restaurants/features/...llecuisine.html Very interesting read,still digesting the ramifications.Im still dying to know the answer to the original post,i myself have invested about 2 hours of my time searching my books,the internet with nary a trace.Im so googleized i,ve tried fernand point in japan,fernandpoint1930,s,and many more combos and have come up with diddily squat.But i have learned some good information on the journey,so not a total loss Dave s
  23. http://www.capriflavors.com/tomato.php
  24. You might try looking under Fernand Point
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