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  1. I beleive an ideal section of gastonomy can exist,for example the "perfect" choice of preparation for an item has accomplished 2/3 of the requirements of gastronomy,the choice and the prep but the eating is subjective to the individual and therefore impossible to acheive on any kind of scale-But the search is the soul of the quest Dave s
  2. phifly04

    RE: Fudge

    Thanks guys and gals but im looking for just straight chocolate fudge,no nuts,jimmies,marshmallows or other add ins/ons,like from down the jersey shore in da summer time Thanks, Dave s
  3. Please help me out with a very good basic fudge recipe.i know there are a ton on the internet but i would like to make a "no doubt" recipe to impress family for the holidays Thanks Dave s
  4. Pleasure Chef, My question is very simple and to the point ....why?What is the reason you strive to be different?Very happy that you could take the time to engage us Gracias, Dave s
  5. Definately baba ghanoush and eggplant pamigiana,breaded and fried,ratatouille to name a few Dave s
  6. Freezing will work in the short haul ,say a month or less, otherwise it will become mealy,refrigerated should be eaten within 10 days Dave s
  7. I find that if I just avoid direct sunlight I get much more pasty. (sorry, couldn't resist ) ← Lol my damn R isnt showing up,Your the baker--this about right?
  8. 1 cup of all pupose to 2 cups of cake should get you close to pasty Dave s
  9. Well by the majority of unused spices it look,s like a lot of people should/need to learn some good Indian cooking(me included!)Im on it Dave s Edited for stupidity***
  10. phifly04

    truffle abuse

  11. Cleaning out the old spice cabinet and came across a bottle of mace,i never use it and so was wondering what are some spices/herbs in your cabinet that never see the light of day? Dave s
  12. phifly04

    inexpensive recipes

    the downfall of western civilization..........the bargain muffin
  13. Good story Russ,very informative http://www.latimes.com/features/food/la-fo...-headlines-food Dave s
  14. Placebo,Very kind of you to answe some home cheesemaking questions I also purchased the home kit from a firm in Geogia with disastrous results my first question is-Does the milk have to be raw?i followed the directions to a T and it never did fom,i figure the ultra pasteuization seperated the fat enough that they could,nt form properly,i also might have jumped the gun by attempting mozzarela first(they recommmend trying the chevre-any help would be appreciated Dave s P.S. good blog
  15. This is interesting Holly http://www.swarthmore.edu/Library/friends/...perpotsoup.html Sorry it dont answer your question,i found it intriguing Dave s
  16. new info for a old thread http://www.bevnet.com/news/2004/12-03-2004-GuS.asp dave s
  17. I,ve neve been ,but would love a report on the experience as i have been a fan of Susanna Foo,s for a long time and am very interested in her cuisine these days-TIA Dave s
  18. All Philly ---Scrapple,(rapa)Pork Roll(Trenton)Tastykakes,Shady Maple smoked Bacon,Scrambled Eggs,Coffee,o.j.and toast-----Brother,s up from Florida for T-giving week--My Brother said it was the best meal all week including t-dAY--GO FIGGA Dave s
  19. I think it,s an excellent idea,And the location could,nt be better.I would wager a good 65-70% of college people eat cereal,i grew up on it myself as id bet a good %of eG,ers have.i hope it succeeds big time- Dave s
  20. phifly04

    Fried Chicken

    Woodburner--If your going for crisp skinned wings without having to do the extra baking step i would recommmend no flour,no corn starch 375F degree oil and a longer cooking time of around12-15 minutes-i personally cant stand when my wings are not crispy
  21. i dont know if there still around but Franks was the best in Philly with Black Cherry Wishniak,Tahitian Treat,Vanilla Creme and a slew of other tasty soda,s,I can remember as a lil kid getting up early on Saturday,s and heading down the street to the local Supermarket to carry grocery bags to customer,s cars and local,s houses. Then Heading over to the Greek Pizza joint to enjoy a Small and a Franks Black Cherry Wishniak- with my earnings-Fond Memory,s indeed Dave s P.S. im sure Holly remembers the slogan"Is it Franks?....Thanks!
  22. Good Article and we certainly appreciate your efforts as forum host and mod,you do look a lil rough there Brooks Dave s
  23. Tabasco Frank,s Siracha Myown
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