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  1. I use BookBub too. There's a Canadian option in the settings @ElsieD
  2. I live in an apartment in the city but we compost and we have a green bin - mandated by the city - that accepts all food waste including pizza boxes and other papers soiled with food. That's sent to a municipal composting operation. Similarly we have a green bin at work so all food scraps, wooden stir sticks, used napkins go there. It is emptied daily by the cleaning staff. We have all the other sorts of recycling too - glass, plastic and metal containers, paper. The stores in my area cater to people who want to buy small amounts (often at a premium admittedly) so it is only my unrealistic expectations that have to be addressed. My mom grew up in a place and time when food didn't get wasted so I learned a lot from her. I don't have to feed hungry farm workers though so it is a somewhat different calculation.
  3. My mom is 97 and moved into an assisted living facility two years ago. Assisted living, at least here, means you are somewhere with 24 hour nursing care. Most of the residents have dementia, some have other significant health problems, some have both. Some are there for palliative care. They are old or very sick or both. A few things I have observed in two years of visits: - some people with dementia don't even know what food is anymore, don't remember that they've eaten five minutes after they finish a meal or remember how to use utentsils. Food is not at all central to their life. - many people in their 80's and 90's grew up without great dental care. If they have dentures or other appliances, eating can be challenging, more so if they have rheumatism or other conditions that affect their hands. - lots of people have dietary restrictions related to medical problems. Even with all of these challenges, my mom's place does a decent job of providing meals. But it is a challenge. My mom was a great cook, a baker, and loved wine but it is hard for her to eat anything that requires coordination now. That's how you get to scotch and ice cream, I guess. The independent living side of my mom's faciltity sounds more like what most people here are describing/discussing. That's a whole other story. I would not be in a rush to move into institutional living like that no matter what the menu looked like. It is a lot like cruise ship food. As Katie Meadow noted, the kitchens in those places are tiny and they are not really encouraging you to undertake adventurous cooking projects. It is all about liability management.
  4. No, I don't think so. According to the organizers: "What constitutes ‘best’ is left to the judgement of these trusted and well-travelled gourmets" and "The World's 50 Best Restaurants list provides an annual snapshot of the opinions and experiences of over 1,000 international restaurant industry experts."
  5. How can there be leftover fries? Unless they were crap from the start of course.
  6. Overnight Oats

    Yes I grew up eating Bircher Meusli (Swiss parents). Grated apple, oats, nuts, yogurt.
  7. I like coffee and chocolate together and I like doughnuts, so I say go for it.
  8. This book just won a number of IACP awards, including cook book of the year, so thanks for illuminating these recipes.
  9. I'm reading Rice, Noodle, Fish: Deep Travels Through Japanese Food Culture by Matt Goulding. It is published under Anthony Bourdain's imprint by Harper Wave. So far I am enjoying it. He meets and tells about some interesting people in out of the way places and there's some lovely images in the book.
  10. From Lucky Peach:
  11. Comic Strips and Food

    He still does strips for the Guardian. Here's one from February, Whole Braised Veal Shank: Here's an appreciation:
  12. This review does more than I can to explain why I tip:
  13. I don't live in the US so I can't comment on wages.
  14. Like Deryn I usually tip and usually more than the "rules" suggest one should. My takeouts are at family restaurants in my neighbourhood. I see how long they work and how little they charge and it seems like a good thing to do.
  15. Food Podcasts

    BBC Food Programme, Burnt Toast, Gastropod, Spilled Milk sometimes, Radio Cherry Bombe sometimes