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  1. This book just won a number of IACP awards, including cook book of the year, so thanks for illuminating these recipes.
  2. I'm reading Rice, Noodle, Fish: Deep Travels Through Japanese Food Culture by Matt Goulding. It is published under Anthony Bourdain's imprint by Harper Wave. So far I am enjoying it. He meets and tells about some interesting people in out of the way places and there's some lovely images in the book.
  3. From Lucky Peach:
  4. Comic Strips and Food

    He still does strips for the Guardian. Here's one from February, Whole Braised Veal Shank: Here's an appreciation:
  5. I'm getting emails advising me that an individual has posted a post in a topic requiring approval.
  6. This review does more than I can to explain why I tip:
  7. I don't live in the US so I can't comment on wages.
  8. Like Deryn I usually tip and usually more than the "rules" suggest one should. My takeouts are at family restaurants in my neighbourhood. I see how long they work and how little they charge and it seems like a good thing to do.
  9. Food Podcasts

    BBC Food Programme, Burnt Toast, Gastropod, Spilled Milk sometimes, Radio Cherry Bombe sometimes
  10. November 24, 2003 for me. I don't post much but I still visit regularly and read extensively.
  11. Desserts from the 1960s?

    I'm 59. I remember Grasshopper Pie as very exotic. The association with booze especially.
  12. Desserts from the 1960s?

    Grasshopper pie
  13. I saw the Koizumi in a store on the weekend - lovely. I have a Yanagi ( ) which serves me well. I didn't pay $165 for it though, even in typically more expensive Canada.