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  1. Based on what @Kasia, who posted the recipe, said, this looks look like it would do the trick: https://www.amazon.ca/Pearce-Duffs-Assorted-Blancmange-146g/dp/B0051C0Q92
  2. Clean Meat

    Those are vegans, no?
  3. Happily for me, the David and Olney are still on sale in Canada today and are now in my possession.
  4. Thanks for taking us along for the ride Anna and Kerry. A summer classic.
  5. Yes she did and had a blog on the same subject: The Pleasures of Cooking for One
  6. She had an amazing career as an editor: "Among her early achievements was finding a masterpiece amid the rejects: “The Diary of Anne Frank.”" Judith Jones, editor of Julia Child, dead at 93
  7. Thank you for bringing us along on your food adventures Duvel! You had me checking airfare to Hong Kong.
  8. I agree. AbeBooks is a really good resource.
  9. Yes I like the carts too. All those temptations rolling by.
  10. I love the "this handle is disinfected four times a day" sign. Very reassuring. Are there a lot of restaurants in Hong Kong still using carts for dim sum? Here in Vancouver they are an endangered species.
  11. At these prices I buy them and read them like novels before bedtime. If I'm really inspired I'll buy the hard copy.
  12. What is Mangalica? I saw Mangalica Pate and Mangalica liver and bacon on the menu at the Globe.