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  1. barolo

    Cold Brew

    Sort of like a homemade version of nitro brew maybe?
  2. He died of pancreatic cancer diagnosed earlier this month. Such a loss. LA Times Restaurant Critic Jonathan Gold Dies at 57
  3. barolo

    Cookbooks 2018

    Here’s a Kitchen Arts and Letters post on the fall releases they find notable: Fall 2018 Notable Cookbooks A quote
  4. Here’s a link to a recent newspaper article about a craft brewery in Dildo Brewery in Dildo Dodges Racy Beer Names - for the most part And a quote from from the story:
  5. I think so. This description might help:
  6. barolo


    That is exactly where I first heard of verjus - from Maggie Beer in SA. I have yet to try a recipe with verjus.
  7. Looks fine to me. I'm with @Allura, you don't need a group judging your lunchboxes. I don't have any ideas to offer (no kids) but I'm pretty sure there were a number of discussions about kids lunches around here. I'll add a link if I can find one.
  8. barolo

    The Soup Topic (2013–)

    Yes. Those dishes are gorgeous. Blue and white = my favourite.
  9. barolo

    A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    Clapham's? I use it on my soapstone counter and my wooden bowls. Great stuff.
  10. 1) What is your favourite restaurant (apart from your own) Nook, a little Italian restaurant a few blocks from where I live. 2) What is your most important ingredient in the kitchen, and why? I’m with @liuzhou – my mood. 3) What tool is most important in your kitchen, and why? Knives, as they are the most used. 4) Which restaurant, anywhere, is your dream destination to dine? St John Bread & Wine, London (this could and does change from day to day but this is today’s dream). 5) What trend do you see becoming popular in restaurants in the next year? I don’t know. 6) What trend would you most like to see go away? Food served in large bowls designed so that inevitably the cutlery slides down and has to be constantly fished out.
  11. barolo

    A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    He started 3 months ago!
  12. Ah ha, the chef is from Canada (Ottawa, not Ottowa as Amazon would have it) so I had to buy it.