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  1. so in yr opinion, ur pretty certain its pig uterus?, tried ggogling the above terms and uteres with the word inverted added got nothing close
  2. ok now that looks like what i ate! -threw it away b4 taking a pic
  3. boiled it. with salt. lots of salt ate it. reminds of of chicken gizzards( when its cooked to be crunchy, not the braised way where it becomes extremely tender)
  4. i did. and i think they said pig's stomach, but pretty sure that's not right...there was a language barrier. got it from hong kong supermarket in edison nj it was labelled as uterus, but a google search quickly disagreed w that, also the "butcher" said stomach, which google also disagree with...so i'm kinda confused. aso it said that it was "prepared"/meaning cooked already...but then another person who works there said its not cooked yet.... ...alas, i decided to to ask the ppl on the internet if they had any clue...seems everyone here is also kinda unsure. o well
  5. hmm..now that does look pretty similar to what i had...so maybe it is fish intestines?...except imo, what i had had a porky-ish smell to it...
  6. it may be tripe but what kind of tripe then?, i tried to compare it with beef tripe and its kinda diffrerent. I can's seemto find anything that look the same on the interwebz
  7. pretty sure its not fish intestines. i bought it in the meat/pork section. at home. possible to be pig's stomach?,...
  8. what the heck did i just ate?, really curious what this is, and i don't think its tripe either, it might be pig's uterus, but it looks kinda different from what i am seeing on the internet, where the uterus is shown to be smooth instead of looking like "corn on the cob" texture as u can see if u enlarge the photos. thank you!
  9. Effect of starch on crispy potatoes

    Yep, that's it. By not rinsing to remove surface starch, will I affect crispiness? If say I do not give any consideration to colour of fries
  10. Effect of starch on crispy potatoes

    The starches inside the potatoes dont help crisp. They convert to sugar and promote browning. If you leave the starch in them, they will turn very dark brown before they crisp up. To get them crispy you have to leach out as much starch as you can, and double fry them. You wont find a crispier homemade all natural fry any other way. You could try par boiling them and then dredging in corn starch but i find that to be an off flavor and not natural. What would cause the starch to turn to sugar?, if dredging in starch before frying makes it crispy, why not just not rinse in the initial step so starch remains on the potato surface?. You could parboil or steam then air dry to allow the natural potato starch to leach out right?
  11. Effect of starch on crispy potatoes

    If you want a crispy crust, soak fresh cut fries in ice water for 15-30 minutes. Pat dry with paper towels. Deep fry for 5 minutes. Let them rest in basket for 5-10 minutes. Deep fry again for 4-6 minutes until golden brown. You will get a really nice color and very crispy crust. Why soak the fries in the first step...? Don't potato starch make things crisp.?
  12. Effect of starch on crispy potatoes

    So say I don't care for colour, by not rinsing, will I get a crispier crust?
  13. Effect of starch on crispy potatoes

    I read in modernist cuisine that starch helps make thing crispy. Makes sense since many fried food are first coated in flour before frying. So I would like to understand why when making fries, potatoes are rinsed first before cooking to remove starch. Heston Blumenthal fries have you first boil the spuds till breaking apart then drained(not rinsed). The purpose is to allow the starch in the spuds to be released and coat the potato so that when the get fried, it will be crispy. Also read somewhere in ATK that on boiling spuds in water with baking soda(softens cell wall) to allow the starch within the potato to be released before frying. So why soak and rinse potato to remove the starch? Thanks