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Cashew cookie recipe ?


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:wacko: I forgot I must bring munchies to work tomorrow. Weather is NASTY!

I really don't want to have to drive to a market in this weather. I'm hoping to make do with ingredients on hand.

Does someone maybe have a cookie recipe that's better than the ordinary offerings?

I have all the basic ingredients. Brown sugar,eggs, powdered sugar, butter,corn syrup,sour cream,heavy cream, etc.

On hand I also have walnuts, chocolate chips(not good ones) , regular rolled oats, pecan pieces and pecan halves, raisins, coconut,-oops,scratch the coconut, can't find it.

And I have a 9.75 ounce can of Planters salted cashew halves.

Everyone loves cashews. I'm leaning that way.

Please don't make me drive in this slop !

I just want something different and really good.

And one more thing. My electric oven broiler just died and went to heaven. If the top broiler is required, it will have to be finished in a toaster oven. Probably a few at a time, unless you know how to get a half sheet pan in a toaster oven!


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Here in Canada, Anna Olson is our celebrity pastry chef.  I have all of her books and most of her recipes are quite reliable.  I haven't tried this cashew cookie recipe but it seems quite simple:


Good luck!

Sounds good! Now I'm wondering why recipes usually don't specify whether one should use salted or unsalted nuts. It will make a heck of a difference.

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Time is getting short, and I've got to get moving.

You guys are great. I like both recipes. If I have enough cashews I will probably make both. Thanks to my Foodsaver, I found a quart jar of vacuum packed caramels. A timesaver.

I just had a brainstorm for another day.

A coworker brought in a little snack yesterday. Good wholegrain crackers, a hunk of cream cheese covered with bottled Dant:s Inferno Raspberry Chipotle sauce.

Damn, it was good. She said she has an even better brand of raspberry chipotle sauce.

My mind started wandering. Linzer cookies, reduce the sauce to jelly consistency?

Shortbread bars sandwiched with the stuff and sprinkled with powdered sugar?

I really must play with these ideas. Anyone tried it yet?

Anymore fast recipes, hit me now. Cashews were just an idea.

Oatmeal, pecans,raisins? Bars or cookies? Just not ordinary.

What a great website.

What a great bunch of members.

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