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  1. I' m just wondering why they are sold as something other than bird seed. There must be something else they're used for.
  2. If I don't get any other ideas I may do just that. Birdies have to eat too.
  3. Great idea, but I already have 2 large jars of Tahnini, in a one person house. I'm being difficult today, aren't I ?
  4. Actually, I could only return one, as the other is opened. I've recently moved to a lovely little neighborhood but grocers with variety are few and far between . She actually went to 4 places to find them. Not worth the time and gas. There must be something I can do with them. The taste is definitely not to my liking for the bread.
  5. Thanks Anna, I just opened one bag and tasted them. They taste nothing like hulled. They simply will not do. Now what can I do with 2 lbs of the darned things?
  6. I wanted to make some of Reinhart's Pane Sicilano .which is probably the best bread on earth. A friend was making a supermarket run and picked up sesame seeds for me. But it was 2 bags of unhulled. I've never used unhulled before. I do not want to spend 3 days making bread that will be ruined by the wrong topping. What can you tell me about unhulled? Okay, wrong flavor, use them for something else, useless? Do it, or don't even think about it?
  7. Reynolds Foodservice wrap- 914C. I couldn't live without it. Now available on Amazon too. 18 inches wide, 2000 ft., with built in sliding cutter that works.
  8. I'm looking for recipe in there for a special friend. But I need it tonight. I've found the book available on Amazon, and plan to buy it. Can anyone help?
  9. I just filed the report online. My canned reply tells me they're sending me a new blade, and asks me to accept their apology. Accept their canned apology? This infuriates me.
  10. I have one of these. I've spent some time redialing 877-339-2534 (the supposed number to call) and getting nothing but a busy signal. My last call tells me the number has been disconnected. Does anyone have a number that works? I am so sick of Chinese made garbage.
  11. No, last time I checked, max was 7 days. No matter, it was for my sister. She's worth it."-)
  12. So pissed. Bought the Duo Instant Pot about 10 days ago as a gift. Paid about $120.00. I have two, I know how great they are. Today Amazon has it for $68...ARGHH.
  13. So just make it, oil it,bag it and freeze it, no first rise needed?? That is really what I wanted to hear.
  14. Duh, it would be great if I'd read the question first. Definitely get the casters. When you need to clean, you'll thank me.
  15. I'm tired of making fresh dough every time I want a pizza on a whim. I want to make extra and freeze it. Ideally, I want to flatten the dough so it stacks well and Foodsaver it. Please tell me this works. But when? Before first rise, after?? Some sites says add extra yeast if you do this. Need some help here. Any freezing tips welcome. Bring to room temp then just let it rise? It it as good as fresh-made dough? I don't want to try if frozen dough if doesn't make as good a thin crispy crust when baked. .
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