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  1. KitchenQueen

    Plastic wrap

    Reynolds Foodservice wrap- 914C. I couldn't live without it. Now available on Amazon too. 18 inches wide, 2000 ft., with built in sliding cutter that works.
  2. KitchenQueen

    Leon Galetoire Cookbook

    I'm looking for recipe in there for a special friend. But I need it tonight. I've found the book available on Amazon, and plan to buy it. Can anyone help?
  3. KitchenQueen

    Cuisinart Recall

    I just filed the report online. My canned reply tells me they're sending me a new blade, and asks me to accept their apology. Accept their canned apology? This infuriates me.
  4. KitchenQueen

    Cuisinart Recall

    I have one of these. I've spent some time redialing 877-339-2534 (the supposed number to call) and getting nothing but a busy signal. My last call tells me the number has been disconnected. Does anyone have a number that works? I am so sick of Chinese made garbage.
  5. No, last time I checked, max was 7 days. No matter, it was for my sister. She's worth it."-)
  6. So pissed. Bought the Duo Instant Pot about 10 days ago as a gift. Paid about $120.00. I have two, I know how great they are. Today Amazon has it for $68...ARGHH.
  7. KitchenQueen

    Freezing pizza dough

    So just make it, oil it,bag it and freeze it, no first rise needed?? That is really what I wanted to hear.
  8. Duh, it would be great if I'd read the question first. Definitely get the casters. When you need to clean, you'll thank me.
  9. KitchenQueen

    Freezing pizza dough

    I'm tired of making fresh dough every time I want a pizza on a whim. I want to make extra and freeze it. Ideally, I want to flatten the dough so it stacks well and Foodsaver it. Please tell me this works. But when? Before first rise, after?? Some sites says add extra yeast if you do this. Need some help here. Any freezing tips welcome. Bring to room temp then just let it rise? It it as good as fresh-made dough? I don't want to try if frozen dough if doesn't make as good a thin crispy crust when baked. .
  10. I have 7 Seville Classics.Most of them the very large ones. 6-7ft tall? I am completely happy with them. If there's a better brand, I don't need it. With or without casters, Mine are about half casters,half without. Damned good product. Sturdy, Well made. You can order any shelf size you like, any height you like. I learned after my first one I wanted the deeper shelves. They will NOT buckle. These things hold a ton of weight.
  11. KitchenQueen

    Kitchen Flies

    How about this? Scroll down for the bulb that fits in any light socket. $19.00 on Amazon with good reviews. Are fruit flies attracted to light? http://outxpro.com/collections/insect-zappers
  12. KitchenQueen

    Breville "smart oven"

    I've had mine for quite some time. I see the new one has a light , wish mine did. But I can still say it's one of the best darned appliances I own. It was worth every cent, even for toast alone. Whatever I program it for, it does precisely. A very wise investment. And a breeze to clean. All in all, a handsome little feller !
  13. KitchenQueen

    Poor Man's Mandoline

    For large amounts of sliced citrus. I use my electric meat slicer.
  14. KitchenQueen

    Sous vide for a newbie?

    I'm going to get a cooler, as the only I own is styrofoam. Is this way too honking big? I have no idea how to judge the size. I just liked the split lid. What would be a good size? http://www.homedepot.com/p/Rubbermaid-45-Qt-Blue-Wheeled-Cooler-FG2A9102MODBL/202315032 I have to get busy. I started this thread and ordered mine before Shelby. She then ordered hers. got it and is cooking like wild. I've been swamped at work and mine is still in the box. She's leaving me in the dust!
  15. KitchenQueen

    Happy Kitchen Additions 2015

    I ordered it. It makes my current one look and feel like a plastic knife. I think I'm afraid of it.:-) You could probably hack a Prius in half with one blow. And I haven't even taken it out of the packaging yet.