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Chef Andrés,

You mentioned a little while ago on egullet that you're planning to follow up on your excellent Tapas book with one devoted to the more experimental work of Minibar. Any news on when this might be published?

as I have said before minibar is very important to me. It is my project, my baby. A place to dream, to work with my team without any restrictions. I wanted to be free from expectations about what was sweet and what was savory, about what came first and what came last........ Every day is new. We are thinking of something new like new product, new technique, new way of working, we see something new, we find a better way to do things......... We are still refining, growing, we are in process of evolving. Do we go bigger? Do we move? Many questions.

Obviously a minibar book will be part of our plan. A book to show what we learn what we do beautiful foto of dishes and technique..... I hope to do this but with the tv show and the restaurant and so many projects, I have to wait.

The minibar book will still happen. it is a matter of finding when we can make it happen.

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