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Cocktail Books: The Topic


Recommended Posts

Spring 2022 new/updated releases:



Drink Lightly (Natasha David); April 2022

Claridge’s – The Cocktail Book; April 2022


Looking Forward

The Bartender's Manifesto (Toby Maloney, Emma Janzen)  June 2022

Doctors and Distillers (Camper English) July 2022

The Art & Craft of Coffee Cocktails (Jason Clark) September 2022

Modern Classic Cocktails (Robert Simonson) October 2022

Raising the Bar (Brett Adams, Jacob Grier) October 2022

A Bartender's Guide to the World (Lauren Mote, James O. Fraioli) October 2022

Cure (Neal Bodenheimer, Emily Timberlake) October 2022

Drinks With Friends (Sother Teague, Dale DeGroff);  February 2024 (!) (per Amazon.ca)

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An early look forward into some 2023 releases:


The Maison Premiere Almanac (Joshua Boissy, Krystof Zizka) April 2023
The Ice Book (Camper English) May 2023
Tropical Standard (Garret Richard, Ben Schaffer) May 2023
The Book of Cocktail Ratios (Michael Ruhlman, Marcella Kriebel) May 2023
How to Fix the Perfect Cocktail (Adam Elan-Elmegirab) August 2023
Drinks With Friends (Sother Teague, Dale DeGroff) February 2024


2022 release retrospective:

I particularly enjoyed (in no particular order) Drink Lightly, The Bartender's Manifesto, Cure, and Paddy Drinks for original content.

Drink Lightly presents an interesting take on a fun-yet-still-serious, lower-ABV program, and is a beautiful swan song to Nitecap, for those who never had the pleasure of visiting.

The Bartender's Manifesto walks the reader through an impressive drink design approach, which provides an interesting contrast to that of The Cocktail Codex and other works.

Cure is the bar-centric New Orleans book I've wanted ever since Rogue / Beta Cocktails was released over a decade ago.

Paddy Drinks is a serious deep-dive into Irish whiskey, backed up by the talented folks from The Dead Rabbit.


Honorable mention to Modern Classic Cocktails as an excellent curation of great drinks from the late-80's forward.


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