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Cocktail Books: The Topic


Recommended Posts

Spring 2022 new/updated releases:



Drink Lightly (Natasha David); April 2022

Claridge’s – The Cocktail Book; April 2022


Looking Forward

The Bartender's Manifesto (Toby Maloney, Emma Janzen)  June 2022

Doctors and Distillers (Camper English) July 2022

The Art & Craft of Coffee Cocktails (Jason Clark) September 2022

Modern Classic Cocktails (Robert Simonson) October 2022

Raising the Bar (Brett Adams, Jacob Grier) October 2022

A Bartender's Guide to the World (Lauren Mote, James O. Fraioli) October 2022

Cure (Neal Bodenheimer, Emily Timberlake) October 2022

Drinks With Friends (Sother Teague, Dale DeGroff);  February 2024 (!) (per Amazon.ca)

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