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  1. Actually the food was prepared by the Napa Culinary Institute, and they did a great job serving over 900 people, following my cookbook recipes, plus a pintxo from Patxi Bergara with Boquerones..................
  2. Thanks for a great report! Gracias amigo
  3. everyone knows I am from Spain and ultimately that will always be big part of my identity and say a lot in what I do. Is where I come from, is my context we can say. What you see on the plate from me is my story........Who I am where I am from where I worked where I lived who I work with. Is all there........But that is not all. To me the food of Greece and Turkey has always been fascinating. there are lot of ingredient and flavors in common olive oil, citrus, lots of fish and seafood, they are wine cultures. Also some special things like avgotaraho which is pressed mullet roe a very special product that is rare even in Greece......I have been very lucky to have people in my life who can share with me the secrets of those cuisines. This week we have a famous Greek writer my friend Aglaia Kremezi who has been cooking with us at Zaytinya sharing her recipes People like Aglaia made Zaytinya possible
  4. For long time it has been my dream of seeing Spanish products everywhere in to America. I want to go to a supermarket in Jackson Wyoming and find pimenton! Sinece I arrive 15 years ago I have been trying to sell Spain. We can say I have dedicated myself to telling our story. It cannot be that we have many wonderful products, cheeses like cabrales, jamon, saffron, rice and no one know about it. So I have been talking and talking and slowly, little bit at a time people in America have been discovering and later asking for these products...... To me iberico is like icon, the icon of Spain, a luxury product like caviar or something. So good you think man! I thoguht this was THE product to really sell Spain..... So what happen? I have been telling the story, preaching the gospel of iberico all over America...... I work on creating the interest but ultimately there was a limit to what I can do personally. Has to be the government, has to be the producer, has to be the importer involve in this process to make it move........So I look for a partner, someone who produce the iberico, and I found this man called Santiago Martin in small town of La Alberca. His family company Fermin makes iberico. Sanitago was the one to bring ibercio to Japan! This was my guy.........Then I look for someone to bring it and sell it in America. Someone who knows how to bring imported product and sell them and can make it a success. I find the people at Rogers Collection....they each do their piece and me I still do what I do I keep talking about iberico. Just I try to open doors and move things, a facilatator
  5. as I have said before minibar is very important to me. It is my project, my baby. A place to dream, to work with my team without any restrictions. I wanted to be free from expectations about what was sweet and what was savory, about what came first and what came last........ Every day is new. We are thinking of something new like new product, new technique, new way of working, we see something new, we find a better way to do things......... We are still refining, growing, we are in process of evolving. Do we go bigger? Do we move? Many questions. Obviously a minibar book will be part of our plan. A book to show what we learn what we do beautiful foto of dishes and technique..... I hope to do this but with the tv show and the restaurant and so many projects, I have to wait. The minibar book will still happen. it is a matter of finding when we can make it happen.
  6. Marcos Moran from Casa Gerardo in Asturias Dani Garcia from Calima in Marbella ← Dani's reputation is already strong. I am lookoing forward to seeing him at the WOF Conference. Is Marcos the son of Pedro Moran or are they the same person? What is he becoming known for in particular? ← Marcos! That is him! Pedro Moran makes the most amazing fabada at Casa Gerardo. They are all cooks. His family has had the business for many generations. Marcos is the same. An amazing young cook
  7. That does not sounds right. I can tell you that one of the great things about eating padron peppers is that is normally like russian roulette. You are eating the peppers. They are fried in olive oil and have a little salt. Most are nice and mild and full of flavor. You relax and then one hits you! Suprise! Spicy! Maybe they sell you the wrong seeds?......
  8. I think we are in the process of looking back now to see and understand everything that has happen..........And the techniques you are talking about are only known to very FEW people like yourself......Still far away from really influencing a big number of people..............
  9. Sherry is still in Spain an Old good lady that everyone loves but everyone forgets to invite to their parties!....So if this is the case in Andalucia imagine away from Spain. I LOVE SHERRY FROM SPAIN, but producers are in need of a REVOLUTION from the inside to start projecting themself to the world in a new way.....
  10. I will have to disagree with my good friend Anya......................Spanish restaurant in Amercia or the lack of them is because is not Spanish chefs here..............................Another thing is about the ingredients........What happen we can not make a Gazpacho with tomatoes from Good Morning FArm in PEnn? Yes, we only need good Spanish Sherry vinegar and good Spanish olive oil!...But if we take out vinegar and oil from spain and we used from lets say California, Is not Spanish anymore?...............I will argue that the dish is still Spanish at heart...................
  11. Well MINIBAR is my place! And I cook as often as possible........Cooking to me is not really the moment of doing it yourself but EVERYTHING has to happen to make the moment possible........So as far as I know I'm cooking ALL THE TIME........That is my two hands the ones that cook is not possible...My Brain does
  12. Well I've been lucky enough that by the time the book is out I know much of it.....But forget El Bulli How many traditional techniques we dont have time to really master? El Bulli books can take few life times to understand and digest
  13. Marcos Moran from Casa Gerardo in Asturias Dani Garcia from Calima in Marbella
  14. Barcelona will win 0-5.............And I will only do a Barcelona-catalan menu!!!!!!!!
  15. Well Spain thanks to Wines from Spain and the different Bodegas and their winemakers are really moving forward................Americans like new things....And Albarinos, Godellos, Treixaduras, Mecia, Garnachas are new and exciting.....The cuisine and the hot chefs from Spain are also helping to make Spanish wine hot...........Still is a lot to do, but today we have areas dedicated to Spanish wines in Wineshops when 10 years ago we were mixed with Southamericans and Greeks.........Today everyone has its own place and this is a good sign
  16. Well DC is my city since I was 23..........................................at 37 is no time for me to go nowhere....We have the best restaurant city in USA, great of everything, good quality of live, good farmers, good soccer fields, 6 hours away from Spain.....3 daughters and a wife, which I love ............Men this is Paradise, even if I like New York and LA too....
  17. Never...In my menus tou find Freddy Girardet........Ferran Adria, Robuchon, etc.....but again not everything can have an attached name to it...But lets say you do a caramelize olive oil bon bon......Dont tell a newspaper is yours when this was done by me and my team....................
  18. Well when I was 5 years old my family arrive to BArcelona. My father will take me to La Boqueria market on Saturdays when I was 6......By 14 I will go on my own early every morning...........I grow up there, and CAtalonia, thanks to its proximity to France, has some of the most interesting cooking anywhere in the world.......Why Picasso, Why Miro, Why Dali, Why Gaudi....Why Adria?....Probably because all the things you describe my friend...Amazing
  19. Well, Tapas are the way for Spansih chef to sell Spanish cooking.........................So I think tapas are here to stay...............! Thanks to tapas, we will be able to sell traditional, modern traditional, and Nueva Cocina too..........But more important all of this will happen because more ingredients will arrive from Spain in the next few years.........And this is important...The clementines you find every fall in the markets? From Spain............
  20. Thank you my friend. I work very hard to promote Spain in America. I don't like labels. I think you can do a little bit of everything. Sometimes minibar, sometimes callos, sometimes watermelon tomato skewer..... To me the problem with label is like they put you in a little box and that is it. This guy does traditional. This guy does molecular gastronomy. That guy does barbecue....... Ultimately I am me. Nothing more. What I do reflects what I am interested in. What moves me. Obviously, you reflect your influences and where you come from and where you have been and who you have worked with. You are a mirror in some ways. But ultimately you are you. You have your integrity. You have to honor your own vision. You have to do your best. You do that you will always be successful whatever you do. in the kitchen or in life
  21. Combining sweet and savory is a very Catalan thing. let's you get that balance. I want calcots and I would love to see someone try to grow them in America. Years back I convince an Amish guy to sell me his zucchini flowers. he thought I was crazy.
  22. iberico is made from a special pig! The black pig from western Spain Extremadura, andalucia,. Sometimes called pata negra because it has black hooves. They descend from the wild boars........These pgis have more intramuscular fat so more tender, sweet. A cured ham that dries and hangs until the ham master says is ready. Sounds good? Bellota is even better. The pig is allowed to run free in the forest so it gets fattened on acorns......creates a ham that is event sweeter and nuttier. The KING of ham. Very rare and expensive but worth it. Like caviar. You taste and you want to cry is so good Serrano is very similar process. Also a cured ham but made from common white pigs
  23. I believe tradition coooking has a lot to say and yu see this in barcelona. Tradition gives you a place to start, a language, a context for the modern........what is modern? Someone had to fry the first egg people maybe thought it was weird but look at us now........If you don't know tradicional ajoblanco how can you possibly understand what Dani Garcia does wiht nitrogen? Or what Ferran does with chicken curry? Or what I did to clam chowder or philly cheesesteak.......we need to know and respect tradition........Also my tradition is not necessarily your tradition, what is normal to me nothing special is WAO to you what is this? you might say......what i think people in Spain relize is not about choosing one or the other, there is place for both tradition and modernity....variety.......To me there is nothing better than carn d'olla or pa amb tomaquet sometimes it cotton candy foie gras I am sure many think like me
  24. I hope Heinz is not mad at me! He never say anything to me about it. Is a good foto no?..........I LOVE the Dupont farmers market! All the farmers who come to sell are important to me. I am a big supporter of all the markets in the area and small farmers and Tuscarora...........it is important to have fresh vegetables and fruits available in hte city and to keep alive some of these traditions. Idaho potatoes usually are drier and have more starch. Could also be russet. I think they work better for some recipes especially when you bake or fry. They also thicken because they fall apart
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