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Stephanie Wallace

Chocolate Melter/Holder

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Has anyone tried induction cooking as a method for either tempering chocolate or keeping tempered chocolate warm?

I doubt you'd have enough fineness of control for tempering or keeping chocolate in temper.

I have an induction burner at work that is handy for many things, but the lowest setting is 100F and the temperature increases are increments of 10 degrees, so not suitable for holding tempered chocolate. A different model with different increments or that went below 100 might be useful, but I have no idea if that exists.

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A few months ago I bought a 12kg MoldArt Melter, works perfectly, the issue that I have it is too big for my use, I tried to sell on Ebay with no luck if anyone here is interested pls let me know!

I'm asking for $450, only used a few times for small batches!

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I'm having the same problem. I've had mine for a couple of years and the 12kg unit is too big for my use. You have to keep at least 10 lbs in it for optimal use. Might see if I can find someone who would trade a smaller one + cash (whatever the difference is ).


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