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    Powdered Milk

    Several years ago, Jacques Torres offered a hot chocolate recipe: 1.5 cups chocolate 0.5 cups whole powdered milk pinch cinnamon 1 orange zest heat 1 cup milk & 1/2 cup mix till it dissolves & reaches desired temp add marshmallows
  2. Kerry Do you have a good source of full fat milk powder The only place I found it costs about $7 a pound. Mark
  3. He indicated in a class last summer that he was going to put out another book, this time about shelf life. He said in would be out early in 2010. The way publishing happens this is early in 2010!
  4. You have to decide how you plan to sell your truffles: the size boxes you will offer. You must also establish the price range you want to sell. Decide on the packaging you plan to use, are you going to use candy cups or tray inserts? Their dimensions will be a determining factor in the size truffles you can offer. What is the approx diameter of you .45 oz truffle (that seems to be a bit small). A one ounce truffle will be approx 1" in diameter. Having lived in that area (very blue collar), price is a very important issue. People want everything cheap. Have you identified your target market?
  5. My grandkids are coming this weekend & I want to make marshmallows for them to go with a hot chocolate mix I have made. I have an Jello jigglers mold that is a series of jelly bean shapes in a flat sheet. Do I just spray these molds with oil so the marshmallows don't stick, do I spray then coat with corn starch, or what should I do this so they don't stick?
  6. Can I get a copy of the recipe for these marshmallows?
  7. Irwin I grew up On Long Island, and I have been looking for a recipe for corn bread. I loved it as a kid. You are the 1st person I have come across that describes (understands) what this bread is. Do you have a recipe?
  8. I have been trying to get the smaller Sumeet grinder.
  9. I have been trying to get one of these grinders for a couple of years. I don't know if he ever gets them in stock. Is there anything that is comparable?
  10. mrose

    Favorite Molds

    look at Chocolate-Chocolate mold cw1378
  11. what do you mean by noisetting the butter?
  12. Why don't you just condense the 3 types of chocolate into "Chocolate" and then combine the ingredients that would save space and keep you covered. You might also have to break down other ingredients.I have sold chocolates in Michigan & Wisconsin and you have to have allergen information on your label (at least list tree nuts, peanuts and milk proteins). Check the labels from ingredients you are using to see what they list. You will probably also need a contact address. It would be worth the ~$50 a year to get a PO Box so you don't have people showing up at your front door. When you meet with the inspector, bring the proposed label. He/she will comment on if it is correct or needed changes. They will usually issue license knowing you will make corrections without having to come back. You would be surprised how much info you can get on a 1x2.5 label print in a 5pt arial narrow font
  13. You should be able to get one at any restaurant supply store in your area.
  14. mrose


    Revisiting things. www.sumeet.com had a multigrind grinder for nuts. A few of us have tried to order from this site with no luck. Has anyone been successful?
  15. Which 1 do you think works best (they are both under $100)? How much did it cost for the print heads and ink?
  16. Has anyone used the Chocolate Artist System? If so which printer do you have? Tomric suggests an Epson but Chocolate Artist recommends a Cannon? Cannon also looks better on paper with respect to cleaning & print heads? Also, the Tomric offer gave 50 sheets of transfer paper. Is there anything special about this transfer sheet paper or is it just acetate cut to size?
  17. Just saw a machine that can be used to enable you to easily make custom silk screened transfer sheets. It's called a YUDU. Seemed reasonably priced versus buying & setting up the equipment to do screening. Cheap place to get it . ← That's a good price for sure. Was looking at one in the Michael's in Sudbury today. I've been thinking for the quick one offs - it would keep the price down on making transfers. Only concern if you use their emulsion sheets - might be the food safety issue. ← What are you using for an emulsion now? You could just coat the screen with that instead of sheets that come with the machine? What was the cost at Michael's? Do you get those 40% off coupons in Canada?
  18. Just saw a machine that can be used to enable you to easily make custom silk screened transfer sheets. It's called a YUDU. Seemed reasonably priced versus buying & setting up the equipment to do screening. Cheap place to get it .
  19. I have never used a foodsaver this way. I'll have to try. The other problem I have is the jars I bought have 1 piece lids that are more like jam jar lids. Would have to use 3 dozen of these before I' d buy any more. Thank you
  20. Chocolate sauce would be dark chocolate, cream, butter and brown sugar. The caramel/chocolate would be caramel with chocolate. I was hoping if I could seal the chocolate sauce, it wouldn't need refrigeration until after it is open.
  21. I am going to be making & selling ice cream sauces, both chocolate and a caramel /chocolate. I have jars that have lids that will seal; similar to canning jar lids. As I remember you these jars/lids in boiling water for about 20 - 25 mins to drive air out to get them to seal. I know you could do this with a plain caramel sauce, but anyone try it with chocolate.
  22. Does anyone have any experiences with this system? For ~$500 is a lot to get started without anymore info?
  23. I was finally able to get some 42/43 corn syrup. It was actually cheap through a bakery supply store. I know that this has a lower water content than what you can purchase in the grocery store (Karo). Is there a difference in sweetness? Do you use it in the same amounts as I have been using "Karo"?
  24. mrose

    Banana Ganache

    Recipe from a demonstration sponsered by Chocovic 100 gm banana puree 300 gm 35% cream 60 gm glucose 40 gm butter 3 gm salt 500 37% milk chocolate (they used one with yogart powder) boil cream, puree, glucose & butter cool to 75c pour over chcocolate & set process with hand blender table till elastic & thick enough to pipe plain tip & pipe into truffle shape. Let crystalize 24 hrs enrobe in 70% chocolate
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