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  1. No I haven't, i've been busy the last 2 weeks. I hope to try it on the week-end, i'll keep you posted.
  2. Thanks for the link to the video. I will try that one. I found another recipe on the week end and tried it. Unfortunately it was not a success, the recipe immediately began to burn in the pot , creating a burnt granular mess. Will get back with the results of Dyanna bakes caramel apples Thanks for your input. Peter
  3. Add the cocoa butter to the caramel? As is cools?
  4. Also if anyone could direct me to any posts here on egullet directly talking about caramel apples? I have been looking throught the caramel posts but haven't found any yet. Thanks again!!! Peter
  5. Hello everybody, I am hoping to make some great caramel apples for my son Riley to sell at our upcoming yard sale. I have made Kerry Beals' caramel for turtles etc, very gooood recipe I might add, though I think it is too thick to put on apples. My questions are; Is there a recipe that will allow caramel to not flow off the apples, at room temperature? What would the ideal temperature be for cooking it at? Would a straight carmelized sugar be better (without any cream)? Any thoughts on the topic would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks, i actually had grand marnier and used it in my caramel, it does taste good. I hope i can get a good orange flavour in ganache with it, i will try orange zest also. What effect does the zest have on AW value, and shelf life. Do you think orange confit would have a similar taste effect in the ganache? Thanks everyone Peter
  7. Was at the liquor store and left empty handed because i wasn't sure of what had the best flavour of orange? Anyone know? Thanks Peter
  8. Good luck on your shop, you are living my dream!!! Your products speak for themselves, they are beautiful and look sooo good. I'll be following with great interest. By the way, where did you "refine your skills", did you go to pastry school? Wishing you great success Peter
  9. Oops Kerry I just found the thread on the wine ganaches, i'll read that to find out.
  10. mmmmmmmmm, they all sound so delicious. Great ideas. I know exactly what you mean Tammy about the shelf life issue. We can only produce so much in the time frame leading up to Christmas, the longer life products definitely help timewise. Kerry those egg nog chocolates sound awesome, and beautiful looking too, i can see them in my minds eye. Is the centre an egg nog ganache? Do they last long? How is the red wine used in the ganache? Is it reduced first, to reduce the liquid? Thanks again such great ideas Peter
  11. Thanks I think i will try and make rochers and add the feuilletine for texture. Peter
  12. I've been dying to use my paillete feuilletine, i bought a box of it this summer, i wanted to add a different texture to some of my chocolates. I added it to praline cream from JP Wybauw Fine chocolates p86. This was probably not the ideal choice, the feuilletine ended up sort of soggy, not the crunchy i was looking for, though some people enjoyed the texture. I believe that the cream part of the recipe "wet" the feuilletine. Would it work better in a straight praline recipe? What other use in chocolates have you tried with feuilletine? Thanks for the input Peter
  13. Great sounding treats!!! I have been meaning to experiment with a port ganache centre, I have the bottle of port ready at hand, but have not taken the time yet, 2 little children get most of my spare time these days. Anyone have a port recipe? As well what do you use for the marc de champagne, is it actual champage, or an essence, very curious?
  14. The time is upon us for the biggest chocolate making season of the year! ( for me anyhow) I was putting together my ideas, going through my notebooks, and chocolate books, Grewelings' Chocolates and confections, as well as Fine Chocolates by Wybauw. There are several recipes which have great flavours for the season, but was wondering if any of you have ideas you are willing to share, or flavours you may like to eat. Also if you sell your chcolates, which flavours are most in demand? Also are there any ideas for decorating the chocolates with a festive flair? Peter
  15. I see it is a bit complicated, this is exactly what i wanted to know. Thanks for all the input. Sounds like it would raise the cost quite a bit!? Lior any other info on the process? Was hoping it would be a bit easier, oh well....
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