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  1. awesome, so you add it to a smaller amount and then add the whole thing to the larger amount of chocolate.
  2. Hi, Kerry's machine is very intereststing to me. I have an automatic continuous tempering machine that I use for most things, but there are some bars I make with just my mol d' art melter because I don't want to contaminate the tempering machine (nuts etc.). I routinley make 20kg batches. Is anyone out there using it for larger batches. Kerry, do you know if there is a limit on the amount that it can temper? I've also read in this thread that you don't have to heat all the way to 45, but to 35c. I'd love to hear if that's what others are experiencing. One other question I have, what are the steps if you added the silk and for some reason it didn't temper? Luis
  3. The speed is at 2 when tempering for the program, maybe I should bump up the speed. Luis
  4. Kerry, No, I didn't check it, I guess I should even though it's programmed to that temp, does the temp sound right from what I wrote? Luis
  5. Hi Everyone, I just purchased a Hot Mix Pro Gastro. The first thing I did when I get it is to temper chocolate in the machine. I followed the instructions ( has a program built in) and the chocolate was not tempered at the end. I'm sure this is similar to tempering in a thermomix. Any idea why it didn't work? So the program for tempering dark chocolate calls for 600 grams of dark chocolate that you add to the bowl. The machine chops it and melts it for 10 mins at 48C, then you add 400 grams of unmelted chocolate, which the machine cools down to 26C for 5 mins, then it holds the tempered chocolate at 32C for up to 4 hours. Luis
  6. I ordered my Hotmix Pro Gastro yesterday. I'll let you know how the machine is when I get it. Luis
  7. Kerry, Sounds like you really want the creative. Do you know the cost of that one? Luis
  8. no, it's not the one that chills as well. That is the creative, this one is the hotmix pro gastro. Luis
  9. Update: I'm revisiting this machine, and it is now less than $2k and it comes in a 110v version, so hopefully that will address alot of issues people were having. I will be purchasing one shortly. Luis
  10. I have wybauw #2, I'll have to take a look. As for the kind of chocolate, i'm not sure yet, but I don't think they want alcohol. Are you talking about a Giandujia having a long shelf life? Luis
  11. Hi, I have a client I will be making chocolates for, but he needs a longer shelf life so I told him I would look into preservatives. I've never used preservatives in my chocolate so I don't know anything about them. Can someone enlighten me on the options? Thanks Luis
  12. no, it's listed at 240v with a step down transformer, which is not as apealing to me. Here is the page of the site here in the US that sells it. http://www.advancedgourmet.com/equipment/hotmixpro-gastro.html Luis
  13. This machine is very tempting, because it's able to go to a higher temperature than a Thermomix. You can make caramel or toffee in it etc. I wonder if it would be posslble to make a pate de fruit in it. I don't like that it uses a step down transformer, and it doesn't sound if the reliability of it is better than the thermomix. I found a good video explaining it capabilities. Luis
  14. good to know, thanks for the info. Luis
  15. yes, the cost of pure pistachio paste is way up there, especially if you get the Bronte paste. Luis
  16. It will be for a ganache. Luis
  17. I took a look at the website. I couldn't find which one was the type 55. Luis
  18. If there are any bakers out there looking to get your hands on French type 55 flour, here is a source. This is the flour the French use to make their famous baguettes. http://www.lepicerie.com/catalog/category_447_FINE_FOODS_French_Flours_Organic_page_1.html
  19. Anyone have a good recipe using pistachio paste?
  20. I'm having the same problem. I've had mine for a couple of years and the 12kg unit is too big for my use. You have to keep at least 10 lbs in it for optimal use. Might see if I can find someone who would trade a smaller one + cash (whatever the difference is ). Luis
  21. yeah, that's the one I'm looking at, or maybe the one with the 4 different containers. would come in very handy. Also check out the new drive cutting guitar at the bottom of the page, very interesting. http://www.martellato.com/ Luis
  22. Some info I wanted to pass on. I was told by a rep that Martellato will be opening a branch up in California sometime this year. I've been looking at some of their melters. http://www.martellato.com/ Luis
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