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  1. jfresch

    Pickle Pots? Technique

    Does anyone know about the technique of pickle pots or where I can find more information on them. Here is a link to what I am referring to. http://blog.ideasinfood.com/ideas_in_food/2013/03/pickle-pot.html
  2. jfresch

    Chocolate-less "ganache"

    Is it possible to make ganache without the use of chocolate? I want to make a coconut ganache that has the texture of chocolate but the flavor of pure coconut.
  3. jfresch

    Top Brands of tableware/china

    Also looking for more natural styles as well as formal.
  4. jfresch

    Top Brands of tableware/china

    Porcelain, contemporary/modern, restaurant use. Thanks!
  5. what are some of the best brands for high end plates and service pieces?
  6. jfresch

    Kudzu Starch

    Does anyone know much about this type of starch. I seem to recall hearing about it somewhere but can not remember what it is used for. I know there are some really interesting modern techniques that utilize kudzu starch but I have forgotten what they are. Anyone know?
  7. Does anyone have a list of ratios of sheet gelatin to liquid for gellees and panna cota?
  8. jfresch

    Attika Vinegar?

    Has anyone used this 24% vinegar and do you know where to get it in the states? Online?
  9. jfresch

    Best Hand Mixers

    Any one know of an exceptional quality hand mixer for a professional kitchen without breaking the bank? 200-350 dollar range. I have been looking at dynamic and bamix but dont know anything about that brand.
  10. I can unfortunately no longer travel to Chicago and must sell the 4 tickets I purchased for saturday 3/30 at 8:30. Please contact me if interested. I am asking face value. Host Note: Click here for the terms under which this is posted on the eGullet forums
  11. jfresch

    Elongated ring cutters?

    Does anyone know where I can get a set of long ring cutters. They range in size from 1/4 inch to inch wide by roughly 6 inches long.
  12. jfresch

    Blood Sausage

    Anyone have a good recipe for blood sausage?
  13. jfresch

    Updating the Kitchen Essentials

    What tools do you have in your knife bag or kitchen that you couldn't live without? Mini offset spat, khun spoon
  14. Do you have a standard ratio you use for a bechamel?
  15. jfresch

    Any Idea how this is Done?

    This is a dessert at Astrance. Apparently it is meringue wrapped around ice cream. How do they achieve that design? http://jadedfork.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/img_4612.jpg