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Digest: Saveurs Magazine (France) 2006


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Saveurs No. 146 - February / March 2006

Amuse Bouches

La Chronique de Vincent Noce: Vincent Noce’s commentary on Molecular Gastronomy.

Agenda: Salon for Celebrations: Vivre en Fetes, 24-26 March, Palais des Congres d’Antibes-Juan-les-Pins. Jolie truffes, 17-19 Feb, Colloquium for French truffle producers, St. Paul-Trois-Chateaux. Ca Pique! 4-5 March, Tasting and learning about sea urchins, Mans. Encore en Bresil, 10-26 February, Lemon festival, theme: Brazil. Nice and Menton. Repas au Sommet, until 30 April, Exposition of menus, examples of set tables of famous diplomatic dinners throughout history. Musée du President Jacques Chirac, Sarran. 1,2,3… Morbier, 13-9 March. Festival of Morbier Cheese, taste and compare the 30 different Morbiers in production today. Brut ou Doux? 19 February. Cider: Tastes and demonstrations at the fete du cidre du Haut-Anjour à l’Hotellerie de Flée. Bigarrures, 26-27 Feb. Weekend in celebration of the famous Herrault bitter oranges of La Caunette.

Epoque: Delicious English biscuits, Food storage for brown bagging it at the office, Demets, a cute restaurant for lunch, Bordeaux producers publish a list of affordable wines, Retro chocolate teddy bears, A seminar on the truffle for the general public, Oeneolunch, a weekly event with sommeliers to learn from. Valentines gifts for Foody Fashion Victims, Local delivery of chocolates and candied fruits, New Wave charcuterie: facon Morteau, Montbellieard, Lyonnais, Diots, the new fashion in sausage.

La table du mois: Benoit, rue St. Martin, Paris 4e.

En vogue: Le Kiosque, place de Mexico, Paris 16e / Chez Jean-Michel, rue Colbert, Tours / La Place, av. De la Vallée-des-Baux, Maussane-les-Alpilles / Le Temps de Vivre, place de l’eglise, Roscoff. / La Laiterie, ac de l’Hippodrome, Lambersart. / Le P’tit B, rue de Vaugueux, Caen.

À lire: Epatez Vos Amis: Learn to make pasta. La Petit cuisine des fees: The little food of faeries. La Cuisine Ducasse par Sophie: Sophie, the home cook, takes on Ducasse’s recipes. Pot-au-feu & Cie: Winter stews in the traditional style. Carnet de recettes d’une blonde fauché: Recipe book of a blonde who down and out and broke!

Tout nouveau tout bon: Tube tendance: Tubes of vodka, chocolate, etc. New line of essential oils for cooking. Caramels in retro packaging, Maille mustard goes retro in limited edition ceramic pot, Monoprix gourmet does a tasty new nut sauce for pasta, Old Dutch Master cheese from the Netherlands now available in France, Alter eco makes their take on Nutella with the bonus of equitable commerce.

Sejour à la carte: Barcelona. Spreadsheet of hotels and restaurants, guide recommendation, things to see, etc.

Escapades: Town of Hauteluce, La Ferme du Chozal. Les Maldives, Taj Excotica Resort and Spa.


Cocottes. Series of recipes for your heavy iron cooking pots. - Photos Valéry Guedes, Recipes and stylism Valéry Drouet.

  • Daube de boeuf à l'orange
  • Poires au pain d'épices
  • Porc aux abricots secs
  • Lotte braisée aux oignons et au sesame
  • Navarin créole

Invitation: Summer in Australia. While we’re freezing to death, the Aussies are surfing, sunning, grilling and eating in the garden! - text Véronique André, photos Donald Van der Putten

  • Poisson aux noix de macadamia
  • Pudding à la banane

Seasonal variations. Easy, rapid, and original, what more can we ask from these 8 recipes on the combo theme, for the weekend, during the week… - Photos Pierre-Louis Viel, recipes and stylism Valéry Drouet

  • Rémoulade de céleri, pomme et haddock au curry.
  • Cake au champignons et au Reblochon.
  • Jambonneau croustillant et navets au vinaigre
  • Dos de cabillaud rôti aux épices
  • Crumble banane aux spéculoos
  • Fondant sablée aux pommes caramélisées

Alain Senderens: Six months after having pinned on his third star, looking back at the story of Alain Senderens, before his ascendance to spearheading the new Nouvelle Cuisine. Texte Vincent Noce, Photos Enzo Minardi

  • Carré d’agneau a la javanais
  • Fondant au Coing, sirop, d’épices

Trop choux! Cauliflour (choux-fleur), green cabbage, pommé or broccoli, there are so many varieties in the cabbage family that we can use it in our menu every day! Text Dominique Lesbros, Photos Jérome Bilic, recipes and stylism Valéry Drouet

  • Salade de chou rouge à l’orange et aux noix
  • Salade de chou blanc à l’indienne
  • Velouté de chou fleur au cerfeuil
  • Effilochée de pintade au foie gras au chou
  • Rôti de lotte au lard et chou romanesco
  • Gâteau de choux de bruxelles au lard

Quel lascar de Homard ! Lobster fisherman is an authentic odyssey. André Creach, fisherman off the coast of the l’ile de Batz, takes us on his boat to bring up the nets. Also, questions on bisque, how to choose your lobster. Text Dominique Lesbros, photos, stylism and recipes Jean-Françoise Mallet

  • Chair d’homard en salade aux agrumes, vinaigrette au miel
  • Tartare de homard et graines de grenade aux herbes fraîches
  • Homard sauté aux nouilles chinoises


Halte en pays de cocagne : Do you know about this place ? This dreamy land of abundance is as real as it gets. Situated in a historical corner of the Tarn that cultivates the finer things in life. (with carnet de route)

  • Fois gras poêlé aux radis roses
  • Pigeonneau farci aux petits légumes
  • Courgettes farcies au veau de cocagne
  • Crème brûlée au thym et a la cardamome

Angkor – Le mystère khmer : Fascinating palaces of the ancient Khmer empire with nourishing waters of Lake Tonlé Sap, the magic of Angkor, Views of today’s Cambodia. (with carnet de route)

  • Bouillon khmer de poisson-chat à la citronelle
  • Salade de pomelos a la khmer
  • Sauté de porc aux haricots verts longs

Rome en cinémascope : Roman vacation, Dolce Vita, l’Eclipse, or Nous nous sommes tantes aimés (what’s the name of that movie in English, Folks ?), all of Rome is cinema’s plateau, delicious and bewitching. Gourmand Travelling. (with carnet de route)

  • Tripes aux fèves et aux cèpes
  • Maltagliati aux courgettes et palourdes
  • Crème brûlée à l’aubergine et safran

Blancs d’Anjou de voluptueux liquoreux : in the Loire valley, the king is named Chenin Blanc. Discover a captivating region and the golden appellations that are still little known : Coteaux-de-Layon, Quarts-de-Chaume, Coteaux de l’Aubance and Bonnezeaux. (with carnet de route)


Chicory, a little taste of the north. Aside from its ravishing taste of grilled hazlenut, chicory possesses virtues that you must discover.

  • Mousse à l’ail, vinaigrette à la chicorée et chips de bettrave

Chutney’s soft side. To give a little youth to the grand old classics of cuisine or for effortless special effects, chutney is your essential ally.

  • Chutney betterave carotte
  • Chutney aux dates, noisettes et piment
  • Marmelade d’oignions rouges
  • Gelée de citron à la menthe
  • Chutney ananas abricot

Two new recipes around maple syrup.

  • Crème de panais aux échalotes confites et sirop d’érable
  • Bouchons aux noix, dattes et sirop d’érable

Black is Beautiful An all black meal that sparkles (and is cooked by a brigade of women all white as snow and pale as mid-winter ghosts. –ed.)

  • Rougets Poêles, sauce a l’encre de seiche et riz aux champignons noirs
  • Tapenade noir sur radis noir
  • Figues noirs caramélisés au cassis

Coté caves : Well set tables, pleasure of the senses, celebration of the palate, let us guide you to some good bottles. This month recommendations good bottles with price range and winery information for : Pessac-Leognan Blanc, Coteaux du Languedoc, Rivesaltes, Chablis, Sante Estephe, Cotes du Luberon Rouge, Margaux, Lalande de Pomerol, Vin de pays de l’Herault Blanc, Monbazillac, Beaune 1er Cru.

Coté Alcools : Bourbons, pure and single malt Scotch and Whiskeys… Panorama of world in movement. Commentary and price range on : Aberlour 15y, Bowmore 17y, Talisker Distillers Editions, Glenfiddich 15y Solera, Glen Deveron 10y, Jonnie Walker 15y Green Label, Lagavulun 12y Special Release, Nikka pure Malt Whiskey, Redbreast 12y, Blanton’s Original.

Cuisine et Tendance : Printemps breakfast bowls, MV prestige tube for tea, novelty tea steeper, La carpe infusion machine, Alessi coffee service, Mariage Freres Shanghai tea pots, Pylons designer breakfast appliances, Resonances mechanical juicer, TVs psychedelic sauté pans, Resonances teapot with votive candle warmer, Sabre butter knives, AGA retor stove inspired by the 60s, cuisinart toaster, fortunat shaped egg poachers and milk mousser, La Carpe cereal dispenser, Cuisinart egg-addict egg cooker that cooks your egg exactly to order, La chaise longue breakfast station.

Selected recipe cards (from bulleted recipes above).

(please PM bleudauvergne with corrections)

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Saveurs No. 147 - April / May 2006

Amuse Bouches

La Chronique de Vincent Noce: Vincent Noce’s commentary on the loss of France’s right to produce French ‘feta’ due to AOC of the Greek cheese.

Agenda: Morue-es-tu? 25-28 May, Cod Festival of Binic. Foire grasse, 1-2 April, sausage festival in Langogne. La Gaule en Pays Celte 7-10 April, Wine and Gastronomy forum in Perros-Gueric. Picnic Chez l’Habitant, beginning of May, Open house for the farmers in Charteuse, they will give tastings of their products, answer questions, give demonstrations of their work. Printemps des Liqueurs, 21 May, The national liqueur syndicate renews their tradition to celebrate with this year’s theme: Savors, Sensations, Colors. Distilleries open all over France for tastes. Des bulles plein les yeux, April. Nuits-St.-Georges will be transformed into a fizzy wine amusement park.

Epoque: New French cookbook in the Japanese language, New on-line wine order service, Fauchon throws their weight behind a new line of olive oils, Lafayette gourmet expands their bio section, Ooshop improves produce quality measures, Macon celebrates their wines 21-23 April, 31 may is the deadline for a cake recipe contest sponsored by Sophie Dudermaine, Brunch at the Ritz gets a write-up, New restaurant run by a disciple of H. This in the Paris 5, Recipe book to match vegetables with emotions, Gourmet dish kits from Monoprix (where have we seen this before?).

La table du mois: À La Grange Batelière, 75009 Paris. Menus 25-30 €, Carte 45 €

Restaurants valeurs sur: Le Moulin de Martorey, Saint-Remy 71100 Chalon-Sur-Cher. Menu 39-51-81 € L’Aiguière, 37 bis rue de Montreuil, 75001 Paris. Menu 29 € Le Relais des Cinq Chateaux, 24220 Vezac. Menu 53 €

En vogue: Drôle endroit pour un rencontre - Paris 18e / Restaurant Nataly, 52330 Comobey-les-Deux-Églises / Parcours, 06950 Falicon / Le Sens, Paris 8e / Shanghai Café, Paris 6e.

Exquises gourmandizes: All chocolate: Book by Christophe Felder, Lenotre, April’s fish and a new book by JP Hévin, Cute Russian chocolate dolls at Lafayette Gourmet, Black Diamond in a jewel box by Fauchon, P. Hermés book PH10, Chapon Easter eggs, Chocolate origami by À la Mère de Famille, Paris 9e.

Escapades: Take a break in Corsica. Newly renovated guest houses in Sartène, Celebrate Mozart in Austria wher it is the year of Mozart.

Brief: Prize winner of P. Tattinger award in Carcassone, musical cruises in Copenhagen, Spring in Martinique.


Soufflé n’est pas jouer. The Souffle has a reputation for being difficult, here recipes for both hot and cold soufflés at many levels of difficulty. Photos Valéry Guedes, Recipes and stylism Sophie Dwernicki.

  • Soufflé aux trois fromages
  • Soufflé à la roquette et au fromage de brebis, confiture de cerises moirés
  • Souffles froids à la ricotta et au speck
  • Souffles de petits pois à la menthe
  • Souffle glacé au fromage blanc, graines de pavot, et citron vert

Invitation: Cuisiner en Herbes. When the very serious doctor Jean Philippe Derenne takes off his white coat, he trades it for gardening clogs and a cook’s apron. A stroll through the five senses from the garden to the oven. Text Emmanuel Giraud, Photos Maurice Rougement.

  • Oeuf poché au vinaigre de violette salade d’herbes
  • Mousse glacée au cassis
  • Cote de veau au beurre de plantain et petit légumes

Variations Saisonnières. Easy, rapid, and original, what more can we ask from these 8 combinations, for the weekend, during the week… Photos Pierre-Louis Viel, recipes and stylism, Valéry Douret (but wait, there's only 6!)

  • Salade de carotte et Mimolette à l’orange
  • Courgettes grillées aux pignons et vinaigre balsamique
  • Fricasée de pintade aux petits pois cremeux
  • Porc grillé mariné au soja
  • Brownies au gingembre et noix de pécan
  • Mini-pizzas aux fruits rouges et Mascarpone

Éric Guérin: With his buccaneer spirit, his passion for hunting and fishing makes a mark on his path to expression of his style.

  • Beignets de langoustine à l’aigre-douce
  • Tajine de lotte au pamplemousse

Saumon – Questions pour un champion. We’re not quite sure where Salmon stands these days. Where has it come from and where is it going? Can we eat it in confidence? We have climbed the barriers to reach the source and investigate. Text Sophie Brissaud, photos Bob Norris, recipes and stylism Corrine Bonnet-Morin.

  • Ceviche de saumon lait de coco et citronnelle
  • Saumon cru sur mangue rôtie
  • Beignets de saumon au citron vert et filaments de piment
  • Parmentier de saumon et purée de fèves
  • Saumon en croûte d’épices
  • Petits rôtis de saumon à la viande des grisons et poivrons rouges croquants

Le gratin de la pate. The packet of pasta has a story – that of savoir-faire to discover in Italy, in the Abruzzes. Text Aymone Vigiere d’Anval, Photos Sabine Leroux, Photos of recipes and stylism Marianne Paquin.

  • Tagliolini aux poires gorgonzola et basilic
  • Tagliatelle et nage de légumes nouveaux au safran


Marseille : the little world of the old port : Outside of the clichés on postcards, the old port in Marseille is where the ancient Phoenician heart still pounds. A stroll, colorful and muted at once shows that Pastis and fishermen aren’t the only thing to see. Text Jean-Louis André, Photos Eric Morin, recipes and stylism Jean-François Mallet. (with carnet de route and list of adresses)

  • Pieds paquets
  • Daube provençale
  • Poele de supions au pastis

La route des Abers : The fjords of Brittany! Voila the beautiful surprise of the north Finistère coast. A trip through a countryside that we thought we knew; a country that shows us many marvels along the way. Text Gilles Pudlowski, photos Jean-Daniel Sudres, stylism Christine Lacour (with carnet de route and list of adresses)

  • Chaud froid de torteau et pomme de terre, vinaigrette de figue aux herbes
  • Filet de bar aux artichauts
  • Kouign-Amann

Cap Vert, d’une île à l’autre : All along Senegal, the Cap Vert islands compose a mixed and multi-colored island group. From the effervescence of the markets, to green valleys or along volcanic landscapes, the endearing and authentic islands. Text Jean-Emmanuel Richomme, photos Jean-Daniel Sudres. (with carnet de route and list of adresses)

  • Cachupa
  • Beignets de banane
  • Gâteau de maïs

Les Graves, Du cote des blancs : Its established image aside, Bordeaux is not restricted to reds. The Graves appellation, neighbor of the prestigious Pessac-Léognan, possesses its own personality and gives birth to elegant whites. Text Aymone Vigière d’Anval, phtos Valéry Guedes. (with tasting notes of various wines and carnet de route)


A pinch changes everything – Salt.

The only known mineral condiment, salt is found both in the sea and on land. Flavor lifter, leaving salt out of a dish can be unpleasant.

  • Cuisse de canard confite en croute de sel

100% natural, Yougert.

What’s white, creamy, full of nutrients, and accompanies us through childhood? Natural yougert, of course!

  • Soupe glacée de concombre au yaourt
  • Mini-brochettes d’agneau, sauce yaourt, menthe et ail
  • Yaourt-shake banane gingembre

Two recipes from a beginner.

  • Boulettes de bœuf au gingembre
  • Biscuits aux amandes

Gourmand Liban Bump into the jet-set from Beirut at the organic market, prepare a Kebbeh, the Lebanese have much more exciting things to discover than sunbathing! Text Dominique Lesbros, photos, Marie-José Jarry

  • Kebbeh de poisson
  • Thon cru à la canelle

Coté caves : With Spring having already pointed us in the right direction, a list of wines that already evoke the sun. This month recommendations good bottles with price range and winery information for examples of : Fronton, Saumur Blanc, Muscadet Sévre et Maine, Bordeaux Blanc, Corbières Blanc, Montlouis, Listrac-Médoc, Cotes du Roussilon Villages, Cadillac, Duval-Leroy.

Coté Alcools : Rum, all kinds. Commentary and price range on : Bologne, Neisson Réserve Spéciale, Mount Gay Eclipse, Ron Botran Etiqueta Blanca, Ron Botran 8 Ans, Matusalem Clásico 10 ans, Rhum Paille J.M, La Guildive – Père Labat – Distillerie Poisson, Mount Gay extra old, Ron Botran Zacapa Centenario 15 ans.

Cuisine et Tendance : Animal themed tools and vessels by Alessi, vega, brandt, la Chaise longue, and more new things to buy from Point a la ligne, Magimix, Virages, Alpac, VIPP, Siemens, Miele, Kenwood, and Laguiole.

Selected recipe cards (from bulleted recipes above).

(please PM bleudauvergne with corrections)

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Saveurs No. 148 - May / June 2006

Amuse Bouches

La Chronique de Vincent Noce: Ferran Adria is the source of our calling into question the culinary codes. Passing fashion or real changes?

Agenda: Cherry Festival, 25 June, Cherry festival in the Roman quarter of d’Escolives-Sainte-Camille (Yonne) (info: Floating Market, as part of the Amiens Festival, the floating market takes place like in the olden days. 18 June, Amiens. (info: Red Berry Festival, 2 July, Noyon. Demonstrations and plans for making your winter conserves. (info: Escargot Festival, 17-18 June, La Riviere-Drugeon (doubs) (info: Bordeaux Wine Festival, 29 June –2 July, Bordeaux. (info: or http://www.bordeaux-fete-le-vin.com). Southern Cheese Festival, 4 June, Rocamadour. (info:

Epoque: Traveling taste: a huge truck, fully equipped, circulates in the Paris region with the goal of educating young gastronomes. In structured classes, the young people learn about labels and quality standards, taste samples, etc. with the goal of turning young people to the vocations that the food industry offers. Meals are prepared by students in the traveling kitchen for visitors. La Vignery: A wine club where each event features 5 different vignerons presenting their wines, representing all of the wine regions throughout the year. They provide a venue for groups to set up and have their own wine club meetings. An Anthropologist revealed at a recent colloquium his theory on the five types of female home cooks: The Traditional (19%), having learned everything from her mother, who takes pleasure in nourishing everyone in her entourage with simple fresh products, The Recalcitrant (19%), who takes no pleasure in varying her diet and eats the same thing every day, The Relaxed (24%), who feels just as comfortable in the kitchen cuisine as in the bath, and feels no hesitation to enthusiastically experiment with foreign ingredients and ideas, the Hostess (14%), who excels only when in the public eye, making an effort only on special occasions and for guests, and finally the last, The Perfectionist (24%), who is a big reader of food magazines to achieve what her name suggests to realize a high quality, varied cuisine, always pushing her level of expectations. Is it possible to fall into only one of these categories? I suppose we could add The eGullet type (81%) of cook (and this applies equally to males and females), sometimes traditional, sometimes relaxed, a real perfectionist that excels even more when cooking for friends and therefore will often make any excuse to turn an average day into a special occasion!

La table du mois: Mori Venice Bar, 2, rue du 4-septembre, 75002 Paris. Closed Saturday lunch and Sunday. Continuous service from 12h-16h, 20h- midnight. Carte: 40 – 100 €.

Valeurs Sures: Paris 6eme : Jacque Cagna, 14 rue de Grandes Augustines, Close Sat. Lunch, Sun., Mon. Lunch. Menus 42-90 €

Haut Rhin : Les Armes de France, 1, Grand-rue, 68770 Ammerschwihr. Carte 35-40 €

Table dedicated to Wines: Le jardin d’Ausone, 12 rue d’Ausone, 33000 Bordeaux. Closed Sat. lunch, Sun., Mon. lunch. Menus 35-75 €

Paris 5e: Mavrommatic, 42 rue Daubenton. Closed Mon. Menus20-30 €, Carte 40-60 €.

Luberon: Maison Gouin, Place de Marché Paysan, 84660 Maubec-Coustellet. Menus: 13-33 €. Closed Sun. & Tue.

Plein Nord: La Barbue d’Anvers, 1 bis, rue de St.-Etienne, 59800, Lille. Closed Sun. & Mon. Carte: 35-45 €

Paris 15e Le Bistrot de Cancale, 30 blvd. De Vaugirard. Closed Sat. lunch, Sunday, and Mon. dinner. Menus 19-23 €. Carte: 26 €

Rouen: le 16/9e, 30, rue Socrate, 76000 Rouen. Closed Sun., Mon. Menus 15 €, 23-29 €.

Paris 17e: Miss Betsy, 23, rue Guillaume-Tell. Closed Sat. lunch & Sun. 27-31 €

Rennes: La Coquerie, 156 rue d’Antrain, 35700 Rennes. Menus 33-74 €

List/chart of addresses in Istanbul…


Pique-nique party. 13 recipes to fill you picnic basket. (Photos: Valéry Guedes, Recipes and food styling: Valéry Drouet.)

  • Tarte a la carotte et au comté
  • Cake vert
  • Salade de melon à la badiane
  • Salade de pomme et avocat au crabe
  • Soupes glacées et jus de fruits frais
  • La salade de pâtes qui change
  • Financiers aux framboises

Invitation: Design & Provençal. In the heart of the Luberon, have lunch in a pretty provencale home, restyled to contemporary tastes. (Text: Jean-Pierre de Lucovich, Photos: Sabine Leroux.)

  • Noix d’agneau rôties à la sarriette
  • Sablé auc figues et sirop de sangria
  • Œuf mollet pain frotté a la tomate et poutargue


Variations Saisonnières. 6 inspiring recipes to bring fantasy to your Sunday dinner table or anytime during the week. (Photos: Laurent Grandadam, Recipes and food stylist: Valéry Drouet.)

  • Marmelade froide de lapin aux oignons confits
  • Salade fraîche de fenouil et haddock
  • Poitrine de porc grillée au miel et aux épices
  • Filet d’agneau rôti au citron confit
  • Petites crèmes aux framboises
  • Cerises au vin et romarin

Portrait: Alberto Herraïz: This Spanish chef has been able to find a balance between creativity and simplicity to bring out the excellence of the products of his country. (Text: Emmanuel Jary, photos and food stylist: Marie José Jarry.)

  • Crème catalane

Gourmet: Onion or Shallot? Irreplaceable playing a supporting role in almost all of our recipes. What happens when they take the spotlight? (Text: Sophie Brissaud, Photos: Jerome Bilic, Recipes and food stylist: Lissa Streeter.)

  • Oignons rouges farcis aux blettes
  • Salade de riz, haricots de soja et pickles d’oignons rouges
  • Focaccia aux oignons et à la sauge
  • Vichyssoise d’oignons et langoustines
  • Mini toasts aux échalotes confites
  • Bœuf-carottes en brochettes salade de ciboulette
  • Brochettes d’oignons grelot au maquereau

Top of the Shopping Basket : Mozzerellissima . Moving, precious, succulent: Mozzerella di buffala, the one, the only, is a real poem in itself. Discover… (Text: Aymone Vigière d’Anval, Photos: Jacques Caillaut, Photos and food stylist: Marianne Paquin.)

  • Mozzarella à la tapenade, tomates et basilic frits
  • Beignets de mozzarella au basilic
  • Emincé de fraises à la mozzarella et sirop de basilic


Autre terre: Monténégro. On the shores of the Adriatic sea, this little country of a thousand faces and cultures seduces travelers in search of authenticity. (Text : Emmanuelle Jary, Photos : Laurent Grandadam, Stylist : Gilles Poidevin.)

  • Brochettes d’encornets farcis aux crevettes
  • Palourdes a la Buzara
  • Gâteau au fromage frais

Ici et la : Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Between the sea and the mountains, France and Spain, it’s Saint-Jean-de-Luz that makes the heart beat with the sparkling brilliance of the Pays-Basque (with carnet de route and list of adresses) (text: Dominique Lesbros, Photos and stylist: Marie José Jarry.)

  • Risotto de Chipirons
  • Rémoulade de crabe en gelee de bisque
  • Tarte crémeuse au mamia

Autre terre : Les Pouilles : At the tip of the Italian boot, this unknown and preserved region shows it’s difference, with a breath of anticipation, Lecces la blanche. (with carnet de route and list of adresses) (Text : Vincent Noce, Photos : Jacques Caillaut, Stylist : Marianne Paquin.)

  • Spaghetti aux oursins
  • Carpaccio d’ananas à la Grenade

Wine : Pouilly-Fuissé : In the southern Bourguignon, the appellation Pouilly-Fuissé possesses an exclusive grape, the chardonnay. Discover this elegant white… (with tasting notes of various wines and carnet de route) Text : Aymone Vigière d’Anval, Photos : Valéry Guedes.


1 product, 1 recipe. Doucer d’oranger

Deliciously perfumed, orange flower water has the finesse to take us back to childhood. (text: Dominique Lesbros, Photos: Fabrice Veigas, Recipe: Corianne Bonnet-Morin, Stylist: Han Waiche.)

  • Brioche a la brousse et fleur d’oranger, compotée de cerises

L’atelier de goût : Eat and Drink – Syrups.

In the hot days of summer, when fruits and vegetables are also thirsty and also call to be plunged into bouillons or syrups. (Photos: Julie Mechali, Recipes and Stylist: Géraldine Sauvage.)

  • Nage de petits pois et asperges
  • Melon au sirop d’orange
  • Minestrone de kiwi, mangue et avocat
  • Peches à l’infusion d’hibiscus

Two recipes from a beginner. Empty cabinets, limited imagination, here are ideas for a quick easy fix. Tested and approved! (Photos David Japy, Stylist: Corinne Bonnet-Morin, Recipes: Marine Labrune.)

  • Salade de fèves à la menthe, copeaux de speck grillé
  • Linzer Torte

Corks and Carafes : Coté caves. (Text: Aymone Vigière d’Anval.)

Flasks and Ice Cubes : Coté Alcools. (Text : Pierrick Jegu.)

Selected recipe cards (from bulleted recipes above).

(please PM bleudauvergne with typos)

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