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The demise of "Fine Cooking" magazine

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3 minutes ago, TicTac said:

How have I never heard of this magazine!?


Then again, I have not bothered with print media in years, but still...


Looking on their site briefly, surely a treasure trove.  Someone needs to back up that DB and share it elsewhere!



There's a Facebook group (Fine Cooking Community) that has digitized all the past issues on a Google drive and has a searchable recipe list in an Excel file.  You can also search for recipes on Eat Your Books.  Either way, you then download the issue PDF from the Google drive and get the recipes from there.


The FB group started a while back when Taunton sold FC to Meredith and the FC website went dark. It was ultimately revived but the group continues. 

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51 minutes ago, TdeV said:

Do report back. I don't have the book at home but sounds right though  not rum. I'm so goofy that the very notion of it had me put Jello chocolate pudding snacks and Cool Whip on my list for tomorrow. Not in the samr realm but enuf to evoke the "Madeline moment". Ephraim and I were not rum drinkers though it was in his cultural heritage.

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