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  1. It should be noted that the suggested Gastro is short for gastroenteritis in the French language...
  2. I'm enjoying every word, and very excited to hear more details about your diet for food enthusiasts book when things are really rolling on that project. I certainly hope you'll be keeping us updated with the details on your regular writing blog... Going with you as you run your errands has been wonderful. The breads really look great. I hope they taste as good as they looked. When we lived in Los Angeles, my husband kept a mother and baked his own bread every morning. We couldn't find real bread anywhere near where we lived and it was one of the main things he missed from home in France
  3. I couldn't help but chuckle there.. About the blue cheese hating thing. I have a personal experience with this because my husband has a long standing aversion to it. He began as a cheese hater in general, having had it forced on him as a child. (I'm writing from France here for those who aren't familiar, so the cheeses I mention here will be French) A Munster tasted while hiking at the source seduced him into becoming a cheese fanatic well into adulthood, and the last bastion remains blue cheese. I know there is hope. I have come to some understanding of his aversion. It can have two
  4. Great to get a glimpse into your food world, Diana! I got an ice cream machine for Christmas and I still don't have your favorite book of 2007 yet (I have all of his others), but after seeing how wonderfully that ice cream turned out...
  5. I see the feast continues. I am dreaming of bone marrow, oxtails and champagne, while we make due with spinach and eggs and the walnut tartelettes prepared in your honor. That mill/bakery looked like a great find. How was the bread? Nothing short of stupendous, I'm sure.
  6. Well, the train pulled away as I ran to the platform, but there was another one a 1/2 hour later, which gave me time to buy 2 Christmas presents. You know, they are so good about people who miss trains. I was doing my best to put up a good harrowed missed my train act, feigning being destraught and apologetic, and the lady just handed me another ticket with a kind of "now now there dear" pucker and got back to her knitting. Seats galore in the next train which didn't make the stop in Valence, so it was almost as if I hadn't missed the train at all. Wow that lunch looks like it was just wha
  7. After having slept like a baby I awakened to hot steaming coffee and breakfast. My order was taken and within minutes, a croissant fresh from the bakery was in front of me on the table. The sunlight in the morning is really beautiful here. In fact, it was the first thing I noticed coming from the train, in just one hour the sunlight transforms into kind of a liquid that bathes everything. I should not have scheduled such a short visit but I have to get back to work on Lyon. We'll make time to do this again, I hope. Dinner was such a celebration of friendship, in the kitchen with Klary
  8. A large dent was made into the cheese plate, consisting of a St. Marcellin, a palette de chevre, Reblochon fermier au lait cru, Comte fruite, arome de Lyon, and Epoisses. We enjoyed a glass of the Prieure-Brunet Mersault-Charmes Priemier Cru and a bread called Pain des Champs from my bakery in Lyon.
  9. The first course was an everything but the kitchen sink slaw, consisting of red cabbage, radis noir, onions, shallots, apples, prunes, lots of spicy hand whisked mayonnaise seasoned with walnut oil, cider vinegar, salt and pepper. The slaw was surrounded by the last of Abra's romanesco broccoli, and topped with grated deep violet carrot called the carrot noir in these parts.
  10. We're just getting ready to sit down at the table but I wanted to add one thing, there's another cook with us. The one we've been referring to as "she". "She said it should take an hour and a half..." "She said that it was originally made with puff pastry..." "She thinks we should do it this way," If I were Paula, I would be very happy knowing that she is going to be referred to for generations as the "she" we look to not only for inspiration but valuable knowledge she gathered and shared for us to transmit.
  11. Just to let you all know: Abra took us to the candy store this afternoon!
  12. Clary is working diligently on the tarte, another one of Paula's recipes. Psst. The tripe & trotter dish smells and looks wonderful. It took all I had not to reach in and snag a piece straight from the cooking pot. Just to confirm it's properly cooked, of course. I heard the knife sharpening. Abra's man came down to handle the ham, a gorgeous Spanish beauty fed on acorns and walnuts during its living days. The knife slid through it like butter. I remarked on the smooth cut, and complimented the sabatier. He said that he wished he had one with a heftier handle, and a bigger blade
  13. While Klary sits with her arms folded and relaxes as she gazes at the two of us with a mysterious smile, and Abra types furiously in order to head me off at the pass, let me begin by saying that indeed the trip to Les Halles was fruitful. I have been put in charge of the cheese plate. I also brought wine to go with the course, but that's for later.
  14. Coffee, check. Pyjamas, check. Presents, check. Vin de Noix, check. eG apron, check. List, check. I am outa here! (written from Lyon)
  15. Dear Abra & Chufi, I am waiting impatiently for tomorrow to arrive. I have my train ticket and have gathered a few things to bring down to you. Luckily Les Halles is just near the station for a last minute errand before my train leaves. It will be a pleasure to cook with you!
  16. Do I smell tripes and pork trotters? I'll be down tomorrow by lunchtime!
  17. Our batch for 2007 is in the safe. This year, having no maple syrup, I made caramel syrup and added roasted cocoa beans, giving it a caramel and chocolate theme. I know I am probably getting a little too creative here but somebody's got to experiment! We made more than we could give away last year, so there are still a couple of bottles of last year's batch leftover. I find it tastes even better one year down the line. A splash on a couple of ice cubes on an early summer evening does the trick. In the past few days I have also been preparing a lot of duck with it, marinating legs with
  18. I have looked up the carrot cake recipe in my first kitchen notebook, and what I used that gave a successful not overly heavy but heavy enough cake like the carrot cakes I know from home was Francine brand "Gateaux" flour. This is essentially self-rising type (with the rising agent already added) type 155 flour. You could of course use your own flour and leavening agent, it would most likely be the same. I recorded this recipe back before I began using a kitchen scale and the amount of flour for a pound of carrots (3 cups carrots) in the recipe is 2 cups flour. I'd cut out the pineapple -
  19. I thought of you Dave, at the market this morning when I passed the stand where the farmers sell their thick cream cheese, fromage fermier. I also prepared a cake for friends (it must have been 5 years ago) and scored big time using the same cheese you describe above. Since then I also use it for cheesecake.
  20. Next Sunday is la Fete de St. Jean in France, which is the day we get the nuts! I went by to see the lady who sold me nuts last year and gave her a bottle of last year's wine. She was really happy to receive it and will not forget me when I stop by her stand next week. I hope she likes the wine. Last year I did more of a mix of wine & spirits in mine for budgetary reasons mainly and it turned out really really well. In fact I liked the one that included a white burgundy along with the alcohol very much. Who else is going to do vin de noix this year?
  21. Here's a link to the Nocin & Vin de Noix Thread. I think that at one time the two threads were seperate but now they have been combined. Lots of history and information about vin de noix on the thread. I have been doing vin de noix for a few years now. This morning, because Margaret's query got me interested, I found an interesting recipe in one of my ancient cookbooks that uses the pits of fruit which in essence, Almond would categorically fall into. I hammered dents into my kitchen table trying to crack mirabelle pits last year and see that I could have used them whole for the sam
  22. Maybe context does have something to do with it, then. This morning while doing a little straightening up I found a chewed stick on the coffee table. Apparently someone quite enjoyed it.
  23. Hmm, I've been seeing them around too. Don't forget next weekend is St. Jean, the day the green walnuts are supposed to come out, too. I wonder if a mixed nut liqueur recipe might be the thing?
  24. Dave, put up your recipe and we'll tell you what went wrong with it.
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