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Fink's Funky Chicken & Ribs

Rachel Perlow

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This relatively new place as been discussed in a couple other threads, but I thought it deserved it's own thread, for those who may not have caught the the others. Fink is serious about barbecue. The real, smoky, low heat kind. We've only eaten there once, but the food is so great, it'll become a habit I'm sure. We will probably do mostly take-out, as it is not far off Jason's route home from work. I like to rate places by how far out of your way it is worth it to drive too. For this area of NJ, there seems to be no other place that is doing this kind of serious 'Q. So if that is something you crave, it is worth a long drive! Below are some posts that appeared in other threads.

From "River Edge, Oradell, Emerson, Hackensack":

Also in River Edge, for take out.  Try Fink's Funky Chicken.  Find their menu's here.


I ordered  a chicken from Fink's in River Edge. Shugga - it was raw on the inside. did not return it since take out but the place is good I hear if you like greasy food but uncooked chicken no thanks.
Sorry about Fink's.  I've only had their ribs, and they were good.
Hi I own Fink's to the person who had the "raw chicken"  It was a smoked chicken, it is slow cooked to 160 degrees in our smoker, this smoking process can turn the meat around the bone red.  The chicken is then refrigerated and cooked on the grill to order, again bringing it up the fully cooked temperature of 160.  All good BBQ has a redness in it, it usually presents itself as a 'smoke ring' A red ring around the outside and surrounding the bones. THIS IS A SIGN OF GOOD BBQ, NOT RAW CHICKEN.  If you had put that "raw" chicken in your microwave for five minutes it most likely would still be redish at the end.  If you look at our ribs they have the same smoke ring, giving the meat around the bones a pinkish tinge, again a result of the long slow smoking process.

Having said all that, no one is perfect, it is possible that you got a larger chicken from a batch that may not have cooked all the way through as we do check the temperatures with random samplings from each batch.  If this is the case i am sorry and hope that it has not soured you on us permenantly.



Fink's Funky Chicken and Ribs


re: Fink's

Your way of cooking and presenting chicken is consistent with what I've seen in the South. I'm sure your reputation wouldn't be as good as it is if you cut corners.

But, I'd suggest a sign or notice that a customer may find a different than usual coloring in the food might be in order. Dodge and I may differ on some things, but he makes a good point on raw and chicken. In that situation, I think the house should be explicit.

My husband & I ate at Fink's last weekend (first time) and thought it was really great.  We both got chicken sandwiches, in fact.  I am pretty sure I recall seeing some mention of the cooking process on the menu, but maybe it isn't included on the takeout menu.  Very cool place.
Thank's for the feedback everybody, On the menu in the main dish section it explains the smoke ring.  It is a big menu though and i understand how people could miss it.  


We went to Fink's tonight. Jason enjoyed a BBQ sampler and I had the Barbereuben. Excellent sandwich. Got some chicken to go for lunch tomorrow. We'll be back. :biggrin:
Fink is serious about his barbeque. He has this big commercial smoker in his kitchen and smokes his meats at least 10 hours before serving them, and uses mostly cherry wood logs.

Probably the closest thing we have to real southern barbeque in NJ. Highly recommended.

And, from "ISO: Indigo Smoke":

BBQ lover - if you are in Bergen County try Finks


they use Southern Pride Smoker and this is good stuff

first time i did not like but they have gotten over their growing pains and have great chicken and ribs

Fink's Funky Chicken and Ribs on Kinderkamack Rd in River Edge is REALLY good. As much as I hope Indigo Smoke succeeds, I thought the ribs were much better at Fink's. Thank you, whoever suggested them.

I believe that the meats are smoked much longer at Fink's (5-7 hours for ribs, and longer for the pulled pork), unless they've increased the smoking time at Indigo Smoke. They also had a really good Posole at Fink's today (on the other hand, I wasn't crazy about the bourbon pecan pie).

By the way, I should have mentioned in my earlier post that the seating at Fink's Funky Chicken and Ribs is at a counter. I don't think there is any table seating.

Other than that (and I'm not sure this is even a negative for some folks), I think Fink's is worth checking out.

that's right there is no table seating.

This place is primarily a take out place that also delivers.

Well, that about covers it. I don't know if anyone will feel the need to respond to this thread because it all seems to be represented above! That said, I hope if you do try it you'll add to this thread to keep it in the eye of newcomers. Nice people, who open good local businesses, should be supported, IMO.

Re: Counter Seating - I wish there were tables, one table? Fink - Maybe a long, narrow, communal one set up with the bench along the front wall?

Re: Barbereuben - I didn't praise it enough. I am a sucker for Reuben sandwiches, and 95% of the time I am so disappointed. Soggy bread, too much cheese, open faced, the atrocities go on. I'd yet to find a Reuben to match my first from the long closed Short Hills Deli. Although it is not an "authentic" Reuben, made as it is with barbecued brisket rather than corned beef. It is an excellent sandwich. Not too stuffed, just the right amount of sauerkraut and cheese, crisply grilled bread. I have a new Reuben standard!

Fink's Funky Chicken & Ribs

626 Kinderkamack Road

River Edge, New Jersey

Phone: 201-634-1319, or 1629

Fax: 201-634-8946

From website: For PICKUPS, please call ahead "'Cuz Good Food takes Time." We also DELIVER to Oradell, New Milford, North Hackensack & eastern Paramus.

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Just tried Fink's for the first time tonight and I was definitely glad I did.  Very nice people who clearly know their BBQ business!  I got the sampler plate (spareribs, beef brisket, pulled pork, pulled chicken) and everything on it was a hit.  They also have a nice selection of sauces that are used for wings, sandwiches, etc. and I will certainly be back to try all the ones I missed (as well as to order my new-found favorites: cajun, screamin' chicken, and bbq).  I still need to try 99% of the impressively large menu, but I'm looking forward to it after tonight.

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Why right this minute I'm about to retire to the kitchen for some leftover 'Q on a soft roll, courtesy of 'Finks'

I say we give dodge a permanent seat at the eGullet table for this little turn on. :biggrin:


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I stopped at Fink's Thursday night for take-out. Dee had an assignment which required her to work late, so I packed a picnic dinner. Since I was in Bogota when I thought of this, Fink's made sense.

Nice place, has a very southern feel to it. It feels like the kind of place you'd see in Bennettsville SC or Toccoa GA.

Ordered the chicken and rib combo, one breast w/ wing, one leg, seven ribs, two sauces. With a liter of diet coke, the tab was $15. Very helpful and attentive counter help.

Food was ready in about 10 minutes, which gave me time to check out the Southern Pride smoker. Big sucker, prob 5 by 6 by 7 high. Soda coolers held Coke products, several vitamin waters, Stewart's (Cable Car) root beer, etc.

Chicken was fine, pink, excellent smoke taste. I was very impressed. I didn't notice a sign about the pink ring, and Dee was concerned until I explained the process. She liked the chicken.

I was less impressed with the ribs. They were just OK, but there was much more black on the ribs than I like, and I felt they were drier than I like. This was about 630, so possibly they had been waiting a while. They could  have been meatier, too. I don't like ribs that have just a half inch or less of meat.

The sauce was OK but not memorable, I don't recall being asked what I'd like.

Overall, I definitely want to try it again. Chicken gets high marks, and I'd like to see whether I just got a bad draw on the ribs. From the descriptions other folks have provided, I suspect I did.

Cute, bobbing-head pigs on the counter. Too bad they aren't for sale. Interesting neighborhood.

Apparently it's easier still to dictate the conversation and in effect, kill the conversation.

rancho gordo

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We asked Fink about the pigs when we were there. He said relatives asked how he was going to decorate his new restaurant. He said, "I'll probably just put up a few pig decorations." Next thing he knew, he got lots of piggy things as restaurant warming presents. Some customers bring stuff in and he's added some garage sale finds. Which reminds me, they also use lava lamps as decoration, and I had just given away a promotional lava lamp (Jason get all sorts of weird promotional items from computer companies). I wish I could have given it to Finks. So, if you have a lava lamp collecting dust, I bet they'd appreciate it!

(Fink is now thinking, "Oh no! Now I'll be inundated with lava lamps!")  :raz:

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When I lived in Ithaca NY in the early 90's, I became acquainted with the owner of Billy Bob's BBQ & Steakhouse. He ran into this very issue with folks questioninig the pink color of the chicken. he posted a highly visible explanation in the entry way for all to see and IIRC there was also a reprint of an article by some reputable food scientist that explained the smoking process, how it works and why the color of the meat makes it appear that it's not cooked when in fact it really is.

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Hi all

Fink's will be selling food at the River Edge fireworks display, if you are headed north on kinderkamack, go to the second right, past finks and go down the hill there is a field and lot down there with a great view of the fireworks and fink's food. (note roads may be closed so may have to do a little walking)

thanks for your support everybody,

fink :wacko:

The best part of the Guiniea Pig? The Cheeks! Definately the cheeks!!

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Fink's update: the burger, fries (cottage fries!), catfish po boy are all good. I didn't care for the chili, Jason liked it.

what kind of burger are we talking about here? grilled? 8 oz or more? what kind of bun? good fries? nice a fat and juicy? cooked to order? damn i'm hungry.

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Tommy: he has an 8 and a 12. I had the 12, cooked on the char broiler to order, with thick cut crispy bacon, onions, and melted american cheese. Soft bun with sesame. Needless to say I am in extasy. Nice charcoal taste. In my opinion the best big burger in north jersey.

He's got different kinds of fries. His standard fries are made with idahos with the skins partially on, cooked I beleive in pure veggie oil. We had those (very good) and also his cottage fries, which are made with new red potatoes that have been dipped in butter (or did he say sauteed? I don't remember) and seasoned with herbs... very good.

Jason Perlow, Co-Founder eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters

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Tommy: he has an 8 and a 12.  I had the 12, cooked on the char broiler, with thick cut crispy bacon, onions, and melted american cheese. Needless to say I am in extasy. Nice charcoal taste.

fuckin a brutha. i'm there asap.

Tommy -

ask for the sampler of sauces with your burgers. Fink's has 5-6 different bbq sauces to go.

RPerlow -

Do you think the claim of the "best big burger in north jersey" deserves its own thread? A 12 oz burger sound like a monster...

Apparently it's easier still to dictate the conversation and in effect, kill the conversation.

rancho gordo

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  • 2 weeks later...

we went to finks today, and bumped into none other than the perlows and their friends. jason took the liberty of ordering a side of the "Screamin chicken" hot sauce for me. it's the hottest on the menu and it was really good. that jason, he sure likes the hot stuff.

the 12 oz burger was great. huge and crusted nicely. good fries as well.

the baked beans were some of the best i've ever had.

now if fink could only figure out how to get some tables in that spot, we'd really be in business. :smile:

i'm assuming you could bring beer to the place. i sure didn't need any this morning, but ribs and beer are right up my alley.

we were pleased to hear that they serve breakfast all day long. that's very cool.

for the record, i noticed the blurb about smoking/meat color.

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Tommy and the Perlows,

I missed you by a few hours!!

Was in Teaneck this late afternoon and was planning on going to Wondee's for dinner, but the wife-to-be didn't seem too thrilled w/ thai, so i suggested trying to find Fink's (all i knew was it was on Kinderkamack Rd.) and she seemed to like that idea better. As we're on kinderkamack i say, "I need your help, keep your eyes open" and she replies, "There it is", as we're driving by. I do a U-turn and we go in to eat.

The place itself was a little warm (temperature wise), but we decided to stay. I had the pulled chicken sandwich and she had the sampler platter. We didn't share, but we both cleaned our plates and enjoyed the meal. I liked this place a lot, great flavor and a touch of southern hospitality right here in NJ. I've got to turn my parent's on to the place for take-out as they live about 5 minutes away, for me it's about 1/2 hour trip, but i'll go back when i'm in the area.

I spoke with the owner a few minutes and told him i heard about him on this site and he said that i missed about 6 fellow posters who came in this morning for breakfast!

Anybody know what that big machinery in the back is, with the brand name "Southern Pride"? I don't know if it's an indoor bbq-er or a big fryer or a smoker or something else, but it peaked my interest.

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