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  1. That is one spectacular looking lobster roll. Hold onto one for me, I'm looking for Acela tickets right now...
  2. That table is quite nice, as is the (usually) round table in the same room. As you enter the room on the right, this table is on the sidewalk side, in front of the large window. Seats five or six. The fireplace projects slightly into the room, which gives both of these tables a slight barrier from the rest of the room (all of four other tables).
  3. Jim LaPrete runs Shore Catch, which has run a stall at the Saturday Montclair Farmer's market for several years. I've always been pleased with his fish, clams, etc. He may be able to point you in the right direction. Caldwell Seafood is another excellent option for fresh, quality fish. Shore Catch Barnegat, New Jersey 609-339-6380
  4. The Madison has had consistently good food in several recent visits. They have a special deal between 5pm and 7pm during the week with discounted wine and a $16.13 menu. Best deal in town, although it wouldn't be available on your Saturday night. Madison Bar and Grill
  5. Rosie has a mention on her blog that Ryland gift certificates are being honored at Craig Shelton's new restaurant. Redemption is near
  6. The Little Falls location will reopen in the next few days under the same owner's Fire & Oak casual dining label. The other stores remain open and under their same brands. Bill Pitcher has the details in the Bergen Record. Bergen Record about the change in concept
  7. Copeland in Morristown
  8. Good list. I'd add Copeland's at the Westin Governor Morris. Expensive, but very creative.
  9. Interesting that the thread began with a mention of Bistro Ole and led to a mention of Vivas in Belmar as chef Vivas used to be head Chef at Bistro Ole... ← Hello, Mark. I'll throw Brandl in Belmar into the mix. BYO, refined cuisine, very willing to customize, in my experience. Nice experience, IMHO. Paul
  10. If you like perusing wine lists, one of the best lists in the metro area is at the Park & Orchard restaurant in East Rutherford. About two blocks west of NJ 17, one or two towns south of Carlstadt. Park & Orchard restaurant
  11. It's about a mile from Med Manor to Pru Center, a little too far to walk at night.
  12. Hello, Tracey. Happy birthday for your 11th anniversary of turning 29. That sounds so much nicer than "40" The website baristanet has a map of many Montclair restaurants with outdoor seating. It's a pretty good range, from Ruthie's patio with smoker, all the way on up. You might also check if Culinariane has opened its outdoor patio yet. BaristaVille al fresco
  13. I hope things work out for everyone involved. It's possible that the business interests involved are working out a settlement, and discussing it publicly wouldn't help to bring about a resolution. Anyway, I miss the hot dogs already, and hope the store reopens soon.
  14. The Cedar Grove space was formerly occupied by Villa d'Este. Ironically, the space that LuNello vacated in Totowa became Restaurant Earth with Anthony LoPinto for a brief spell
  15. Congratulations. Crave looks capable of doing a 100 - 150 maybe 200 person reception / service on site. I'd suggest giving them a call and seeing if they're interested in the job. (I had a tour when they were finishing up the kitchen and doing some final work on the dining room last autumn.)
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