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  1. there is also a Shop Rite in New Milford - pathetic it is so ugly. Paramus is pretty good
  2. Finker - Coincidentally, for the first time in over a year, I saw some motion today at the tv repair place. All the lights were out but a tv in the front of the store was on. I noticed this while buying something in Carousal, the convenience store in King Fung shopping strip.
  3. - Would it make sense to set up a separate phone line listing daily specials? Some places I know fax their specials daily to offices - Fink, keep up the great work. I am still wondering if anyone is ever in that appliance store next door to you. It seems deserted.
  4. [My wife enjoys it. She always brings her vegetarian friends when they come to visit.] I went to Secret of Suzanne once for lunch. It was ok. Not a place I would go to unless I lived near by. Veggie Heaven is much better to me.
  5. Mazzones in River Edge is not bad. On Kinderkamack
  6. this was a favorite of mine as a kid. They seeemed to do great business.
  7. [so go ahead. Give it a try. ] - is this a challenge or a dare?
  8. [Frankly, I don't understand why you subscribe to a paper you don't like. Please note, I am not asking for, nor do I want an answer to that, it is rhetorical. ] whether you asked or whether you desire an answer is up to you. why do I subscribe. Well I pay 49 cents a week for Friday to Sunday. My main reason for subscribing to the paper is the Real Estate Section. I Never slammed the Record as a whole, I only would love to see improvement with the restaurant reviews. I will continue to make comments on the Record as I desire.
  9. [They liked it???] are we going down this road again we are beating a dead horse here
  10. [i'd suspect that Wegmans has a very finely tuned sensitivity to what their customers want - yes and what they can afford. the Wegmans near the Univ. Of Rochester was known as Ghetto Wegs.
  11. [i wonder if they ever adapt it to the area...it will be interesting to see. ] yes they do. The Pittsford, NY area is Wegman's very nice store with all the top of the line stuff. But the Wegman's next to the University of Rochester was not at all nice inside. It had no seafood dept, no butcher, no chees dept., no special areas whatsoever. Why because it was in the poorer area of town.
  12. dodge621


    You must be talking about Bagel Buffet. yes, this place is good. I used to go there when I lived in Secaucus. Busy place, table seating.
  13. Fink. Was there today. Great chicken. The roasted vegetables are also great.
  14. [dodge, why do you bother reading the reviews? you're so pissed off!! LOL!!!!!! ] I have not read them yet. Anyway, I get the Record delivered for a grand total of about 47Cents Friday - Sunday total.
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