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Long Weekend in South Beach

Bond Girl

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Having battled a whole winter of knee deep snow and slush, I finally got a weekend to bask in the lovely Floridean Sun. I'm staying at The Hotel in South Beach, so I'll probably end up eating at Wish one of the nights, even though I've never really had a great meal there. Acceptable but not great.

Are there any Miami places that I should not miss? I'll definitely be visiting Cafe Versailles at least once (love that cuban food), I've been to Azul which is fantastic and I heard that Casa Tua is very nice though I've not been. Any thoughts or recommendations? Also any Florida eGulleters who wishes to join me for a drink or dinner please PM me.

Ya-Roo Yang aka "Bond Girl"

The Adventures of Bond Girl

I don't ask for much, but whatever you do give me, make it of the highest quality.

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Just avoid Mango's Tropical Cafe...

With all the wonderful places to eat in Miami, a business acquaintance insisted we go to Mango's for dinner and drinks (because he saw it on the E! channel). The food was... it looked like someone sat on my sandwich somewhere between the kitchen and our table, and infused it with an indescribable, yet probably authentic essence. The drinks were strong and plentiful, which contributed to the overall glazed look of the clientele - mostly middle-aged businessmen hoping to see a glimpse of anyone remotely resembling the "Wild On!" crowd (read: skin flashing women).

I don't get to Miami very often, but will follow your thread for better choices/recommendations next time!

Sitting on the fence between gourmet and gourmand, I am probably leaning to the right...

Lyle P.

Redwood City, CA

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Not sure what your preferences are, but I'd give Talula a shot. It's not over the top, more of a neighborhood place, but I've never been disappointed.

If you want more recs on Cuban places, there's Las Culebrinas on Flagler St and 43rd? Ave. is one of my favorites. Theres also a Cuban fast food place called El Rey de las Fritas (8th St. around 15th Ave). A frita is a type of cuban burger with heavily seasoned beef on cuban bread with pik-nik type french fries (in the sandwich, not as a side). The place is dumpy but it is always packed. Maybe worth a try and then go to Versailles bakery for desert.

Enjoy your stay.

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Anywhere on Calle Ocho for a Mamey Batido. I'm so jealous. Those shakes are the most delicious thing ever!

Yuca in Coral Gables was excellent last time I was there, but admittedly that's several years ago so I dont know what the current state of affairs is.

Katie M. Loeb
Booze Muse, Spiritual Advisor

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Bartendrix,Intoxicologist, Beverage Consultant, Philadelphia, PA
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Yuca moved to Miami Beach years ago. The chef, Douglas Rodriguez, left to fame and fortune in NYC. Yuca then opened again in Coral Gables for about 2 months then closed again. Douglas has moved back to MIA and opened OLA in the eternally up-and-coming Biscayne corridor north of downtown. It's latin food but more of a push towards South America than other upscale latin places.

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Okay, will check out Tulala and stop by Joes for some stone crabs, any other recs? Will be in SoBe this weekend.

I'd love to hear ALL about Joes when you're back !!! (thanks)

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I went to Casa Tua last year and have written about it here before several times. Here's what I last wrote:

"By far the best restaurant I've gone to on Miami Beach is Casa Tua (if you look it up - I'm sure you can find a bunch of articles about it). Classical high class Italian. Fits the bill for something like a big deal birthday. The patio is very romantic and I recommend it with 2 caveats. First - if it rains - you'll be out of luck unless for some reason there's a vacant table inside (unlikely). Second - the patio is very tropical and you can wind up with no-see-um bites on your ankles if they're bare. The inside is nice - but I'm glad I took my chances with the patio (no rain - but even lots of ankle bug bites didn't make me regret my decision).

By the way - it's a very expensive restaurant - but - after London - heck - nothing in the US looks outrageous to me . Reservations are mandatory. Robyn"

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