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  1. Ohhh. Philippe Starck! Maybe next you'll get some Romero Britto sculptures! I think the Starck backlash is in full swing in Miami and places like Michael's and Michy's are proving that homey is better. Uhhh, yeah. That's why Michael Schwartz was a judge and Richard Blais only a contestant on Top Chef. BTW, let us know when Top Chef Atlanta rolls round. It'll probably be 8 or 9 seasons from now. Comparing a higher end place like Bacchanalia to Michael's isn't necessarily fair. If you wanna play rough, let's say Bacchanalia doesn't compare to La Tour d'Argent.
  2. robyn, did you step on some gum in the Design District or something? You're bashing absolutely everything positive that's being said yet everything negative (e.g. hopscotching over condomes) you're relishing. Have I been to artwalks in the summer, yes, both in the Design District, the Gables and Wynwood. The good places have left the Design District? Ligne Roset just moved there from the Gables (not to DCOTA). Plus, unlike DCOTA, there's galleries in the district and everything is accessible to the public, not just the trade. Plus the district now has the potential to become a nightime de
  3. The Herald critics are notoriously bad with Victoria Pesce Elliott the worst by far. There are a couple of food writers there who are good (Enrique Fernandez and Linda Bladholm). Other than them, the food section is almost a joke. The area around Karu & Y is extremely intimidating. It took guts to open a place there. As for the Design District, I was there last Saturday at Michael's and it was packed. Also, it was gallery night, and there were people walking the streets with no cares (the art, by the way, blows away gallery night in Coral Gables, which seems to have become staid and bo
  4. I'm so hyped on this place opening. The Design District is practically a cemetery at night.
  5. I had a bad experience a few months ago and after a phone call got a response from the manager offering a free meal for 2. I didn't want to take him up on the offer. After another visit things went well. The waiters always seem hurried so maybe it's a manpower shortage thing.
  6. First off, saying that Calle Ocho is the only place to eat down home Cuban in Miami is like saying Little Italy is the only place to eat down home Italian in Manhattan. Granted, Little Havana has a little more authenticity than what's left of Little Italy, there are places all over the city for Cuban food. Puerto Sagua is a good choice. If you want to stick with Little Havana and Calle Ocho try Versailles (just like everyone else does). My two favorites are a little out of the way. Las Culebrinas is on Flagler St. near 42nd Avenue. It's a bit of a trek but really good. There's also Hava
  7. Tried OLA on the beach last week. I was disappointed when it moved from Biscayne as that area seems to need an upscale restaurant more than South Beach. The furnishings were identical to the original location; however, I kept thinking about how much cooler the Biscayne location looked with the upstairs dining, the bar at the entrance, the long communal table in the center. Oh well. What hasn't changed is the food and service. Both were spot on. Items seemed to be chosen from the regular dinner menu (both of us had the shrimp ceviche and crispy pork). The ceviche actually seemed a little
  8. I've gone to 2 Miami Spice restaurants with vastly different experiences. Wish was one that I had missed (I don't think they participated last year) that I wanted to try. It was worth it. Not out of this world, but good. Apps were a potato latke in miso broth with friend dried mushrooms. Sounds gross, but really good. Other was a lobster spring roll which I was dissapointed with. Mains were duck leg on strawberry gazpacho (suprisingly more tart than sweet) and octopus-stuffed squid (oxtail stuffed squid is one of my favorites, this version was lighter with ground octopus and rice). Dess
  9. Yeah, you'll be surprised and disappointed at how difficult it is to get good seafood im Miami. The ubiquitous yellowtail snapper and grouper are everywhere, but beyond that it's touch and go, especially at Publix (where it's easier to find salmon than grouper). There are some markets on N. River Drive, particularly Casablanca. It's chaotic at best, but you pick your own fish and they'll gut and clean it for you. Make sure you leave a tip to hear the "Gracias, Thank You!" from the staff. Other places to go for non-supermarket specialty items include the aforementioned Epicure on the beach
  10. Now I heard Jordi Valles from Mosaico is leaving Miami. Mosaico will remain open under a new chef, but what the heck?! We've lost Norman, now Jordi (and also Shin from Shoji Sushi). Is this a trend or just the restaurant business?
  11. The closest area with a density of good restaurants is Coral Gables. It's not far from the airport (5 to 10 minutes without traffic). Cafe Abracci, Ortanique, Pascal's, Cacao. Of those, Ortanique and Cacao have the Latin/Caribbean influence.
  12. The coffee comes from a bean which has been eaten, digested and excreted by a monkey or similar mammal in Indonesia I believe.
  13. robyn, I'm glad you've seconded my point. Anyone can open restaurant by charging an arm and a leg and have great food. It's the small, good middle of the road type places which Miami is lacking. Soyka is mediocre, same goes for Oliver's on the beach. Joe Allen's may be an exception, but its menu isn't exactly daring.
  14. We probably wouldn't be posting anything about this article had Mr. Klein extolled the virtues of Miami cuisine. Negative writing gets people riled up and he succeeded. His article was unjustly harsh, but it had its good points. One of those that I wholeheartedly agreed with was the lack of a food culture. I don't think people here necessarily demand good quality food and produce as much as other cities. That's what's probably behind the lack of good bakeries, grocery stores and farmers markets. I hate to compare MIA to other places, but there is no way that a supermarket that shrinkwrap
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