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  1. mtdew

    Corkage fees

    I still ask the question, what is an appropriate corkage fee if someone brought a beer or two?
  2. mtdew

    Corkage fees

    Not go too far off topic but, what should be the policy for people who bring their own beer?
  3. It appears that Mario has put in the hard work and effort and won't offer anything back that is either shoddy or half-hearted. The man has a college degree which tells me something about him in the first place and much training/education in the field of cuisine. I honestly believe that he is "the real thing" ... ← Someone has tagged his latest book Motorin' Mario! "jumping the shark"! Oh no, I hope not. ← Oh my. I was hoping the NASCAR tailgating book was a joke.
  4. Is the Black Bear Restaurant in Green Mountain Falls any good?
  5. Any recommendations for places in Little Haiti area?
  6. The buy-one-get-one-free dungeness crab for $20? I don't know if that's what it was, but as we were walking out we passed a single guy with a VERY large platter of crab in front of him. Ah, I was just referring to the deal they advertise in Westword. I am tempted to try it, but I fear I'll be disappointed when I compare it to the dungeness crab I had in Seattle when I visited there.
  7. The buy-one-get-one-free dungeness crab for $20?
  8. I enjoyed Basil Doc's pizza when they had the DTC location. Parisi's pizza was ok to me, but the crust was too soft in the middle.
  9. It was at the it for you if you asked seafood counter part where they have the fish on ice. I think they'd clean it if you paid for the weight it was before they cleaned it. Prices seem to change often. I saw lychees for 1.49 a pound on Thursday then when I came back Saturday, they were 1.99 a pound.
  10. When I was there today, they had uncleaned mackerel for 99 cents a pound.
  11. Has anyone tried Taqueria Los Tres Reyes?
  12. A tribe obsessed with the number 23 isn't odd to me. The number 23 comes up in the oddest places.
  13. One could say the same about eGullet. How much can you talk about food before it becomes the same redundant bore?
  14. I personally don't find it freaky. The site is merely for people with a common interest or enjoyment to communicate with each other. It could get "stalkerish", but so could any forum.
  15. Ocean City is on Mississippi and Federal. The dim sum place your referring to is probably Kings Land Seafood Restaurant.
  16. I like Ocean City. It might not be what you consider good chinese food. Might be. Standards differ.
  17. I'd love to get a chipotle burrito with less or no rice, but the workers ignore me and put the standard amount.
  18. I forgot to mention that I would be taking the bus between places. 100 euro tasting menu would be out of price range. I only have about 1k USD outside of plane ticket cost to spend, so I'll probably be just squeezing by. I was thinking of one place to splurge, and by splurge I mean 30 something euros. I was thinking of either visiting Basque area, Seville, or Barcalona. I'm trying to do a european tripbefore attending culinary school in the fall.
  19. I'm plan on travelling to Spain in April for 7 or 8 days (I would go longer if I had more money :) ). I would like to have the best food experience for the least amount of money. What would you recommend? I would be coming into Madrid and would like to visit one or two other regions of Spain. I think I could trust eGullet's recommendations more than generic Spain guidebooks.
  20. I go to Pacific Ocean Market as well. Quite sad that the plaza will become a Super Walmart. Last time I was there they had scallops in the shell for $2.99 a pound and blue crabs for I think $3.99/lb. I'd never until then seen scallops still in the shell.
  21. So....Who here reads Westword's restaurant reviews? If so, do you agree with people's complaints that he doesn't talk enough about the restaurants? Also, who listens to KEZW's Restaurant Show with Warren Byrne?
  22. I missed the mise en place thread. You need the Iraqi Info Minister avatar here.
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