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  1. Also a few years back, I must say that I've had a great number of really good Pastrami Sandwiches at Artie's. I remember one or two clunkers, but overall they fared very well. Haven't eaten there in at least 5-6 years, possibly much longer even than that.
  2. Of course I remember the difference between "appetizing" and "deli". When I was a kid in Fresh Meadows (Queens), my mother would frequently send me on my bike to go to the appy store for whitefish (a chunk of a large one), creamed herring, and salmon. And we also had "Deli Masters", which I think has achieved some small bit of notoriety. But it's very interesting to note that there is one crossover: Delis always have whitefish, because one of the things you can order in a deli is the "whitefish platter". Now that I've been living in NJ for the past 39 years, we (Hoboken) and just about ever
  3. I don't know that the Carnegie Deli is so much terrible as it is totally inconsistent. I'm a pastrami guy. And I remember the days when all deli pastrami was crumbly and fork-tender, not some rubbery slice that you can stretch to several times its size without breaking. And some nights the Carnegie deli will serve you great, crumbly pastrami, and some nights they'll serve you some that tastes and acts like you bought it in a packet at the supermarket. The owner (whose name I just forgot) is Always there, in a suit and tie, sitting near the front. He's sort of a miserably unpleasant guy, but
  4. I'm trying frantically to remember the name of an Italian restaurant that's in mid-town west. possibly even the theater district, and has a very "cool" or "stark" interior, with large vertical blinds, and it's the creation of one of NYC's more famous Italian chefs. Can anybody help me? I ate there last a few years ago- and of course it may not be there now altogether. (I want to say that it features a menu divided into "traditional" and "modern" versions of Italian dishes, but I can't say for sure that it does.) THANKS! I'll know it when I hear it, so I'd appreciate all the help and suggest
  5. I live for summer and the amazing bounty of sweet and delicious fruit that used to come at that time of year, but I'd have to say (and a dear friend in NYC who is a fellow fruit-worshipper, agrees) that it's been years (and years) since we've had any really great fruit here in the markets. In past years just about everything has been either hard (when it's not supposed to be) or soft (when it's not supposed to be), and nothing has had any decent texture, or flavor, or sweetness!! This has been going on for many years now. But this summer I've noticed already that just about everything seems t
  6. Thanks. But here's where the mystery deepens. The fellow from Yee Li, when I asked him to recommend a dim sum place, walked me out to Bayard St. and pointed to Mott St. and said it was on Mott, close to Canal, and that he went there all the time for dim sum (!!) So, the mystery deepens. But I appreciate all the help so far, and would be extremely happy if I could find the place.
  7. While dining at the spectacular Yee Li restauant in Chinatown, I asked the waiter (who we've known for a long time) to recommend a great Dim Sum restaurant. He very highly recommended a restaurant on Mott St., which he called "Tang Lew" - or at least, it sounded like that. I asked him to write it down, which he tried to do in English, and wrote what seems to be "Tang Lew", though it could be "Tang Liew" or "Tang Lieu" or any variation like that. He said that it was a huge place, on Mott St. close to Canal St. (We did drive down Mott St. starting at Canal, but it was raining and most places w
  8. Can anybody recommend any good restaurants in Columbus? Upscale dining would be a plus, but really any place with great food would help a lot! THANKS EVERYONE !
  9. From Grub Street Truffle Tuesdays Begin Tonight at Sapori D’Ischia in Queens White truffles without going broke. Good news for Tuber magnatum pico addicts: Antonio Galano of Sapori d’Ischia sends word that, once again, he is going to make it rain truffles out in Woodside, Queens. His restaurant begins its annual Alba truffle tribute tonight and will continue celebrating the little musky nuggets every Tuesday through December. It's four white-truffle-festooned courses, including dessert, for a recession-busting $60, plus discounted bottles of Piedmontese wines. The bad news: This might be the l
  10. I was actually going to post yesterday and recommend the MECO grils, but never got around to it. I had one for several years (because electric is the only thing we're allowed on the terraces in my high-rise), and then one day when I accidentally got locked out there one night during an earlier heatwave, between the ambient temperature and the grill cooking my roast on high, and my partner apparently not able to hear me banging beach chairs against the terrace door trying to attract his attention, I lost interest in grilling outside until we were able to get a terrace door that would not let yo
  11. Let me give you the punchline to my story first - I always tip, but sometimes the "tip" isn't monetary. To give the shortest example first, some time ago we ate in a restaurant and had a waiter who simply didn't care a single bit about the job he was doing - he was either a teen or in his early 20's, and everything about him and his service indicated that he just didn't care. We had a very few special requests (eg "sauce on the side please" for one of the items - nothing major) - and asked him please to make note of these - and then everything a server could do wrong, he did. And they weren'
  12. I'm seeking a place in Chinatown (Manhattan) for great (fresh) lobster. I'm pretty flexible on the style of preparation as long as it's a succulent lobster live in a tank just before they cook it. I've struck out on a few places and gave up for a while. However, I have a friend with a craving for Lobster prepared in one of the Chinese Styles (ginger/scallion, country style with black bean, etc) and would really appreciate any suggestions! We used to go to Sun Lok Kee, then followed it to Flushing as it became New Lok Kee, and now that it's gone, we're not having any luck getting a fresh tast
  13. Do I have to start a new thread to ask this, or can you (please) tell me the name of some "noodle puller" places where we could see the pulling in action? Thanks !!
  14. I read somewhere (I think it was the NY Times, though it may have been one of the magazines) that one of the dumpling places in New York also had a Noodle Puller at the back of the restaurant, in full view of the customers (if you don't know what a noodle-puller does, look it up or ask here), and I think they said that the soups they had to go with the noodles were excellent. Does anybody know of a dumpling place with a Noodle Puller on display? Incidentally, I ate at Dumpling House on Eldridge this past Saturday. The place was mobbed. The dumplings were mediocre, or less than mediocre.
  15. Can anyone recommend a place in Chinatown for great lobsters? I'd want large ones, and I'd want them with ginger and scallion, or perhaps "country style" with noodles. For many (many) years I went regularly to Sun Lok Kee on Mott St. before it burned down. Then when it re-opened in Flushing as New Lok Kee (EVERYTHING exactly the same), we'd go there regularly (I've seen their lobster tanks which were in the basement - spotless, as were all the different fish tanks, all in the basement). (Side note: New Lok Kee closed. Can't find out why no matter how hard I try- if anyone knows, please (p
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