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  1. Since my favorite japanese bakery is closing, anyone have a recipe for those light fluffy breads?
  2. I read somewheres that Milk in china was widely consumed by nomadic tribes that roamed the grasslands. The Hans who populate the developed parts of China (I believe parts inside the great wall) did not want to include it in their diets because it was consider food of the "barbarians". That might just be fibs but I think that might be why many westerners carries misconceptions about milk in Chinese diets. Because westerners who arrived in China for trading purposes in those days dealt many with the Hans. While we are on the subject, does anyone know what stir fried milk (a savory dish) is called in Chinese?
  3. I think it is unique for the home cooking it represents-I guess it's new and fascinating to a city girl like me because it is not so standardized and because it is home cooking, each and everyone is different and unique. You can have three different versions of etouffes if you like. You are right, a composed lunch of a meat and 3 veg is not so extraordinary. For the same argument, you can say, a course at Per Se is really not that special since it's a little piece of fish sitting in a sauce on top of a big plate. It really comes downt o how it's done.... I haven't traveled in the South at all. I've never had to drive car to get anything (no drivers license) so even the snowball / daquiri drive throughs are a riot for me. It's just perspective that's all.
  4. Thanks. I think the plate lunch places in and around lafayette is kind of unique, now that I have a few things to compare it to.
  5. "plate lunches" are common across the U.S. the constituents vary based upon the regional cuisine. ← Nathan, can you give me some examples for specific places? I don't travel through middle america much so the concept of a shack that only serves lunch is kind of wild for me. Also, if it's really common across US, can I find a plate lunch place say in San Francisco, or in Seattle, or even Tallahassee?
  6. I just came back from Lafayette and noticed that there are an abundance of plate lunch places. Is it a Louisiana thing, or strictly a Lafayette thing? Anyone know what defines a 'Plate Lunch"? How did the tradition evolve? and how is that different from plate lunches in Hawaii?
  7. That's beautiful Ellen. Something I can relate to, having lost my own father recently.
  8. you may find helpful chillies cheers Waaza ← Great resource Thanks!
  9. I am researching for an article on the role of chilies in Goan Food and need easy traditional home recipes for dishes like curries, xiacutis and vindaloo. Can anyone help? Also any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. ps. I will give full credit for any recipes used.
  10. Having just came out of the Harold McGee's seminar where induction is discussed at length. The opinion is that induction is a great efficient way to go. yes, the unit sucks a lot of electricity, but it evens out because it takes less time to cook stuff. The problems, from what I heard, are that most induction designed for home use require a 220 V line to have decent power, and most have not worked out the kinks in the cooling of the unit, so the circuit blows out after heavy use. Infrastructure for servicing the unit is not really there so getting it repaired may be a pain. The guy who outfits the kitchen for FCI says if it were his own home and he has all the money in the world he's go with gas and get an induction on the side for stuff like boiling water. Having said that, I am looking for a cheap single burner that uses 220V for my own kitchen. If it blows, I can replace it without crying over it.
  11. Damn, I got the title reversed. It's actually Grains, Greens and Grated Coconut. (Sorry, Ammini!) Nonetheless, this is a undoubtedly one of the most delightful cookbooks in the Bond Girl Kitchen library. Written beautifully by our own Peppertrail. Apparently the New York Times think so too. Read it here. Congrats! Ammini!
  12. I have the cylinder from kitchenaid that you freeze. For general reference, there is an excellent Gourmet article on ice cream machines last year (or may be the year before). I'll bet if you search for it, you can find it.
  13. I just keep it in a random glass jar with a little caviar spoon in it to keep it clean.
  14. Geoff, You have the patiences of many saints. I would have checked myself into a mental home by now. Every weekend, I walk by the greenmarket and I weep because I cannot cook. Not much longer now....I hope. At least, the cabinets are all up.
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