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  1. DTBarton

    Bangers and mash

    I've always thought that bangers implied that the sausage had a bread binder in it. Rusk is what you hear about. Good info here: https://www.thepauperedchef.com/article/homemade-british-bangers-and-the-search-for-rusk
  2. DTBarton

    Pickled Shrimp

    I use my mother's recipe and people love them. I think the trick is to not marinate the shrimp for too long. I use steamed shrimp and marinate them them for 4 - 6 hours. The onions that come out of the bag are almost as good as the shrimp. I've seen recipes that call for much longer and that makes them toughen. We have a friend who's mother's recipe marinates them for a WEEK! Besides the off putting notion of eating week old shrimp, they have the texture of tire rubber.
  3. DTBarton


    Our Bojangles chicken hasn't been small, regular sized pieces so far. We don't have a Popeye's here but in Maryland, our Popeye's was hit or miss. They didn't change the fry oil often enough. If the oil was fresh, the bird was good, if not it was very dark and not so good. There's a reason Bojangles sign says "Famous Chicken and Biscuits".
  4. DTBarton


    We recently moved to South Carolina and now have access to a local Bojangles. I have to say, as far as fast food goes, it's very good. Fried chicken is crispy with a hint of spice. Biscuits are very good. And since they're busy all day the chicken and biscuits are always fresh. Breakfast biscuits available all day, I'm partial to the chicken (cajun filet) and the country ham and egg. Sides are OK, but not their strong suit, I mostly stick with the chicken and biscuits.
  5. So, the wife brought home sample bags of three new Lay's flavors yesterday, biscuit and gravy, gyro, and reuben sandwich. We found all three to be pretty vile, no likeable one like the wasabi ginger. The best of the worst was the reuben which tasted vaguely like a sauerkraut chip. Both the gyro and the biscuit had a kind of muddied artificial meat thing going that to us was off putting. Seems to me those are flavors that would be hard to paint on a chip. But, three people won a million bucks.
  6. Latest additions to the Beaufort, SC farmer's market: Wood fired pizza and foraged chanterelle mushrooms.
  7. Here in Beaufort, SC, we have a very nice farmer's market every Saturday morning. Not just veggies as this list shows: http://www.portroyalfarmersmarket.com/vendor_list.html They usually have live music and you can get local oysters on the half shell during the season and also fresh local shrimp when they're in season. There's a bunch of good stuff at that market.
  8. DTBarton

    Best Double Oven?

    We had an electric Maytag Gemini for many years and I liked it very much. http://www.sears.com/maytag-6.7-cu-ft-electric-double-oven-range/p-02263906000P?sid=IDx01192011x000001&kpid=02263906000&kispla=02263906000P&kpid=02263906000&mktRedirect=y The top oven is smaller but since we cook for two people most of the time we used it almost all the time. It heated up to cooking temperature far faster than any other oven I've had and used a lot less electricity. One of the large burners has two settings, a low range and a high range, making it very handy for making sauces without a double boiler, the low on the low range was not very hot.. I think a good product at a reasonable price.
  9. I'm going to be labeled a heretic because everyone loves Julia Child, but those last shows she did with the guy chef when she was about 90 years old and out of it were just sad and wrong.
  10. Finally found a bag of the wasabi ginger to try and I kind of like them. Sure there's an artificial component like there is in most flavored chips, but I don't find it off putting. Thinking about making an Asian flavored onion dip to go with them.
  11. It looks like a lot of the fat is an exterior fat pad that could be trimmed off prior to cooking. Ribs usually have plenty of marbling in the meat so shouldn't make them dry.
  12. I use Maker's Mark in my sweet potatoes. It's a little lighter and works very well. Plus, you get to drink the rest!
  13. I like all this guy's chocolate but the one with orange peel is my favorite. http://www.amazon.com/Michel-Cluizel-Chocolate-Bar-Candied/dp/B004YZFJGC/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1414609629&sr=8-7&keywords=michel+cluizel
  14. Sweet potatoes whipped with butter, salt, pepper, cream, maple syrup, and bourbon.
  15. I don't think the external temperature of the smoker is an issue, just like any grill. The outdoor temperature as well as wind can be an issue in keeping temperature up. I consider the WSMs to be good weather smokers, chilly and windy takes the heat away. I have two WSMs, an 18 inch and a 22 inch. if you like cooking whole racks of spare ribs it's worth it to get the 22 inch. Long racks end up with the ends curled up against the side of the smoker and about an inch in from the sides is the only hot spot in the WSM, the ends of the racks get overcooked. All in all It's tough to beat the WSM for its combination of ease of use and reasonable cost. The prices at Amazon right now are great. It's also very helpful to have this web site. Tells you everything you need to know: http://www.virtualweberbullet.com/
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