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Home Cooking

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Ferran -

Thank you for joining us. I was wondering how much of an influence do you think that your cooking can have on that of the home cook, more specifically, what techniques of yours do you think could be adapted for use in the home?

Thank you again - Adam

"And those who were dancing were thought insane by those who could not hear the music." FN

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The big revolution yet to be made is that haute cuisine chefs come in domestic cooking, not that which we cook at our restaurants. It’s important to change the mindset. You can’t think of cooking at home what you cook at elBulli, where you have forty cooks. I’ve written books of how to cook in then minutes, DVDs and I love the philosophical aspect of this question. For instance, the selection of ingredients: it’s always advisable to use a very good sardine instead of a not that good lobster.

I always try to view domestic cooking through a prism of logic and common sense, linked to natural products. It’s simply not worth it to invest a lot of time and effort to make aromatic oil by yourself, when you can buy a very good one. But don’t use frozen vegetables (perhaps peas would be an exception to the rule.)

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Ferran Adrià


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