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  1. The Place you're refering to is Cox's Seafood. It may not look like much from the outside, but they have a great selection on the inside. I can't believe I forgot to mention it. Also, if you're looking for lobster, Monstah Lobstah (at least 2 locations in Tampa, one is by Northdale) is the place to go. They have everything from little 1 pounders, up to 15 pound monsters.
  2. Although I do shop at the Land & Sea Market occasionally, I am not all that impressed with their seafood selection and quality. I much prefer Oceanic which is an oriental market in downtown Tampa. If you want to talk fresh, Oceanic has a live tank where you can pick out fish that are still swimming. If that is not fresh I don't know what is. Unlike most other markets, the majority of their fish is whole, not filleted. This really allows you to pick the best of the best on any given day. Try it out, it's definately worth fighting downtown traffic for.
  3. All of the above titles are fantastic, but I also like Peter Barham's book The Science of Cooking. As mentioned above Alton Brown's new book is focused almost solely on baking and is fairly easy to find. Happy baking. --Adam
  4. Hi Diana & T.J. -- My wife Sara & I live just north of Tampa in the south end of Lutz off Van Dyke Rd. We are also foodies and have just loved your blog. I'm glad to see the photos of Land & Sea Market, I haven't been there in years and wasn't impressed then, but it looks like it has changed a lot. Hearing about Mazzaro's brings back memories of working at the Barnes & Noble in St. Pete years ago. The best & quickest lunch in town. Next time your in Tampa and in the mood for cuban food, try La Teracita (sp?). I'll have to get the address for you cuz' I'm currently drawing a blank. Tony Bourdain ate there the last time he was in town and he said he really enjoyed it. They are open all night on Fridays and Saturdays and til around midnight the rest of the week. Try the stuffed plantains, they are amazing. If you ever find yourselves in need of some dining companions, we would love to get together for dinner some time. I'll PM you later with our contact info. Sorry to be so long winded but your blog got me all excited. See ya soon. Sara & Adam
  5. Tony-- Welcome to Florida. As a native northerner I feel the same way you do, even after 13 years here. As far as restaurants go we have a couple of gems over here in the Tampa area if you happen to get over this way. Mise en Place in downtown is great, though I find the ambiance a little snobby at times. If you sit at the bar and eat as I occasionally do, you still get to sample all of Marty Blitz's delights with out having to deal with the 'Ijust want to get noticed crowd'. Also Bern's and Sideberns. Highly overrated for years, but since Jeannie Pierola took over it is wonderful again. Try the fruits de mer if you want a good assortment of good fresh seafood. As for seafood in general in Florida, the only thing I have to say is befriend a fisherman! We get all the good stuff. I catch skate off the local pier and when I tell people that I'm going to eat it they think I'm nuts!!! If you ever find yourself over Tampa way and want to go fishing PM me and we'll set something up. For what was supposed to be a short post...Anyway, Good luck and happy hunting. --Adam
  6. Ferran - Thank you for joining us. I was wondering how much of an influence do you think that your cooking can have on that of the home cook, more specifically, what techniques of yours do you think could be adapted for use in the home? Thank you again - Adam
  7. Seriously? You mean people may have different opinions as to who is the greatest living American writer? Well, to quote Tommy, color me shocked. Actually, last week I thought that Chabon was the greatest. Next week, I am angling toward Lorie Moore, but it could be Richard Ford. Totally depends on my mood. I had to comment on your choice of reading material. You mentioned several of my favorite authors, Auster & Chabon (I'm just about to start The Art of Hunger by Auster), but what about Raymond Carver, probably the greatest American short story writer! If you haven't read him please consider it. Also Harry Crews' novels are fantastic although they can be a bit hard to find. As far as food-related reading goes I'm finally reading The Man Who Ate Everything by Steingarten and Serious Pig by Thorne. Happy reading.
  8. Nicely done! I for one am always interested in new ways of looking at food and not only has Adria done this with his food but so too has Day & Pomerance with their writing. For anyone who feels that this is BS, get down off your high-horses and try to open your minds a little. Just because you don't like the format doesn't mean that it's not worth trying. I wouldn't want to read every article this way, but I appreciate that they felt comfortable enough with us to share their point of view. Like Adria's food...you don't necessarily have to like it, but you have to respect that this is what he likes and enjoy that he is willing to share that with you.
  9. If any of you want to read a good piece about 'food smuggling' read Jeffrey Steingarten's piece "Cheese Crise" found in his book It Must Have Been Something I Ate. It's a hoot.
  10. I'm sorry but there are many pastas made without semolina flour. Tipo 00 flour is often used. In Italy depending on what kind of pasta you are making you use different types of flour. So before you YELL bullshit, please get your facts straight.
  11. Now you've gone and done it. I've been craving a good NY white pizza for ages. The only suggestion I have would be to allow the riccota to drain, possibly through cheesecloth, in a colander before using. This should allow it to get firm without losing any flavor. Let me know how it comes out.
  12. I don't know of a specific place that makes the "Best" CFS but I will say that I find that the greasier the 'greasy spoon' the better the food is. You can also read Robb Walsh's essay Chicken-Fried Honor in the Houston Press Houston Press - Chicken-Fried Honor If nothing else it is a lot of fun trying to find "the best" anything for a foodie like me.
  13. I like to think that I'm open minded when it comes to eating but I dont know that I could eat balut or any living insect. I would at least like the opportunity to try though. I did have something recently that I think it will take me a while to try again-Baby octopus. I loved the flavor (I love octopus normally), but the head popping as I bit into them just got to me. My wife couldn't even look at them. Other than that BRING IT ON!
  14. Not all mine are dead but.... Raymond Carver, Tom Waits, Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci. But my question to all of you is what would you serve your fab four?
  15. It is so wonderful to see that others love this magazine as much as I do. Up until recently I've purchased my copies at Books-a-Million stores throughout Florida, but it seems that they have stopped carrying it. Any ideas on what we can do to influence some of the 'bigs' in the book world to start carrying it? Also, I am so awed by the work that goes into the digests of each issue. I've been looking for a source of this information for some time and cannot thank you enough for your time and effort. Let's eat our words.
  16. Have you ever read the Raymond Carver story called menudo? Its been a favorite story and a favorite hangover cure of mine for years. If anyone out there knows a place to get great menudo in the Tampa, FL area please let me know. Oh and dont forget the hot sauce!!!
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