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A memorable Chinese meal in the UK


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Any suggestions for a fabulous Chinese meal? I’m looking for a restaurant that not only does fantastic food, but where the service is also of high standard ( I know this is normally not the norm with Chinese restaurants, that’s why I need your help!!)

I’m planning a dinner out for next Friday (6 of us celebrating a birthday)

Thank you

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Please take under consideration, that with Chinese Food. The Food Rules !

This often meams that the dishes are going to be seved upon completion.

That why when you order your dinner it's best done for a full table, pre arranged Banquet Style. Preferably with a Lazy Susan, so everyone may serve themselves. If I remember correct there were several places in the London area , that were able to coordinate the meals, providing french service. Irwin

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said this in another thread, but hakkasan, hakkasan, hakkasan.

never had bad service there, despite others' experiences. and the place and the food are just fabulous.

otherwise, any of the royal china outlets: baker st, st johns wood, docklands. look fabulously camp, too.


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The Oriental at the Dorchester is a good bet too -- very good service, good but very traditional food, they used to have some of the really expensive shark's fin, if you like that sort of thing.

Good duck as well. I haven't been for a couple of years, though so you might want to get a second opinion.

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For good service I suspect Hakkasan and Oriental at the Dorch are your best best (oriental had a relaunch last year... reviews so-so, however).

Otherwise services is fairly random.

London isn't great for dinner either; dim sum at lunch is of a higher standard compared to HK or the US. However following on wesza suggestion, the whole banquet thing may be an interesting idea, particularly if you want a special occasion - would probably get better service too.

This is something you have to prearrange. I would try Phoenix Palace nr Baker St. The food is good there and last time I was there picked up a flyer with some proper banqueting menus. Think its around forty quid a head for the food (ie equivalent to random mid-range french... but a damn sight cheaper than a posh tasting menu which it is fairly similar to). Ring them up and see (just make sure your not derailed into the normal set menu [crispy duck, monk veg, sweet and sour pork &tc]. The banqueting menu is ten+ course job with lots of goodies.



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I recently spent some time in London and Silverstone (at the Grand Prix).  While there I had a great meal at restaurant A Wong.  This was a Michelin 2-star place (the table we we at had the stars inlaid in the top).  They do a tasting menu where there are dishes from various regions of China.  There were 28 courses the night I dined there.  Overall it was great food good wine (Rose Champagne) and I would eat there again.


We also ate at Dishoom (I forget which location) and a bunch of unmemorable places in Milton Keynes.

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I've lived in London and Asia (HK), and on the Chinese food front London has heaps of room to catch up. That said, my favourite Chinese restaurants are Din Tai Fung, Dim Sum Duck, and Phoenix Palace. Yet to taste anything as good as being in China 

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On 8/17/2023 at 2:38 AM, ybot123 said:

Yet to taste anything as good as being in China 


You do realise this thread and the original question is 20 years old?


Since 20 years ago, Chinese food in the UK has changed a lot, at least in the major conurbations. 20 years ago most so-called Chinese food was bad renditions of Cantonese food or British-Chinese or American-Chinese with dishes no one from China recognised.


Today, there is much more. Regional Chinese food has arrived in a big way with Sichuan restaurants such as Bar Shu in London as pioneers. There are Xi'an restaurants, Dong Bei restaurants, Yunnan restaurants etc. This has also forced more general Chinese restaurants to up their game. Away from the major cities, they are still lagging behind but the same is true for all types of international food. Simple economics. However, the Chinese restaurant scene in the UK is in better shape now than it ever has been.


I've been in China for 27 years now, but was surprised when I returned briefly in 2019, to see how much it had changed. Although, still not much representation of the cuisine from where I live in Guangxi, but maybe one day.


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