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Best Pastry Chef/Desserts in Montreal


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I have to agree. I went for the menu dégustation at Les Chèvres last week. The grape (I believe that's what it was) sorbet on rice pudding came along and rocked my world. My exact words were, "Awesome, best course so far." Which was saying a lot, since every course until that point had been phenomenal.

But the highlight of the evening came in the form of a mignardise. An olive oil chocolate ganache on shortbread, I was told. I've never had anything like it. Nothing short of a culinary orgasm. Moaning, groaning, eyes rolling back, you get the picture. Hard to believe that something so small could pack so much power.

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Fous Desserts is located on Laurier @ the corner of St-Hubert (right next to the restaurant "La Gaudriole")...

I prefer them hands down to say "La Gascogne" or "Patisserie Belge" or any of those overpriced french pastry shoppes. Franck's desserts are just as good if not better for a lot less $.

Service is great and when ordering a "Buche de Noel" they're made fresh and to your specifications (if you have any) and as an added bonus you're not treated like cattle when you pick it up: you dont' have to wait in some unheated trailer at the back of the lot in 40 below weather until they call your number.

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I was just at Cube tonight, and as far as I know Michael Rae is still there, every dessert on the menu had chocolate in it so I just figured it was him with all his chocolate experience. I tried 2 of the desserts on the menu and was extremely disappointed with both. I had the Frozen White Chocolate Savarin Napoleon and Three Times Nothing Trio. The textures and flavours of everything were terrible, especially the parfait/semifreddo which was rockhard, chalky and almost impossible to eat. But at least the desserts looked nice.

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Fous Desserts is located on Laurier @ the corner of St-Hubert (right next to the restaurant "La Gaudriole")...

I prefer them hands down to say "La Gascogne" or "Patisserie Belge" or any of those overpriced french pastry shoppes. Franck's desserts are just as good if not better for a lot less $.

That should mean it is not far from the Laurier Metro stop?

It would not take much to beat Patisserie Belge, a truly mediocre establishment, that should not be put in the same city as La Gacogne, but I wonder how Fous Desserts compares to Duc du Lorraine?

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I would like to recommend L'Oeuf Neuf on the corner of Gilford and Papineau, a wonderful patisserie run by a charming man from Belgium. It used to be on Ontario at Amherst, and reopened when he became bored of retirement. Very nice pastries using fresh real ingredients. Try the eclairs and mille-fuilles; nothing fancy, just the real thing, for a very reasonable price.

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I was lucky enough to taste Bertrand's creations Friday night at 357C. Words fail me: I was simply... overjoyed! The wonders he does with panna cotta and tapioca... And the macaroons... And the pâtes de fruits... And the financier with raspberries... And the mignardises: just fabulous!

Please stop me before I fork over 3500 dollars for a 357C membership! Or, come to think of it: no, don't stop me... although my bank manager might! :smile:

I didn't have a chance to tell Bertrand how much I enjoyed his desserts, but if anyone on this board - hint, hint... - could pass the message on to him, j'en serais très reconnaissant!

Ton enthousiasme était contagieux, Bertrand: à très bientôt, c'est sûr!

By the way, since we're on the subject, I had the panna cotta with passion fruit and basil syrup at Brunoise a couple of weeks ago, and I must agree: it is a fantastic dessert!

Next stop: Les Chèvres... Am v. anxious to give it a try!


Stéphane Ethier

Montréal, Québec

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Hi Rabbit Angstrom, welcome to eGullet. :smile:

I think I know someone, who knows someone, who has a cousin, whose hairdresser's brother could pass the word over to Bertand. :wink:

By the way, I heard about that party and I'm green with envy.

I like your choice of words for good desserts. "Overjoyed!" very nice.

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Is Les Halles (spelling?) on Crescent Street still open? My wife attended McGill for many years back in the early 90's and every special occasion was spent at this restaurant. The meals were great but the desserts is what made the experience; they were some of the best I have ever tried!


Website: Chef Fowke dot com

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Yes, Les Halles is very much open. They just celebrated their 32nd anniversary.

The desserts are good and very classic: St-Honore, Paris Brest, Tarte Tatin etc., presented to diners one by one. Who can resist? They are the perfect example of how good classic desserts can be when perfectly executed.

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