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  1. The private import wine at la paryse is a steal. Burgers are subjective. It's like pizza. 5 % of sales go to charity- interesting.
  2. I could not agree with eskillet and Jas more. They are dead on.
  3. Momesso's does not serve a meatball sub, you must be thinking about their sausage sub.
  4. Maybe the rule should be: If you read it on egullet it is not necessarily fact. If you want to know the truth watch TV.
  5. You might want to consider Apres Le Jour (901, rue Rachel E corner Saint-André). I think the price range is about right, they have the space for a large group and its bring your own wine. I have never eaten there, but maybe someone has some input on the food/service.
  6. I think your issues will be more about insurance. Burning down the building because of inadequate ventilation and/or extinguishers might put a kink into your plans.
  7. Please, please, please explain to me why we would need to import flour from Italy. Which probably is made from Canadian wheat.
  8. I went for lunch, they are not open. They (owners and/or staff) that it (Garde Manger) is a 5 à 7-night time mayem resto bar. A lot of fried stuff on the menu.
  9. I went to a wedding for 150 people at Vieux Port last Labour Day weekend. Service was very good, the food was fine. You get what you pay for.
  10. Wow, making fun of an oyster shucking contest-outrageous! Maybe you take it too seriously.
  11. Tavern on the Square, Monkland Tavern too.
  12. Is it not possible that the demand for this type of sushi is not here in Montreal. Need I remind people that Montreal is not a coastal city, and that the selection of fish cannot be compared to cities like: NYC, SF, LA etc. For every egulleter that demands new, original sushi, there are probably thousands more Montrealers who want the same old, same old. I know for a fact that there are just not enough real sushi chefs to go around. Cooks are hard to come by in this city, wether it be a French, Italian or Japenese kitchen. I went to Isakaya on Parc not to long ago, I thought it was quite decent.
  13. I can't help thinking that terraces will be smokers havens this summer. I wonder if non-smokers are going to complain that they are surrounded by smokers. Why don't you open one yourself, and see how lucrative it can be.
  14. I agree the Trotter dinner was over priced, over hyped.
  15. I think you should consider Tavern on the Square. Great room, service and food from Montreal's most underated Chef- Steve Leslie.
  16. Just so I am following, is it more important to support local farmers, local ORGANIC farmers or anybody who claims to have produced or grown something in Quebec? The way I see it is supporting locally entails more than just produce.
  17. I am not saying they do not care, I am saying Claude doesn't care. As far as Claude boycotting an awards ceremony, I really think he doesn't care. I have known Claude a while, and he has never been big on awards, ceremonies etc. I might be wrong, but I doubt it. Claude is more worried about the people who visit his restaurant everyday, than his ego. Besides, number 2 is not that bad.
  18. If this award is a travesty, then what exactly was Club Chasse et Peche robbed of? I can assure you that Chef Claude Pelletier does not give 2 squirts about this award. If you have any doubt ask him.
  19. Why don't you write a letter to the Gazette, instead of bashing him in a public forum. Better yet, you could apply at the Gazette, and review bottles only over 50$. He must do something right if you read his columns.
  20. The nice thing about these places is that there is no need to visit them all, you can go to one and its like you have been each one. I didn't realize there was a scene at Wakamono, I thought it was a neighbourhood sushi restaurant.
  21. It's called Cosmo's. The movie is called "The Man From Grease"- I think. The place makes a good breakfast, if hygiene is not your thing.
  22. Wow, that's a lot of Mise en Place.
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