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  1. Just was wondering if anyone knew who the chef was a Reservoir. Thanks
  2. overlord, I know that you can get them in chinatown. The small or big ones.
  3. Ok.........when i started this thread i never intended it to get this heated. Lesley, I never intended to say that you weren't doing a good job or anything like that. I merely wanted to suggest that perhaps there is a better way of rating the restaurants. Unfortunaly alot of people don't read the review and do merely look at the star rating. Perhaps doing away with the rating system altogether is the answer, i don't know. I merely thought it was a topic worthy of discussion.
  4. Lesley!!! I'm shocked!!! You may have to get at him for that!! Sorry Bert
  5. I'm sorry but I really don't like the rating system in the Gazette to me it makes absolutly no sense. How can restaurants like Les Infidels get the same rating as say Les Chevres. I am sorry to the people at Cavalli but there is no way that you are a notch just under Toque. Lesley the average reader, I don't think will be able to know that although the restaurant may be good, they are not exactly the same type of restaurant. I hope that made sense
  6. If only the general public could sample Bertrand's wares without having to pay the $3500 membership fee
  7. oh I found the side for you. Check out www.pearsonskills.com then click on Vocational. it looks like you can even register online
  8. If your french isn't good enough to attend ITHQ then I would pick Riverside Park Technology Institute. I don't have the phone number on me. However, it is with the Lester B. Pearson school board which should have a website. Good luck to you.
  9. 40 ouest is the west island answer to Queue de Cheval in fact it is owned by the same people.
  10. Just wanted to let everyone know that Les Chevres is now open for lunch.
  11. I think the whole non-smoking policy is great! There is nothing worst than trying to eat your meal when all of a sudden the table next to you lights up. Being engulfed in a cloud of putrid smoke is not my idea of a wonderful meal
  12. Thanks smoking bear!!! You have taken away alot of my worries. Do you think you could tell me what the average pay is? Drop me a line.
  13. Thanks everyone!!! Keep the suggestions coming. Thanks for the help
  14. Thank you Patrice! I will be giving you a call tomorrow.
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