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Sugar and terroir?

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Article in The Guardian



A sugar’s texture and taste can be as individual as coffee beans from a corner of Ethiopia or wine grapes grown on a chilly slope in the Pacific north-west.


Brown sugar from Okinawa in Japan is a favorite of pastry chef Salvatore Martone of Le Jardinier in New York. He said: “Okinawa brown sugar (kokuto) is produced on eight remote Japanese islands. Each island produces sugar that has a slightly different taste. The sugar is sold in small irregular lumps, and the flavor is rich minerally smokiness with an earthy undertone and a hint of bitterness.” He uses it for ice-cream.


Burlap & Barrel’s founders want to introduce consumers to sugars connected to a specific place and that have a distinctive flavor born of the environment that produced them. The company’s work expands the market for traceable sugar, focusing on sourcing from communities using traditional processing methods.


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7 hours ago, Alex said:

Article in The Guardian




I can't speak specifically to their sugar offerings, but Burlap & Barrell has good stuff.  If I recall correctly Burlap & Barrel mountain cumin was featured in a Rancho Gordo bean club shipment.  I'd guess the terroir of the sugar would depend on how refined the sucrose is.


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