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  1. silentmeow

    Forgotten Foods

    Fizzies are making a comeback! Alrighty...
  2. I put my china and silverware in the dishwasher, use the cycle for light wash or mine has a china cycle. As mentioned above I rescue it from the dry heat part. I let the steam out when the heat starts and then close it back up for a bit. That seems to dry everything unless there is that one cup in the top rack that turned itself over during the wash and filled with water! I do my SS pots and pans too. I hate standing and washing dishes.
  3. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I'll bet it would be good in a tomato sauce. I never thought of using it in dressings!
  4. I have been given a box of vanilla sugar, it's more like powdered sugar with vanilla. I'm trying to figure out uses for the sugar other than in my coffee or dusted on top of baked goods. I don't bake much. No one here but me to eat the results and that's just what I don't need! Thanks for you help.
  5. I grow an entire flat every year and freeze them. I like to pick them when they are about one inch in diameter. They are sweet if picked after a couple of mild frosts. I pick them through December and the deer finish them off during the winter. Can't believe they charge more for the stalked sprouts! It takes more work to get them off the stalk! I have stored them in the fridge for up to a week and had no problem with them spoiling. I love them added to a pot roast.
  6. mizducky, The pots with wire are also called sand pots. I used method #1 for mine and it seemed to work. I have a gas stove and always use a diffuser underneath. I read to never heat the pot without liquid, bring the temp. up slowly, and if cooking rice to never peek to see if it's done! I can tell if its boiling by touch and sound now. These are a bit different than the rommertoff clay cookers and do not need to be soaked before every use. Once seasoned just use the pot normally. I love mine and use them frequently. Good luck and have fun.
  7. I have two large chest freezers and love them both. One hold the meat, poultry and porkos that we buy from neighbors and the other holds all the garden harvest, berries and miscellaneous items. I would hate to be without them both.
  8. I just ate my last garden eggplant last night! After reading all these recipes guess I'll have to go and actually buy one. I usually just brown slices in butter with a bit of salt and pepper. My son and I are the only eggplant eaters in the family, love it when he comes to visit!
  9. I have three bags of green ones sitting on the floor in the kitchen. I'm going to seal them and hope they will ripen. I've never had green tomatoes cooked. Aren't they bitter?
  10. I use it occasionally for pot roast. It gives the roast a nice flavor and the potatoes. It also thickens for a nice gravy! I really like the beefy mushroom flavor packets by Lipton. I always have a couple in the freezer!
  11. silentmeow

    Heirloom tomatoes

    I have some heirloom tomatoes growing as I type. Not sure of the variety but they came from from my niece-in-law' Great-great Grandmother. Seeds have been saved and passed down through the family. In my opinion that qualifies as heirloom! They are big, dark pink and sweet. Great with cottage cheese, vidalia onions and a tsp. of Hellman's, all mixed together!
  12. Found my first puffer today. Saute'd the slices in butter with some Itaian spices and it was great. Their flavor seems to be subtle, very subtle, in fact not much flavor at all so I spice it up! Thought I would try to parmesan the next one I find.
  13. Mandoline, deep fryer, tortilla press, rice cooker and garlic press come to mind. I love my mezzaluna. Combine that with a good sharp knife and I can mince, chop, and crush my little heart out. My Mom swore by her electric skillet, my "skillet" is my wok. I don't have to plug it in! With not much storage space I really think before I buy anything to use in the kitchen.
  14. We are enjoying a bumper crop of berries too! Blackcaps, reds, yellows, blackberries, blueberries and my favorite, the elderberries! Several varieties of apples, (deer food), cherries, sweet and sour and three kinds of wild chives. I love Spring when I can just walk and start gathering these natural gifts. Combined with the garden I have a lot of fun with meals and it helps the budget with 2 kids in college!
  15. I think there is definently a mood with cooking vessels. Sometimes I feel like long and slow, DO, stone, tagine, sandpot. Thats for days when everything centers around the kitchen! Electric skillet or SS for quicker meals. I definently cook by mood. I guess I never thought about that before this post. Interesting concept toward cooking. Thanks.
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