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Hello to everybody

During the Easter time i've been visiting my wife's granparents, and her grandmother give us some very old bottle of vodka (the bottles should date back years '80s). To be honest, nothing special for my limited knowledge. Not a 40 years smoked whiskey, just some bottles of Stolichnaya russian vodka... The bottles are all close and seems if good condition, despite the sign of time. Just the level has gone down a bit...

The question is: Do you think they're still drinkable?

In my understanding, alcool doesn't expire, but the taste could not be what i imagine...

I've heard of wine aging, liquors like whiskey and co. also get better with time, but i've never heard clear vodka could age, and also not all liquors are mode for it...

Well, just open one and drink it...

Yes, i've already tought it too, but why not to ask who knows more then me? And more then once i've found better answers far away then not close to me...

I forgot, my name is Roberto, i'm Italian... Vodka is not my favorite, but why not a cup of wine? I don't have in my small cave 40 years old wine, but i can arrive to 10...

I've also tried aging beer... To be honest, i didn't get remarkable result with it...

I hope i could get a lot of answer and suggestions, which will push me to open one and taste it...

Thank's for your patience and attention (if you read it all what i wrote...)

Best regards


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Hello Roberto. Some years ago in celebration of our marriage, DH and I hosted Rod Berglund (current winemaker) and Lynn Swan Berglund for dinner who brought a Zinfandel from the Joseph Swan Vineyards library (It was perhaps the first vintage made by Joseph Swan - a blend of 1969 to 1971. It was then about ~35 years old). While it didn't have the fruit of a more recent vintage, it still had quite a bit of Zinfandel fruit and flavour. Delicious!


So many things are possible. Let us know what you discover.


Welcome to eGullet. Lots of interesting folk here. 😊



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Since vodka is basically tasteless, I doubt you'll find anything different, nor anything special, in those older bottles of Stoli. Basically, you're dealing with ethanol delivery.


I'd be thinking about a cocktail along the lines of:


Moscow Mule






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Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

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as mentioned above , alcohol does not age 


its my understanding that the USDA (more similar agency )


defines vodka as neutral grain spirits.


and the brand in question does not have added flavor inhancers, which might age


good age , bad age.


is interesting that you mentioned that there is some volume loss.


thus the seal is not 100 % tight.


if the alcohol level is still high enough , nothing should grow in it .


so taste it and see ?


if you don't drink vodka , or add alcohol to a mixed drink


you might be able to use it as an antiseptic ?


or as a 




welcome to eG  .  not many members from Italy 


interested in you take of food , of all kinds.

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I had a bottle of old whiskey my tee-totaling great aunt had confiscated in the 1920's.

sold it for a bundle.

there are websites with 'fans of spirits' - with only minor evaporation loss, it could be worth a bundle.

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Thank’s to everybody for your feedback… your answer match exactly with my further understanding, so let’s try it…

I have to go a little bit deep in vodka drinks to improve it a little… I don’t dislike plain vodka, but vodka is much better as booster… even just with orange juice or blueberry (blackberry?) juice it’s much better…

Have you ever tried żołądkowa gorzka? That’s much better but not stolichnaya itself

i’ll let you know… maybe with some picture…

btw. I don’t know how many of you know cacio e Pepe… in one of my test I tried to add a shot of vodka (zoladkowa) in the pan when I was completing the preparation of pasta… not bad but quite heavy to eat…

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