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chocolate molds for sale


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Although I generally believe you can't have too many chocolate molds, I only have so much space to keep designs that I haven't used in years so I thought I'd offer some up.  Some more used than others, but always washed by hand & treated with care. Asking $10 each plus shipping in the US ($10-20?), could probably figure out Canada, that's where most of them came from anyway ...  volume discounts negotiable :)


Part 1, what I have at home:







cacao pod bar, about 35g, at least 14 available









small cacao rectangles, about 9g, at least 10 available






indented oval, 8g, at least 7 available






grooved square, 13g, 1 available




Thanks for looking! 

I also have some cacao pods and crescents at my commercial kitchen that I will post in a few days but they should be these:






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