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Starch Molds and Molding


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My starch-printing molds.  I have two more finished that aren't mounted yet.  The starch is in a 9x13 pan.  


Printing is a bit of a chore since I have found it essentially impossible to raise the mold straight up without slightly moving it to one side or the other, which often causes cave-ins or smears.  I am working on a frame to hold the mold with an apparatus that will push it straight down into the starch, allow for more pressure that I can get just pushing with my hands, and most important, it will lift it straight back up.


I also made a "pusher" for each shape that is the "negative" of one cavity with a handle on it.  I use them to clean up any sloppy edges , sprinkles of starch in the bottom of a cavity, or slight cave-in.




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