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Eggless citrus curd (modernist cuisine 4-234) recipe explanation needed.


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I want to cook the eggless citrus curd from MC (4-234) but I don't understand the first step. I also tried to find it online, but I cannot find any reference.

There is a broken link here in egullet, but no matter how much I searched, I couldn't find any implementation.


So, the recipe starts with whole lemons, in a mason jar, inside a pressure cooker filled with 2.5 cm of water.



- No water or any other liquid in the mason jars?

- Should I close the lid of the mason jar?

- I don't have access to mason jars in Greece. What else can I use? I imagine that, if the mason jar is left open, then I could use any other jar strong enough to hold the pressure.

- If the mason jars are a must, then perhaps I could cook the lemons in a different way? Roast them? Sous vide them?



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36 minutes ago, kostbill said:

Thanks for the answer.

The recipe also does not mention to put the lid on.

Perhaps the purpose of this, is to apply pressure on the lemons. No idea why.

But the other option according to what I was able to find was to vacuum  seal the lemons in a retort pouch. That would seem to indicate to me that a lid should be put on the mason jar. 

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Yes this is correct. I didn't notice that. So then I will close the lid.


The other problem I have is that I cannot find Propylene glycol alginate here in Greece, so I will go with gum arabic, it can tolerate low pH and I will mix it with some xanthan that can also tolerate low pH.


Anyway, I have very low expectations about this.


Thanks for the answers!

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