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  1. Two years later, and I'm STILL looking for a place that serves pumpkin ravioli in the Bloomfield/Livingston area. Any ideas anyone? Thanks!!!!!
  2. One thing I love about these groups is that you get to try something you may not be familiar with. I ate my first kale last week, and this pick-up I have collard greens. Today I ate my first mango. I thought I died and went to heaven! I had no idea how to cook the kale or the collard greens, so I went to the internet. I did that also when I received the mango. A Google search told me that a mango's skin was edible, not edible, poisonous and not poisonous. What the heck? To be safe, I skinned the mango and ate the skin like an artichoke leaf, just scraped the flesh off the skin with my teeth. I'm sure I ingested whatever poisons there were on the skin, but I didn't care - it was divine. I have more veggies and fruits than I know what to do with, but it's an interesting experience!
  3. There wasn't an opening for me at Bloomfield-Montclair. However, Purple Dragon had an opening in Glen Ridge and I joined them. I'm not certain how long I can be a member. There is so much food, even tho I share with someone. I'm not happy with the fruit so far, but the veggies have been pretty good. I love the idea, but cannot keep it up if I end up wasting the food. I keep looking for new recipes to cook all of it, but when you're cooking for one, it's hard to come up with recipes that are suitable.
  4. Here is the site - it depends on what you want: bloomfield-montclaircsa.org It is kinda pricey - not certain it is worth it.
  5. I am interested in attending - how do I sign up? What is the cost, where is the meeting point, etc, etc.????? Thanks! DonnaMarieNJ
  6. From what I understand, a CSA is more expensive than the supermarket, but the most inexpensive way to get organic veggies. Am I correct? I had never heard of a CSA before this week, and found out they do not all work the same way. A full share for me wouldn't work, because it would be too much food, so I will be asking to share with someone. All in all, are CSAs worth it? And does anyone know the Bloomfield CSA? Thanks!!
  7. I will be stopping at Cartagena on a cruise next week and saw online recommendations for a restaurant called "Crepes and Waffles." I can't find much about it online, except for a Bogota location. Does anyone know if there is a restaurant near the cruise ship terminal or at least somewhat near? I don't want to be meandering around Columbia and not find my way back to the ship!!! I know nothing about Columbia. Thanks!
  8. Thank you. I found that the market on Belleville Avenue is still open. I gather they had a problem with the phone which is why they didn't answer the few times I called.
  9. Hi, I'm looking for an Asian market nearby. More specifically, something in the area of Montclair, Bloomfield, or even by my job, in Livingston. There used to be a store in Bloomfield on Belleville Ave, that sold spices, but I tried to call it yesterday, and the number is no good. Does anyone know if it moved or just went out of business? I tried "ethnic grocers" and "Asian markets" in the yellow pages, but nothing nearby came up. Purchasing the spices on Amazon.com would cost me $7 in shipping and my local shoprite doesn't carry spices, oddly enough. The spices I want are fairly common - nothing unusual. Any idea? Thanks!
  10. Has anyone been there - any thoughts? I can't find any reviews online, nor can I find a menu. Thanks!
  11. Has anyone tried the "key lime cupcakes" from Bon Appetit this month?
  12. Thank you, everyone. I really appreciate your input. The recipe is not on the gelatin box - it is from a very old issue of Gourmet. I've made it before, and it makes way too much mousse for one person, so rather than waste it, I decided to try halving the recipe. The gelatin is the only part that I didn't know how to halve successfully. I do not want to ruin the recipe.
  13. So, to halve it I would use 1/2 Tablespoon and 1/2 Teaspoon? The recipe does not indicate what size package.
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