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Vegetarian (or maybe pescetarian) soups?


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Two of my family members are pescetarian, one of whom is my picky daughter who only likes a few types of fish cooked in very specific ways so to all intents and purposes is mostly vegetarian. Many Chinese soup recipes involve meat or fish, or at least meat broth, so I'd love to find a few more recipes that would suit my whole family (I also don't eat much pork as it doesn't always agree with me, and a lot of soups involve pork so this is also for my benefit!). Vegetarian would be best, or pescetarian soups that are not obviously seafood based (I could get away with sneaking a small amount of dried shrimp in, for instance, but not much more than that!).


Any kind of soup will do, although I'd particularly like some simple recipes that could be served alongside a multi-dish meal. But I'm always interested in new recipes so any good soup recipes would be welcome!


Any suggestions?

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Vegetarian soups (or vegetarian anything) are very rare in Chinese cooking. I can't think of one! Even if they contain no actual meat, they are almost always going to be made with chicken stock. There are many fish soups, but 99.99% contain actual fish or seafood.


I would suggest you just find a soup recipe using chicken stock and sub some vegetable stock (or just water) instead. You may want to look around the soup topic right here on eG. It has been running for many years and contains hundreds of soups of all kinds.


For more on vegetarianism in China, see here.

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