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Hello all!


After being a long time lurker (several years) to the site, I've finally committed to joining.


I look forward to contributing to discussions as I further into my goal to improve be more consistent in my cooking and baking!



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I cook mainly Caribbean and Southern US foods but enjoying making various Asian dishes as well. I've been incorporating some cold weather dishes into my rotation now that I live further north.


Over the years, I've bought cookbooks Momofuku, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Adhoc at Home that I would like to cook through (procrastination is real).


For baking and deserts I make mainly cakes but want to get into breads and other pastries. I've had The Bread Baker's Apprentice on my shelf and really should start working through that as well. I did get on the sourdough kick over the last few months (chickened out making a loaf) but did make some sourdough pancakes, sourdough banana bread, and a somewhat decent batch of sourdough english muffins.

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