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  1. Hello, i would love to make Custard filled Bao Bun tomorrow. But as timing wants it i would need to leave the yet to be steamed bun unattended for around 3 hours. All the recipes i could find ask for a quite warm rise of the dough for only approximately 1 hour. is anyone experienced or has a recipe by hand with a slower but longer rise? I know, putting the dough in a colder place or refrigerator should work, however, as timing is crucial i wanted to ask you for experiences. thanks a lot!
  2. i agree, however, this is being paid by the company and probably still cheaper then storing. considering the prices these beasts cost in the us and what i have paid for it ( i got it from a company that went out of business, dirt cheap, as this is usually not the kind of lifestyle i could or would live ) it would be sad to let it go. so it seems impractical but maybe is even more practical then selling.
  3. this is very good to know. we will definitely not buy as we are not sure how long we will stay in the US. the region would be Oregon.
  4. Ah this is good news. any idea how complicated it would be or is this a standard in the us for big appliances as i read? Gas ist says dual fuel. i use regular gas from my outlet, unfortunately i do not know by head what this is. the range cooker can also use propane if that helps.
  5. Hello ! Ich have a small question: First of all, i am aware that this is a customer service question which a already reached out for, however this customer service is slooooowww. The following scenario happened: I will move work related to the united states and would love to take my Falcon Excel 110 gas range cooker with me. Is anyone experienced with whether i am able to use it at all or need to transform anything to use this cooker in the states? Mayor concerns would be electricity (110v vs. 240v ) and gas type. I have read that some appliances use 240volt in the united states but i wanted to make sure that is correct or if there is any solution to use the device as it would be a shame to get rid of it. thanks a lot in advance!
  6. hey there! we will make corn tortillas, actually blue corn tortillas. already ordered organic flour from Mexico. i hope that helps. i read about making them putting them in a towel and then cooler to keep warm. if there is a need to rereat then putting them in water for a second and then on a griddle. would that work? all the best
  7. Hey there! I will be making a catering where tortillas are served as a starter. As i have to make 300 of them and do not have a proper reference, could you advise on how to properly store both, the dough and the then made tortilla and how to conveniently reread 300 tortillas for the actual catering day? I have seen both, steaming and putting them back into a pan. Also it would be necessary for me to make ahead so it would be superb to know how to store without any problems ( drying out etc ) Thanks a lot for the help!
  8. Hey there, i hope to find some help in the wise hands of yours. after some research i am still having some problems concerning glazing: For a party i would like to make some cubes and rounded savoury cakes and foams out of silicone forms that have a ready bottom and a colour glazing. Somehow i just do not manage to find a steady glazing ( one that does not run ) and is for texture reasons preferably hard or crisp that does not include sugar or syrup. can you help me or lead my way in a certain direction? thanks very much!
  9. Hey, usually i alway freeze and reheat any kind of meat which i have been doing sous vide. however, obviously i never do this with fish so i am asking myself how does octopus behave when cooled down and reheated? i would like to prepare my octopus at 85c for 4 hours, then cool and use it later in a risotto, can i do this without any problems or issues in terms if firmness and health? thanks a lot!
  10. Does anyone know why the eu Version of the Professional device is so much more expensive than the us Version? I find it Hard to justify and am sort of annoyed about this sort of price politics since i have encountered this with no other device.
  11. So i hope some of you can help me with a small issue on my sealer i have experienced. I own a Komet topVac sealer and am quite happy with it. However, what i have experienced recently and whats really annoying is that i have the feeling the sealer is not working correctly. No air is seeking but i can open the bags easily when pulling on both sides. also, the sealed area does not look quite sealed. can someone comment on whether this structure looks normal to you? my regular sealer make a much cleaner sealing line. thanks a lot!
  12. Anyone heard of this quite interesting device: Mellow Its a strictly home sous vide device ( not very now and exciting ) that adds some nice features like cooling and wlan connectivity to it! Only thing i am quite concerned with it that during the heating process the food is still sitting in the once cold water which does not sound to safe to me... http://youtu.be/AiNmTI51GPw
  13. From what i ve heard they did produce the complete edge sealer range of German company allpax people are extremeley happy with, specially hunters. Since they do use bosch Pumps aswell i think they will do quite a good job in the chamber vac area aswell?
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