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Cookbooks for using dried fruit, vegetables and protein

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Now that the farmers' markets are closed for the year, I'm interested in extensions for dried foodstuffs. (There are so many disappointing things in the grocery stores).


I'd like to find some cookbooks which specifically call for dried fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.



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I don’t know about a whole book but here’s a wonderful way to use dried plums otherwise known as prunes.Click.


I am sure that many of us have recipes for dried fruits but dried vegetables and dried meats I’m not so sure. 

Of course there are lots of recipes for dried beans and peas and lentils. So a book on pulses might be interesting.


Salt cod,  of course,  has many recipes associated with it but it is the only dried fish I can think of that is not used just as a seasoning unless you count kippered herring as dried. 


The only dried meats I can think  of are jerky and dried beef and the only dried beef recipe I know is the infamous S**t on a shingle of armed forces fame. 

I am sure I am not doing justice to the subject and maybe others will chime in here with better ideas than I have. 


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