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Question about clams and Mirin


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2 noob questions. What is Mirin exactly? I use Marukan seasoned rice vinegar for my sushi which I like. My wife is trying to make a Ramen dish and the recipe calls for Mirin.

What is the difference between my Marukan vinegar and Mirin?

Second question is about clams. I bought some "White cockle clams" to eat as Nigiri in an Asian grocery store. The box says ready to eat. Are they cooked? (I will eat as is but just wondering if I am eating a raw clam).


Thanks a lot






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It's a rice wine (as opposed to a vinegar) that's slightly sweet. I always add it in any kind of marinated veggie I'm doing that has rice vinegar and sesame oil. Also put it in fried rice, and lots of different vaguely Asian sauces and marinades.


Don't ask. Eat it.


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