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Can you guess this restaurant?


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I'm trying to remember the name and location of a regional cuisine restaurant I frequented about 10 years ago in Paris!

We were living near Porte de Clignancourt and I remember walking for about 20-30 mins roughly SW - sort of towards Montmartre cemetery or perhaps Guy Moquet metro?

The restaurant was a popular workers (office workers) lunch place, and specialised in a regional cuisine (I can't remember which but it was pretty hearty so perhaps SW?!).

It was quite deep - you entered with the bar on your left and the room stretched away to the right. It had a long large-windowed, frontage along the road. I have a feeling there was gingham and mirrors. Paper tableclothes. Lots of small ardoises. Lots of wine by the glass (so perhaps it was a wine region).

Tables were fairly tightly packed.

Service was of that particular professional Paris waiter kind - not unfriendly but definitely businesslike and no time to waste! 

I think the name may have referenced the region or at least alluded to it somehow!

I feel like such an idiot having such dim memories of somewhere I really liked and am desperate to find again. 

Anyway, if this rings any bells with anyone please please give me any ideas you may have.

Thanks a million!



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9 hours ago, KennethT said:

I can't help with that specific place, but maybe you could do a virtual walk around with Google maps to try to find it that way?


Thanks Kenneth. I've been doing that and can't find it - can't even find a road that looks right. Perhaps it was all a dream! I wonder if the place has closed down or changed name or decor. It was a long time ago. I knew this was a long shot but thought it worth a go and someone might enjoy the puzzle!

I seem to remember it being on a long steepish but quiet road if that helps anyone.

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